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PhraseExpress Text Expander

Freeware by Bartels Media GmbH
134 x 3803Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the clipboard contents. Powerful macro functions can add dynamic contents to static phrases such as the current...

Freeware by RhinoSoft.com
180 x 2715Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...DNS4Me is the dynamic DNS service that you need to start hosting...your own Internet services. When you have a dynamic IP address, you need something to associate a...configuration, content, and delivery. But the benefits of dynamic DNS aren`t just for HTTP servers. Any service...up DNS4Me, you`ll get a powerful, no hassle dynamic DNS solution. As is standard with all other...
domainddnsdynamic dnsaddressstatic

Freeware by Moog Software
134 x 18000Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the most restrictive networks. Server and router IP address upload ensures long term remote access even on...
http proxyremote accessremote control softwareremote computer controlremote administrationtelecommutingremote administrator
DSL Web Hosting

Freeware by DSL-SPEED.ORG
57 x 1008Kb downloads

...DSL Webhosting is a free dynamic dns client program which includes a built-in web...own webhosting from home on DSL connection with Dynamic IP address, any Internet users could type in...
free webhostingfree web hostingdynamic dns

Freeware by Eden Systems LLC
34 x 480Kb downloads

...awContactMgr lets you manage personalized information about people. This includes the ability to track the following: -Contact: name, address, email for persons. -Events: Occurrences with a person -Lists: lists based...
zib1l35contact managerweb enableddynamic web applicationgroupware

Freeware by WeOnlyDo Software
39 x 1044Kb downloads

...protocol specific infrastructure, allowing you to allocate IP addresses from your address pool, and provide it to...network to send their Offers for possible IP addresses (and other network parameters). Once they receive this...choose among received offers, and Request the IP address from your server. At any point, based on...times, you should keep a database of your address pool, allocations and released done by your server....is stored.

Freeware by Castle Software Ltd
35 x 859Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...ISP (Internet Service Provider) automatically allocates an IP address for the duration of that connection. There are...times when we need to know what IP Address the ISP has allocated to our computer. This...to take the hassle out of it all. ipAddress is a simple utility that displays the IP...
...The CCU is designed to minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. It allows users to define objects in a friendly GUI or to...
ddllanguageswinggeneratorhtmloraclejavajavascriptprogrammingtranslationxmltorqueskeletonexportcodedynamoconversionaspvisual basicimportextrapolationobjectbeanmakerdevelopmentsqlvalidationejbdynamic
Fastream IQ Web/FTP Server

Freeware by Fastream Technologies
159 x 5698Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...scheme, CGI/ISAPI, separate upload/download speed limits, storage quotas, dynamic DNS, and compression. The easiest NT-based server! New...max. concurrent users for each server port Built-in Dynamic DNS (dyndns.org & no-ip.com) IP updater Country/domain/IP-address filter...
secure web serverw3c loggingdynamic dnssecure ftp serverfastreamspeed limitnetfile serverauthenticationquotafiledocument serverxml remote admin

Freeware by IPsynchro
24 x 680Kb downloads

...and/or when IPsynchro loads · Email your IP address to others when it changes or at program...· Post FTP files updated with your IP address it changes or at program startup · Write...your external IP address to local or LAN files Synchrosize your local...computer`s external IP address, · by retrieving it`s address by email (email sent by remote computer`s IPsynchro...
pcanywhereexternal addressreceive remote addressstatic addressremote desktop connectiondynamic addressipsynchro

Freeware by Ina-tech
29 x 78Kb downloads

...be changing. It checks periodically whether the IP address stored by the DNS server is the real...current IP address of the machine that is running INADYN....
threadxdynamic dns clienos2afraidorglinuxno-ipdyndnsmacfixed hostnamewindows
Open Contacts

Freeware by Fonlow IT
45 x 3300Kb downloads

...Open Contacts is an address book program with CRM features providing unified, flexible...seamlessly customize what can be stored in your address book. Essential Features: 1. Details are stored in...sections of data fields that are dynamically customizable, with predefined data fields. 2. Associate people...Search contacts info through any data field. 5. Dynamic shortcuts to telephony, skype, emailing or Web browsing....
Chess Assistant Light

Freeware by Convekta Ltd
61 x 18455Kb downloads

...mode one can export to RTF, HTML and Dynamic HTML Beside CALight.zip it is recommended to download...
studying openingsplaying chess the internetchess databasesgames

Freeware by Web Services
17 x 919Kb downloads

...getting down or not accessible or given IP address is not found on the LAN or it...* Software is helpful if the website is dynamic and uses shopping cart, signup and account login....

Shareware by IP Detective
15 x 4881Kb downloads

...IP monitoring program that reports your changing IP address to your ftp site, e-mails it to you...copy to clipboard function. Publisher stores changind ip address to any computer you wish and publishes them...
remote connectiondynamic addressviewerscanremote accessftpmonitoralertfindemailshow

Shareware by IP Detective
19 x 4881Kb downloads

...Customizable reports *Display shared resources *Network Asset/Inventory *Port Scanner *Dynamic IP Management Tools *DNS Management Tools *LAN/Port/Packet Sniffer *Lan Messenger *Set your Network Standards *Batch Ping *Manage...
...and CRDMail), a wide range of export formats, dynamic database functionality, custom frequency calendars, a built in...
export reportcrdftp reportadd reportprint reportemail reportfax reportcrystal reportsreport schedulerbatch reportschedule reportchristianstevensubreportsend reportautomate report
Dynamic IP Update Service

Shareware by Fleisoft
68 x 549Kb downloads

...way of attaching a static hostname to a dynamic IP address. On the Internet, there are a...your ISP, you are assigned a temporary IP address that other computers use to find you while...you are connected. Once you disconnect, that IP address is given to someone else, and so on....you, they need to know what your IP address is. This is not easy if your IP...to keep telling everyone what your current IP address is (comparable to changing your phone...
publicdyndnsdynamic addressdynamische adressedynamic dns serviceexternaldynamische dns dienstedtdnswindows service

Demo by Deerfield Communications
17 x 2125Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...automatically notifies the DNS2Go service whenever that IP address changes. The DNS2Go service then modifies the DNS...No matter how often it changes. Feature List: Dynamic IP Resolution, Multiple Domain Support, Custom DNS records,...
email servicerecorddnsdynamic dnspeerdomain
...to keep updated, Hearthside Family Records is a dynamic program, making it easy and enjoyable to organize...