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Toad for SQL Server

Freeware by Quest Software
26 x 18096Kb downloads

...or from our DBA module which features a compare and synchronize tool for database schemas, servers, and...data. These changes can be implemented across multiple databases immediately, or saved to a script and executed...
sql serveradministrationdevelopmentdatabase
Free Database Compare

Freeware by StarInix Software
29 x 435Kb downloads

...The SQL Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two SQL server databases and...display all the differences between them. You can compare databases online or you can take snapshots of the...structure of the databases and compare them off-line, which is ideal for when you...

Freeware by Ascida Ltd
32 x 1888Kb downloads

...ODBCView is a free SQL query tool that allows you to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL...
export datadatabasesqlview dataodbcsql query tool
Benchmark Factory for Databases Freeware

Freeware by Quest Software
21 x 88780Kb downloads

...Benchmark Factory for Databases is a database performance and scalability testing tool...Server, DB2 UDB, Sybase ASE, MySQL, and other databases using ODBC connectivity that: • Generates load against...the breaking point measuring scalability and performance. • Compares performance test results enabling users to compare performance...
workloadload testbenchmarkreplaymigrationperformancesqlscalability
SQL Examiner 2010 R2

Shareware by TulaSoft, LLC
21 x 11145Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...application for SQL compare, synchronization and keeping your databases under version control. It compares and synchronizes schemas...Perforce and SourceSafe) which helps to keep your databases under version control. Database schema objects which are...
compare databasessql comparedatabase comparedatabase synchronization
Sync Database MySQL Edition

Shareware by metadata d.o.o.
8 x 3391Kb downloads

...Sync Database is an easy solution to compare and sync MySQL databases. Structure differences are quickly...
BLOB Statistics

Demo by UnifiedDBTools Software
22 x 1035Kb downloads

...reports with drill-down details -Supports ODBC and desktop Databases BLOB Statistics supports the following reports: 1. Database...Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for...Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for...
reportdata formatssqlodbcblobserverdatabase

Shareware by dbweigher.com
19 x 918Kb downloads

...With the help of this program you can compare the structures of Microsoft Access databases. It is...
sqlschemarelationshipfieldcolumnindexddlvisuallydatabaseshow differencetablecomparedbweigherdata definition language

Shareware by MEDWAY
19 x 2090Kb downloads

...intuitive views of your project`s history, - line-by-line compare any versions of any components, - presents comprehensive...
vb6 add-invssversion managerproject managercode versionsprojectsversion controlversioningbackupdevelopmentversions managertool
Simply Safe Backup

Freeware by Cannon Technologies
37 x 2462Kb downloads

...can backup any number of MySQL servers and databases with your backup job (unattended). Use the file...
file systemcd-rcompressionwindows 2000ftpremoterecoverysafedisastercompressedhandy backupdvd-rpkzipeasyopticalveritaswinzipsimplynetworkcrashstompdvdrencryptencryptedcompare
ZSKSoft Synchronizer

Shareware by ZSKSoft Lab
12 x 1549Kb downloads

...and much more. Unlike other synchronizers that merely compare which of two files is newer, ZSync is...
DBPut data transfer

Shareware by dbput
29 x 4658Kb downloads

...software. The processing of converting data between different databases is very easy. You can easily convert any...data from some databases to other databases or files without any knowledge of SQL script....data; Update the same data of target that compare with source;Append and update;Delete the same data;Copy all...
sybasepdfdb2accesstransformdbasehtmltextparadoxdatabasexmltooloraclefoxpromysql 323rtf
SQL Balance for MySQL

Shareware by Desktop Software
25 x 3752Kb downloads

...a note! Now there is no need to compare and synchronize databases run by MySQL manually, wasting...valuable and quite expensive DBA`s time. SQLBalance compares different databases, highlights the differences and synchronizes them...database entries are side by side). Then, the databases are synchronized. There are two ways to do...
database utilityschemasql parserdatabase schemasql editorschema managementdevelopemnt environmentdatabase compare toolschema differencemysqlpreprocessordatabase toolsmysql toolssql preprocessor
DB SynchroComp

Shareware by e-dule Software
19 x 2798Kb downloads

...DB SynchroComp compares two SQL Server (7 - 2005) databases, determines...structure. After you execute the synchronization script, two databases will have the same structure, and existing data...
comparesynchronizescriptsql 2005tooldatabasecollationdifferencesstructure
SQL Server Comparison Tool

Shareware by AlfaAlfa Software
23 x 3511Kb downloads

...can take full control of your databases: analyze, compare and document structure of tables, procedures, functions, views,...triggers and relationships, compare data stored in tables, generate detailed reports....
sql comparedatabase comparisonsql server comparison
DB Explorer

Shareware by SLIK Software Ltd
21 x 9205Kb downloads

...a powerful database utility that allows you to compare any two databases and report the structural and/or...ODBC compliant database which includes all the mainstream databases including MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access etc....Database Catalog Browse a databases schema and/or data. Provides a built in reporting...scripts to reproduce or record the database structure. Compare Schema Compare the structure or metadata between two...
synchronise databaseschemacompare tablesmetadatadatabase differencecompare recordscompare databasedatabase utilityview database

Shareware by Best SoftTool, Inc.
19 x 2649Kb downloads

...What is SQLDBCompare? SQLDBCompare is the powerful database schema/data comparison and synchronization...tool for SQL Server database development projects. SQLDBCompare integrates with SQL Server, providing an effective and...schema comparison for individuals and project teams to compare the SQL Server databases on either the same...one database to another. With SQLDBCompare, users can compare database structure/schema/table records over...
schemaserverbest softtoolsynchronizesql scriptsqldbcomparedatabasesql compare
AdeptSQL Diff

Commercial by Adept SQL Tools
24 x 4540Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...a lightning fast and intuitive tool to visually compare and synchronize two MS SQL Server databases. The...program scans both databases and displays the schema tree view, with all...for individual objects (tables, view, stored procedures, etc) compared side-by-side and produce difference scripts for any choosen...
sql serverrelationalschemacompare databasedatabase utilityddlcompare sql
Database Comparer VCL

Shareware by CleverComponents
23 x 1542Kb downloads

...The Database Comparer VCL (DBC VCL) compares and synchronizes databases structure (metadata) and table data...list is constantly updated and support for other databases will be added soon. Most popular database engines...and improved. Features at a glance: - Can compare database with database, database with SQL/DDL script and...SQL/DDL script with SQL/DDL script. - Can compare and synchronize data between two database tables. -...
Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition

Demo by Altova, Inc.
19 x 31076Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...folders, and databases. This easy-to-use synchronization tool quickly compares and merges text or source code files, directories,...entry helpers, optional entity resolution, and more. DiffDog compares Microsoft Word documents in a side-by-side view with...word processor functionality. DiffDog intelligently compares directories, applying special comparison rules based on each...pairs directly from a directory comparison.
diff office 2007xml differencingmerge filesfile differencingdiffmergedatabase mergingdatabase differencingfile comparisondiff filesdiff ooxmltext comparisondiff source codedatabase comparison