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AEVITA Wipe and Delete

Shareware by AEVITA Software Ltd.
34 x 1331Kb downloads

...AEVITA Wipe and Delete is a reliable and ultra-fast shredder...file, folder or disk and selecting the AEVITA Wipe and Delete menu option. Before erasing a file,...insecurely erased information can be extremely damaging. Your confidential personal information such as private emails, project files,...To defend your privacy from prying eyes, AEVITA Wipe and Delete is the way to go! Military...sanitizing technologies can now guard your privacy.
Secrets Protector Pro

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
37 x 1232Kb downloads

...data and online privacy better than ever. All confidential data will be hidden beyond the reach of...your online and offline activity traces will be wiped for good. Secrets Protector Pro is the ultimate...meeting the three most important security issues: Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability. The information is protected at file...
evidencesafewipeunhidelock folderprivate filesecuresecurityguarddiskprotectsensitivelock fileseraserdeletesecrethide foldersprivacyinvisible
Acronis Power Utilities

Demo by Acronis
26 x 26620Kb downloads

...spyware use Acronis Privacy Expert Suite. It completely wipes any evidence of your work in Windows system...PC or hard drive and want to destroy confidential data, Acronis Drive Cleanser guarantees the complete destruction...
disk cleanuponlinedata protectionpersonal privacyfile wipeinternet securitytrace removalsystem cleanupinternet cleanupcache cleanupwipe diskinternet privacypop-up blockercookies cleanuphijackersspyware removaladware removal
Secure Clean PC

Shareware by SoftFolder Inc
43 x 1177Kb downloads

...again. The information that you may consider as confidential is kept on your computer unprotected and may...
Blancco - Lite

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
25 x 1474Kb downloads

...Lite makes data recovery impossible. Blancco - Lite wipes away all data including confidential, secret and top...
data leaksdiscarding the computersecurehard diskpartitionidentity theftremovalwipedeletecleanererase historyerasureeraseroverwritehard driveblanccopersonal datadoddonating computersecurity
Blancco - Pro

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
27 x 1474Kb downloads

...HPA and remapped sectors. Blancco – Pro effectively wipes the drive clean, completely eliminating the risk of...
personal dataidentity thefthard diskerasurewipepartitioneraserdiscarding the computererase historyhard drivesecuritydodblanccoremovaldata leaksdeletedonating computeroverwritecleanersecure
Drive Wipe Program

Demo by Drive Wipe Software
8 x 5539Kb downloads

...then we have best software to erase all confidential files from any storage devices such as hard...Stick etc.), USB external drive with ease. Drive Wipe tool has ability to wipe your all important...by someone else, because this program removes your confidential file and folders by employing 9 different sanitization...methods. First try the demo version of Drive Wipe Program to check its capability and once you...
drive wipe programdisk wipehard drive wipedrive wipe softwarepermanently wipe drive
...File cleaner software erases personal data, confidential information, private content and other multiple files, folders,...event log etc. Hard disk data sanitization software wipes unused clusters which are not currently linked to...Drive files sanitation software is a secure data wiper that support to temporary files, log files, unload...and other removable devices. Laptop hard disk data wiper software safely wipes the whole logical hard disk...
...single files, folders and entire directory trees. All confidential information is professionally protected by encryption algorithms such...
encrypt emaildiskemail securityeasyfilesystemsecurewipetransparentfile encryptiondata securityprivacysafefile securitysecretcryptographicprotect documentsprotectionalgorithmcypher keyencryption software
Blancco - Data Cleaner+

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
27 x 1474Kb downloads

...Blancco – Data Cleaner+ is the versatile solution for any data erasure need: Blancco – Data Cleaner+ along with its added benefits guarantees cost savings and efficiency. Deleting and formatting do not...
removalsecurehard diskpartitiondata leaksoverwritedoderaserdeletewipeerase historyidentity theftdiscarding the computersecurityhard driveerasureblanccopersonal datadonating computercleaner

Shareware by LittleLite Software
16 x 4196Kb downloads

...With NShred you can eliminate confidential information and data from PC hard disks. Name,...
shred fileserasedeletedodwipegutmannshred folders
Wipe Expert

Shareware by Bodrag S.R.L.
31 x 3019Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...of internet browsing is the recording of many confidential data on your computer: visited pages, credit card...these data against or in your loss. Use Wipe Expert 2 and you will never face these...Peter Gutmann method. We guarantee that by using WIPE EXPERT 2 your files will be removed once...history, cache, cookies, bookmarks, and auto complete data. Wipe Expert 2 is fully compatible with Internet Explorer,...
eraserdisk wipesecure wipewipe hard drivewipe free spacehard drive eraseeraser utilitywipe utility
12Ghosts Shredder

Shareware by 12Ghosts AG
33 x 720Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Overwrite files, drag and shred, DoD conform, Wipe Disk. Delete even if the file is locked!...No trails are left of any compromising or confidential information. Nobody will ever be able to recover...
shredderdestroywipe diskfiledelete
AEVITA Erase Hard Drive

Shareware by AEVITA Software Ltd.
28 x 1945Kb downloads

...the utmost security of your sensitive, personal or confidential data. The program works with all standard hard...your data - destroy your sensitive, personal or confidential data beyond recovery now!...
sensitive datausberase hard drivedestroypermanentlyfloppydiskfree spacewipe
Free Vista Files award
...DISKExtinguisher totally eliminates confidential information. Sensitive data removal is crucial when selling,...
secure erasefile wipingdelete utilitiessecure disk deletedestroying datadata wiperwipe utilitiesdata shredderdisk wipingsecure deletedata wiping utilitiesfile shredder
Free Vista Files award
...FILExtinguisher securely deletes all confidential information. You can securely erase passwords, credit card...deleted files, delete dates and method used. Entirely wipe unallocated or slack space with ease. FILExtinguisher can...
data shredderdisk wipe utilitydata destructionhard drive wipedata eraserfile eraserhard drive wipe utilitydata eraser utilitydata erasurefile eraser utility
Digital File Shredder Pro

Demo by StompSoft
29 x 4143Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Shredder Pro shreds, obliterates and renders unrecoverable any confidential file or folder you do not want anyone...
delete any filedelete fileerase datasecure datafile softwaredata removaldata wipeeraserfile shredder
Private Data Protector

Shareware by SautinSoft
31 x 439Kb downloads

...Functions: - scans documents on your computer for confidential information; - shows you a report listing documents...
secureprivate data removeinternet privacydocpdfdisk wipehome securityrtfconfidential info deletexlsppt
...We greet you on this site and proudly represent you our new product: SoftAmbulance Free Eraser. Now you can download and use it for free. SoftAmbulance Free Eraser is provided...
securely delete fileunerase cheatersecured wipesecurely erase fileconfidential wipeundelete tricker
File Eraser

Freeware by NMZ labs
46 x 411Kb downloads

...software. It is not the way to delete confidential information. This program overwrites the deleted file a...
wipefile eraserdelete