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Shareware by EzSoftTek.com
72 x 2195Kb downloads

...EzVoice is full-featured answering machine software with voice mail support. It captures caller...

Shareware by Teley
79 x 1371Kb downloads

...`PC 2 Answering Machine 2.1 - Professional Edition` is a software designed...for the personal computer which functions as an answering machine for home or office. General Points:Complete `Answering...unwanted phone calls. Contacts list - a personalized answering mode and a different alert sign for each...as a service. and much more... No appliance answering machine can compete with `PC 2 Answering Machine...
answering machine softwarevoice mailcalleridphone
Phone Recorder Plus

Shareware by Teley
75 x 1436Kb downloads

...log. also, Phone Recorder Plus supports with full answering machine features. general point: Automatically records incoming calls,...picture, Blocks unwanted phone calls, a personalized unique answering mode (activating different options for each contact) Contacts...list - a personalized answering mode and a different alert sign for each...
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...Autosecretary by Eugene Abramov ... Most of the computer telephony solutions, you may have ran into, require...a sound card to bring you full blown computer telephony solution that allows you to put almost...thousands of customers on the shoulders of a computer system. Autosecretary is capable of handling incoming and...use it. Autosecretary can operate as a digital answering machine recording all incoming calls and storing them...
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...Pro`s fax and voice messaging features turn your computer into sophisticated voice mail answering machine and fax...messaging features enable you to create a simple answering machine or a sophisticated voice mail system with...
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Shareware by Venta Association
66 x 12309Kb downloads

...sending faxes and voice messages from any networked computer (client) via the server computer through modems or...
answering machineemail-to-voiceterminal server softwaredistinctive ringprogrammesharewareemail-to-faxnetwork faxmodemcallerfax serverfacsimile

Demo by Research Lab Inc
46 x 1428Kb downloads

...in any language on Earth -Useful in Single-line Computer Telephony, ASP Server-side Speech Analysis and Secure Desktop...and Send with Status, Tapi Dialing and Call Answering 1.4/3.0+, Telnet, Wav File Processing, WsClient, WsList, WsScan,...
automated remote loginsassdkdigitsspeechsapitelephone answering machinemodemcallerwavetelephony
...applications that integrates a Company’s/ Organization`s telephone and computer system to become a voice computer that transforms...
telephone callsphone call recordanswering machine messageclicall recordingcall monitoringivrtele recordingvoice response systemsinternet answering machine
Smart Phone Recorder

Shareware by Kengolf.com Inc.
78 x 648Kb downloads

...even you lift your telephone handset before the answering machine takes an action for an incoming call....Smart Phone Recorder is answering machine program that supports DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency)...
record phone callcalleranswering machine softwarerecord telephone modemvoice modem
Advanced Phone Recorder

Shareware by Concel Systems
74 x 1866Kb downloads

...that let you record your calls to your computer for future reference. It can be also used...as an answering machine when you are not available to answer the...recordings. 11) Detects and saves caller ID. 12) Answering machine. 13) Greeting messages based on daily time...periods. You may configure the answering machine to announce messages based on the time of...caller ID.
modemanswering machinecommunicationstext speechvoice modemcall recordercall loggertelephonetelephonyremote accesstapiautomatic recordercaller
...a time-controlled software telephone system with lots of answering machines and call forwardings as well as a...and POP3 functionality. Equipment as answering- and fax machines becomes unnecessary because incoming faxes and calls will...
fax2mailmailboxsoftware telephon systemvoice2mailmail2faxmailserverunified messagingisdnemailfaxserverfacsimilefax pollingvoice-to-mailmail-to-faxaudiotex systemcall distributionanwering machinefax-to-mail
...personal messages for human pick up versus an answering machine. Recipients can have interactive responses with the...messages only for live pick-up or only for answering machines, auto-retry when call fails or line busy,...
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Call Soft Pro

Shareware by TOSC International
86 x 8250Kb downloads

...An advanced, yet simple-to-use voice mail and fax software for your home or business. All the features you`d expect are supported: multiple configurable mailboxes, faxing, ability to...
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IVM Telephone Answering Attendant

Shareware by NCH Software
101 x 1541Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, call attendant, info-line and interactive...voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with VoIP, voice modems or professional telephony line...PSTN and VoIP Voicemail (from a single line answering machine to hundreds of voice mailboxes) * In-coming...Credit card telephone account payment * Dial in computer control or information (eg. Dial in to test...
phone attendantvoice mailsip voicemailsoftware answering machinephone answering softwaretalkworkstelephone answering softwarevoip voicemailcall attendantvoicemodemcomputer answering machinevoip ivr
Free Vista Files award
...Answering Machine for scripting your own professional call center business...Personal Call Center v2.0, you can program your computer to have spoken dialogues over your phone with...use the Call Center as a Caller ID Answering Machine. Dialgo works over regular wave device modems...
sapidialogicphonespeechtelephonywavesunnybeachdigitscall centercalleranswering machinemodem
PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype

Freeware by PrettyMay Inc.
216 x 5552Kb downloads

...files with stereo / mono optional. 2, Skype Answering Machine. Auto-answer your Skype calls when you`re away...
share musiccall recordingrecorderskype recorderskype voicemails
Free Skype Recorder

Freeware by PrettyMay Inc.
85 x 5552Kb downloads

...files with stereo / mono optional. 2, Skype Answering Machine. Auto-answer your Skype calls when you`re away...
share musiccall recordingskype voicemailsskype recorder