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Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarter Days

Shareware by Hermetic Systems
30 x 1435Kb downloads

...This software calculates accurate dates and times for equinoxes, solstices and the Celtic cross-quarter days (Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnassad and Samhain). The cross-quarter days are those midway between the...
autumnmean sunsolsticeequinoximbolcorbityearsamhaincalendarperiheliondatevernalcalculationcross-quarterlughnassadtrue sunearthbeltanesummerwinter

Shareware by Metaware Productions
26 x 2667Kb downloads

...Designed to show you what it`s like to gamble at the race track, Quarter-Horse-Play is a horse racing simulator you can actually play off the computer on...
quarter-horse-playquarter horsehorse racingwin place and showhorsesmetaware productionssport kings
Desktop Lunar Calendar

Shareware by MoonPhaseSoftware
55 x 1160Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar. It is accurate anywhere in the world. It has two parts: image of the current moon`s phase and...
moon calendarmoon faseslunar phasedesktop lunar calendarmoon phases
Falcogames Falco Cross

Freeware by Falcogames
57 x 5381Kb downloads

...Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game....
freewarefreeware puzzle gamefreeware games
Capacity Measure Converter

Freeware by academy-info.com
22 x 216Kb downloads

...Download Free Capacity Measure Converter: fl ounces, gill, pint, quart, gallon, peck, bushel, quarter. The program interface is...
equivalentspeckcalculatormetricgallonpintbushelconversionstrigonometryengineeringcalculationsmeasurealgebraquarterconvert fromgeometrygill
Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter

Freeware by academy-info.com
21 x 216Kb downloads

...Download Free Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter: ounces, grains, drams, pounds, stones, quarter, cental, cwt, ton. The program interface...
cwtalgebrapoundsequivalentscalculationsgrainsconvert fromcalculatorconversionsstonesmeasuredramscentalquartertrigonometrygeometrymetric
...Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Play 3D Criss-Cross Game....
freeware puzzle gamefreeware games
Amigos Cross Sums

Shareware by Amigos Software
19 x 627Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Cross Sums puzzles, also known as Kakuro puzzles, are challenging yet fun and easy to learn. More addictive than Sudoku - try Kakuro puzzles and see for yourself. Create an unlimited...
cross sumspuzzleskakronumber puzzlessudokukakuro
...How much time have you wasted weeding out stupid copy errors or misspellings from the code on your website? HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference will help you find those errors in just...
Basketball Roster Organizer

Freeware by Ducksters
33 x 962Kb downloads

...This software is used by youth league basketball coaches to plan rosters during the season. It can be tough to track playing time over the course of many games, but...
Cross Fade Slideshow

Shareware by FlashComponents
17 x 488Kb downloads

...Cross Fade Slide Show: -XML driven with support for unlimited number of photos. -Cross Fade transition to next image. -Settings can be adjusted via the XML file. -Swipes can be...
actionscriptflash components
Music Notes In Space HN

Freeware by Happy Music Notes!
24 x 6965Kb downloads

...Music Notes In Space HN is a full-fledged arcade-type computer game that`s both fun and educational. It will teach you about relative note durations (whole notes, half...
guitarnotemusic notesbassdurationcleftreblepianogame
Egypt Cross Number

Shareware by Fun Games 4 Me
12 x 12061Kb downloads

...Have you ever played a game so simple and yet so catchy that your time just flew by? That is our new game Egypt Cross Number! If you love crossword...
cross wordsudokulogicbrainncross number

Shareware by dbBalance Ltd.
23 x 6466Kb downloads

...Cross-Database Studio is a full scale, integrated solution for comparison, migration and synchronization of structures and data in databases of different types. Cross-Database Studio is equally efficient when...
cross databasedatabase comparisondatabase migrationdatabase synchronization
Cross-Database Comparator Lite

Shareware by dbBalance Ltd.
18 x 6428Kb downloads

...Cross-Database Comparator Lite is a powerful easy-to-use ODBC based tool for comparison of heterogeneous databases, used by thousands DBAs, developers and testers all over the world. Product...
database comparisondatabase synchronizingcross databasedatabase mergingdatabase synchronization
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

Shareware by SharePointBoost
15 x 777Kb downloads

...What Does It Do? Out-of-box SharePoint list settings support intra-site lookup field but cannot meet end users` demands when it comes to looking up some information on...
sharepoint themesharepoint plug-inssharepoint add-onssharepoint servicessharepoint cross-site lookupsharepoint templatesharepoint softwaresharepoint lookup
Music Note Cracker HN

Freeware by Happy Music Notes!
23 x 9158Kb downloads

...An educational computer game featuring musical symbols (rests and notes), an elephant, and a ball! The elephant must keep the ball from dropping off the screen (if it does, you...
notemusical symbolwhole notegameheight notequarter notequarter resthalf notewhole resthalf restheight restduration
Kakuro Cross Sums Puzzle

Shareware by kakuropuzzle.com
17 x 2203Kb downloads

...Kakuro Cross Sums is the puzzle world`s best-kept secret. Called Cross Sums in the USA, Kakuro in the UK, and Kakro in Japan, it’s a fun, entertaining...
Free Vista Files award
...This game is an interesting variation of traditional cross words. In this exiting word game, a letter is represented by a number. Cross word grid is filled with such coded...
word gamescoded crosswordcryptedword puzzlescripticcryptic
...M.A.D. Propz is a shareware windows desktop application for beam cross-sectional properties and stress/strain analysis loaded with features like: - Analysis of any assembly of arbitrary cross-...