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Shareware by Traction Software
22 x 1048Kb downloads

...languages. The com component will quickly generate a CRC32 checksum from files or a text string in...

Shareware by Traction Software
23 x 1070Kb downloads

...is a "digital fingerprint" of a file, With CRC32 you can "melt down" a huge 20 MB...that the file hasn’t changed. The algorithm of CRC32 is exactly the same as that internally used...WinZip; i.e. the CRCs calculated by PKZIP and CRC32 are identical. That’s another fine thing about CRC32...the filename.zip are identical to that calculated by CRC32 for these files. Though you can use CRC32...
...the integrity of your files. It calculates the CRC32 of your files and compare it with the...fansubbed anime because it`s common to add the CRC32 into the filename....

Freeware by Gilles Vollant
59 x 483Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Readfile utility calculate CRC32, Adler32, MD5 and SHA1 of fille. It allows you to test the speed of memory copy and disk transfer operations...
CRC .NET control

Shareware by PVL team
21 x 106Kb downloads

...CRC .NET control is the checksum library for .NET developers.The library, especially written on .NET framework, provides exact and fast calculations of checksums. The library has an easy to...
crc16ccittchecksumcrc32net control

Freeware by MyDiv.Soft
35 x 676Kb downloads

...SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, WHIRLPOOL, Tiger, Adler32, CRC32 and Panama. Fast and easy....
sha-224whirlpooladler32 crc32 panamaripemd-128sha-384ripemd-256sha-512md4sha-256sha1tigerripemd-160md5
Febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC

Freeware by Febooti Software
23 x 874Kb downloads

...Febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC is a freeware hash / CRC calculator. Compute hash fingerprint / CRC checksum from any provided file. Supported hash /...
checksumcrc32sha-1hashhash valuemd5

Freeware by BoilingBit Software
32 x 504Kb downloads

...HashX is a powerful yet very easy to use application designed for computes hash value(checksum) for any single file, it allows you to verify that downloaded files are not...
Advanced CheckSum Verifier

Shareware by Irnis I.Haliullin
21 x 348Kb downloads

...protecting the integrity of files by using the CRC32 or MD5 checksum calculation algorithms. It will allow...
Advanced Hash Calculator

Shareware by Filesland
48 x 680Kb downloads

...the fly. Supported cryptographic hash function algorithms include CRC32 control sum, GOST hash, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1,...
calculatorsha2md4hash valuestring hashingcryptographymd5 hashcalculate hashhash calculatorcrc32md2strong hashhash calculationcontrol sumfileslandgostsecuritycrc32 hashsha-1hash functioncryptographic hash
...Arpoon Checksum compute checksums of files. A checksum (message digest, hash value) is a kind of fingerprint that permit to identify a file or...
ripe 160crc32identificationsha256md2md4checksumfingerprintadlermessage-digestfilecomputemd5sha1authentication
Camtech Checksums

Freeware by Camtech 2000
11 x 1097Kb downloads

...Checksums offers two different types of check sums. CRC32 is an 8 character string and MD5 is...
Smart File Advisor

Freeware by Filefacts.net
10 x 571Kb downloads

...File Advisor also insludes a MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 checksum/hashing tool for free! You will be able...
...crc16 x25, crc16 xmodem, crc16 zmodem, crc24, crc32, crc32 bzip2, crc32 jamcrc, crc32 mpeg2, crc64, crc64 ecma,...
md2panamahashcalculatewhirlpoolmessage digesthas160sfvgostverificationfrontendcheckerchecksumdha256md4adlersha2hmactiger2fork256freeripemdsha1md5crc32fsumedonkeyhaval

Freeware by Paehl
34 x 59Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MD2, MD4, MD5 120bits, RIPEMD128 128bits, RIPEMD160 160bits, CRC32 32bits,CRC16 16bits, ARC-CRC 16bits, SHA1 160bits, SHA-256 256...
md4ripemd-128sha1crc32sha-384md5ripemd-160sha-512 512 bitssha-256haval 256
FlyingBit Hash Calculator

Freeware by FlyingBit Software
21 x 288Kb downloads

...which there are such popular algorithms as MD5, CRC32 or SHA1 and less popular ones, for example,...
tigerflyingbit hash calculatorcrc32md5sha1hash sum

Shareware by LittleLite Software
22 x 11848Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Iside compares files and folders by computing their hash code (MD5,SHA1,CRC32,...). Right click on a file, select Copy and by right clicking on another file you will discover...
md5sumfcssha384md2gostcrc32hmac-sha1file integrity checkerwhirlpoolmd4sha512tigersfvsha256ripemd160havalversioninghashadler

Freeware by Paehl
33 x 436Kb downloads

...Dp Hash 1.0 is the succession from my DPASHA. This program supported at this time the following...

Shareware by Viwal Interactive
16 x 968Kb downloads

...AccuHash 2.0 is Windows utility for protecting the integrity and verifying the accuracy of data files using checksum (message digest, hash) calculation algorithms like CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 and...
Free Vista Files award
...WinHex is a hexadecimal editor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP with a lot of features: * Disk editor (logical & physical, supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and CDFS) * RAM editor -...
fat32cd-romdrivehexadecimalfat16templatehex editordiskwinhexramsectormd5checksumntfsbytedatafile systemfleischmanncrc32bitstefansharewarevirtual memorydvd