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Freeware by AVPSoft
61 x 1321Kb downloads

...and UNC file path names (Network folders). - Folders can be auto created for every backup. A...backup operations have finished. - Can store multiple folders (even from different computers) in one FTP archive....started before or after task execution. - Source folders can be monitored, so tasks can be automatically...started after a source folder has changed....

Freeware by Dal33t GmbH
83 x 39067Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...never need to leave your hardware and control. PowerFolder can be used as public managed cloud, or...as a pure in-house cloud solution. PowerFolder comes with encrypted transfers, a build in files...archive to keep deleted files and previous versions, fast lan Sync and...will have full control over user accounts, and folder permissions and the option to easily use LDAP...clients and connect to multiple APIs, including webDAV.
syncsecure cloudpublic cloudcloud sharingprivate syncon-premise cloudonline file syncenterprise syncprivate cloud sharingprivate enterprise cloudbackupcloud file synccloud backupin-house cloud

Shareware by D-Plus+Software
70 x 934Kb downloads

...you, most of the history can not be deleted with them. Therefore, anyone else can see what...
Disk Redactor

Freeware by CEZEO software Ltd.
132 x 381Kb downloads

...that lets you securely erase any old ( deleted ) files and prevent them from being recovered....
clear filedisk wipedelete fileclean folderremove fileclear folderclean filefile wipedisk redactor

Freeware by 7tec.com
30 x 287Kb downloads

...is received. Spam is automatically moved to the deleted items folder. Elgr uses several powerful methods to...

Freeware by DigiArch.org
58 x 737Kb downloads

...files) with an invalid target in the given folders and subfolders, like your Start menu, Recent documents,...orphans are typically the result of uninstalled programs, deleted or moved documents. Orphans Remover is Freeware with...
...is a non destructive utility easily undeletes all deleted data due to human error, software hardware malfunctioning,...software provides preview of all lost and corrupted folders before actual recovery of data. * Flash card...
Lock Folder XP

Shareware by Everstrike Software
87 x 3276Kb downloads

...Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets...you lock your files, folders and drives with your personal password. Now nobody...viruses, worms and trojans. Here is how Lock Folder XP works - all you have to do...is to drag file or folder you want to lock to Lock Folder XP...from within the organization, not hackers! Locking files, folders and drives is the best way to guarantee...or confidential information.
file lockfolder lockpassword protect folderlock filehide folderfolder passwordhide fileslock folder
AEVITA Wipe and Delete

Shareware by AEVITA Software Ltd.
34 x 1331Kb downloads

...will help you securely erase any file or folder without any chances for its recovery. Designed for...be accessed simply by right-clicking on any file, folder or disk and selecting the AEVITA Wipe and...keeps a log file on all files and/or folders erased during an erase process. You can also...erase process to meet your specific requirements. Are deleted files gone forever? No. Watch your privacy! Some...
...Protect Folder 98 is a new security tool that lets...you lock your files and folders with your personal password. Now nobody but you...can access your most sensitive information. Locking folders and files also effectively protects you from malicious...viruses, worms, and trojans. Here is how Protect Folder 98 works - all you have to do...is to drag the file or folder that you want to lock to the Protect...
security folderlock filespassword protect folderprotect fileshide fileshide folderslock foldersprotect folders
Advanced CATaloguer Pro

Shareware by Evgeny Software
28 x 2561Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...program displays a list of new, modified and deleted files. You can also create "common folders" that...
cataloguerfolderacat proaudiographiccatalogingorganisingmultimediaorganizingmusiccollectioncatalogerimagedatabasecataloguingdocumentmp3videoorganizerfileorganiserdvd
Hide Secret Files 3

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
24 x 1175Kb downloads

...spy-ware attacks. Setting the hidden property for a folder won’t hide your information even from your 6...the most of cases the data can be deleted even if it’s encrypted or is enough to...
secretsafeerasehide filesunhideevidencefolder guardlock filesprivatesecuredeletehide folderssoftwareprotectlock foldersecurityfolder lockdiskinvisiblewipeprivacy
Mutilate File Wiper

Shareware by Craig Christensen
56 x 1775Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Use Mutilate to prevent attempts to recover sensitive deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery...up to 297 overwrite passes. Mutilate supports complete folder deletions including subfolders. With Mutilate`s disk free space...Mutilate as a file remover to destroy previously deleted files on your hard drive. And, you can...store up to thirteen folders in Power Mutilator for quick access to files...or folders you target routinely....
privacyswapfilewasherwipeevidenceshreddersecure deletiondisk eraserremovalpagefilefile wiperforensicdeletedata recoveryundeletetrackscleansecuritypurgeswap file
1st Evidence Remover

Shareware by Ixis Ltd
29 x 933Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Bin command, some files may stay in this folder and can not be deleted by Windows. 1st...
Secrets Protector Pro

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
37 x 1232Kb downloads

...This product gives you the features of a folder locker, a secure eraser and a privacy manager....file system level and it cannot be accidentally deleted or overwritten neither in Safe Mode nor in...
evidencesafewipeunhidelock folderprivate filesecuresecurityguarddiskprotectsensitivelock fileseraserdeletesecrethide foldersprivacyinvisible

Shareware by RSS Systems
29 x 596Kb downloads

...for orphan file/folder references, finds these files or folders on your drives that may have been moved...if your registry has links to files of deleted applications, Regfixpro will find these invalid entries and...
registry fixregistry clean
ETKit Chameleon

Shareware by BrandsPatch LLC
11 x 3871Kb downloads

...ETKit Chameleon is a collection of file management and backup utilities for your computer. This veritable Swiss Army Knife of programmers` tools includes Comparator - a tool to compare and, optionally...
file backupfile concatenatorhexadecimal editorfile comparatorfile splitterfile splicerversion backupdirectory watcher

Shareware by 46Soft.com
18 x 477Kb downloads

...DOD 5220.22-M, to give you confidence that once deleted with TrueEraser, your file data is gone forever....
...Quick Scan helps a user in recovering recently deleted files and folders of his/her system. Extensive Scan...lets the user to find specific file or folder category in the recovered data. Moreover, it also...multiple settings for the Windows data recovery operation. Deleted file recovery tool support MS Windows 2000, 2003,...
partition recoveryntfs data recoveryrecover filesundeletefat data recoverydeleted file recoverydata recovery software
Data Destroyer

Shareware by Hermetic Systems
34 x 1515Kb downloads

...discovery). In order to be sure that a deleted file really is deleted, gone for good, its...files in a folder, all files in a folder and all files in its subfolders, a specified...subset of files in a folder and (optionally) in its subfolders, all files whose...before a specified date, all files in selected subfolders (or in selected subfolders of a folder). It...
dodpurgefile purge522022-msecure file deletionsanitizationdiskdefensedata destroyersanitizesecure deletion