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Shareware by XL Consulting GmbH
20 x 316Kb downloads

...The DuplicatesRemover is a handy Microsoft Excel add-in which finds...and removes duplicates from Microsoft Excel lists or tables. Any range...can freely be determined and all duplicates are detected in a fraction of a second....The detected duplicates may be highlighted or deleted. The Duplicates- Remover...
erasehighlightduplicatesremoveeliminateexcel databasesdeletedetectfind
Free Vista Files award
...How many file duplicates are there on your computer? You don`t know,...of files, right? There are various reasons why duplicates appear, but no matter what these reasons are...not much sense in storing them. Find all duplicates in a couple of minutes. It will take...results in the form of a table. All duplicates are divided into groups highlighted in different colors...for better perception.
duplicate removerfind duplicatefile duplicateremove files dupe

Shareware by EPim Ltd.
21 x 966Kb downloads

...Too many duplicates in Outlook? Need to compress PST and make...Outlook faster? EZDupeRemover will search for duplicates in Outlook data file, offer a convenient overview...
outlook duplicate removerdelete outlook duplicatesoutlook duplicate eliminatorpst duplicatesremove outlook duplicatespst duplicate remover
Search of files of duplicates

Shareware by SoftOL
17 x 491Kb downloads

...disks. This program allows to search for files duplicates on the specified disk or the catalogue with...interface of the program allows to remove files duplicates (in the registered version). The program is expedient...
...remove them. Our powerful plug-in intelligently searches for duplicates in your contacts, calendar, notes and email folders....do everything for you - and watch your duplicates disappear. The Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover - removing...way. The easier and smarter way to remove duplicates from your Outlook folders. Searches your contacts, calendar,...
outlook duplicatesemail duplicatesremove outlook duplicatesoutlook duplicate remover
Duplicates Finder

Freeware by WonderWebWare.com
16 x 640Kb downloads

...Duplicates Finder is extremely simple tool which can be used to compare files line-by-line (or word-by-word) to find and extract duplicates. Just a...
compare filesduplicate wordsduplicate linesfind duplicates
Ablebits.com Duplicate Remover for Excel

Shareware by Add-in Express Ltd.
43 x 16892Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Duplicate Remover for Excel you can easily remove duplicates from your Excel tables or find unique entries....You can search for duplicates in one list or compare two worksheets with...columns and choose any columns for comparison. Once duplicates are found you can perform any action of...your choice: delete duplicates from any range, select, color, copy or move...
Deduper for Outlook

Shareware by Topalt.com
19 x 7731Kb downloads

...Deduper completely eliminates the need to manually delete duplicates in favor of a completely automated system for...UI. Deduper is the easy way to remove duplicates in Outlook....
eliminateoutlook duplicate removerremove duplicates outlookoutlook contact duplicatesduplicate email outlookdelete
Abee MP3 Duplicates Finder

Shareware by AbeeTech
38 x 1239Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...of this program is to find all mp3(ogg,wma) duplicates on your computer and remove useless files from...mp3 files. This allows using specific methods for duplicates detection. While most of duplicates finders use such...
duplicate filemp3 tag comparerfile utilityidenticaldupelessduplicate mp3repeatedfind mp3 duplicatesmusic duplicatesdedupemp3 duplicates finderclone masterdupe removerfile managementclonemasternoclone

Shareware by CellarStone Inc
23 x 6737Kb downloads

...DeDupe increases hard disk space by deleting the duplicates ,it protects the System files and folder by...default. You can check for duplicates in Multiple drives like Floppy,USB, Jaz Drive and...
duplicate file removerremove duplicate filesfind duplicate filescheck duplicatesclean duplicatesdelete duplicatesduplicate file finderduplicate file managerduplicate file utilityfile duplicates
Free Vista Files award
...Remove Duplicates from Excel is designed for searching and processing...functions: 1. Search across columns and rows. Remove Duplicates from Excel allows you to find duplicated cells...table or a specified range of cells. Remove Duplicates from Excel enables you to search for duplicates...specified rows or columns. Advanced mode of Remove Duplicates from Excel allows you to specify the columns...4. Choice of a type of comparison.
xlsexcel add-on2010duplicate rowsunique listexcel dupsduplicate dataplug-inexcel downloadworksheetsdelete duplicatesremove duplicatesmicrosoft excelexcel add insfind duplicatesexcel 2013excel 2007excel 2010duplicated cellsexcel software

Shareware by MySoftLab
10 x 1116Kb downloads

...copies by content regardless of files` names. Found duplicates got together in groups. You can remove each...
remove files copiesremove files duplicatessearch files copiessearch files duplicates
Duplicate Remover

Shareware by Duplicate Remover
27 x 1272Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Duplicate Remover is one of the best solutions for finding and removing file duplicates.Smart wizard will ask you what you want to search for step by step and then...
remove duplicate mp3remove duplicate filesduplicate file removerfind duplicateremove duplicate picturesfind duplicates
Duplicate File Detector

Shareware by AL-Software team
28 x 2299Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...is a powerful tool to search for file duplicates on your computer. It can find duplicates of...
Primitive Duplicate Finder

Freeware by PrimitiveZone.com
14 x 1893Kb downloads

...Finder will create the list of all file duplicates and copies. Select the necessary files and the...will delete them. The program can search for duplicates by their names, sizes or contents (using the...
Excel Duplicate Manager

Shareware by TechnocomSoft
53 x 896Kb downloads

...been designed for the main purpose of removing duplicates from Excel sheet. The tool has amazing features...remove color, do formatting and even count the duplicates present in the Excel sheet. The software does...2003. It is the best tool to remove duplicates from excel sheet....
remove duplicates from excelexcel duplicate softwareexcel duplicate removerexcel unique toolexcel duplicate finder
Duplicate Remover for Outlook

Shareware by 4Team Corporation
19 x 5431Kb downloads

...Remover allows you to find and remove Outlook duplicates in just one click. Search for duplicate items,...will save your valuable time removing all Outlook duplicates in just one click. It is the latest...easy to get started. Just press the Remove Duplicates button and all duplicates will be removed automatically....advanced algorithm to find, merge or remove Outlook duplicates by merging similar items in any Microsoft Outlook...No data will ever be lost.
mergeduplicate emailoutlook duplicatesadd-ineventsremove outlook duplicatessearchmicrosoft outlookduplicate contactsremoversoftwareremove duplicatesduplicate outlook
...Probably you�ve often met such unpleasant problem as duplicates in the PC. Useless (even harmful) copies of...deliver efforts to anyone. As a rule such duplicates appear casually - for example, the user has...is insured. Is it possible to remove such duplicates from the PC? Yes, it is. But for...all duplicates. Besides, the process of occurrence of duplicates is constant therefore you�ll have to repeat the...
audio duplicate finderduplicate music finder
Duplicate Photo Finder

Shareware by Bolide Software
30 x 3385Kb downloads

...Automatically compare digital photos, find duplicates and highlight photo differences. Unlike similar products, Duplicate...
Outlook Duplicate Contact Remover

Shareware by Topalt.com
20 x 7790Kb downloads

...Contact Remover eliminates the need to manually delete duplicates in favor of a completely automated system for...Remover is the easy way to remove contact duplicates in Outlook....
contact duplicates outlookduplicate contact outlookdeleteoutlook contact duplicateeliminateremove