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Freeware by Dmitry Malyshev
98 x 1640Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...viewer serve to properly improve. Image brightness, contrast, color adjustment, flip, rotate, resize, format conversion and many...
bitmapjpgimage viewerimage converter
Falco Image Studio

Freeware by Falco Software Company
61 x 23301Kb downloads

...Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse, Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Free Hand Selection...Colors, Blur, GrayScale, HLS Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Contour, Contrast Filter, High Contrast Filter, Prewitt, Sobel, Laplas. Swapping...
image studiofalco image editorfalco image studio
Image Eye

Freeware by FMJ-Software
74 x 727Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...- Freeware! Features for the tech-nerds: - Deep color & HDR support (up to 32-bit floating point.../ color component). - High quality dithering for superior display...
bmpcalshdrviewertifffasttgapsdpcxicofreegifpicturepngimageddsjpg jpegfreeware
Batch AutoCorrector

Freeware by VicMan Software
47 x 1688Kb downloads

...settings, images often lack contrast, have an unwanted color cast or "muddy" look and dull appearance. Batch...an ideal tool for pictures that need overall contrast or color correction, e.g. shots taken in poor...fluorescent lights, etc. The program boosts contrast, increases color saturation and removes color casts, improving the overall...appearance of images.
AWicons Lite

Freeware by Lokas Software
99 x 3520Kb downloads

...higher resolution rates allow developers use high-detail true color alpha-blended icons when designing user interfaces. However creating...imagery. The application fully supports Windows XP true color icons. AWicons handles many popular file formats (such...of various dimensions as well as all possible color modes (mono, 16, 256, true-color and true-color with...popular drawing tools (pen, line, ellipse, polygon, text, colors replace, etc.
Image Converter .EXE 3 Scripting Edition

Freeware by SoftTech InterCorp
73 x 1502Kb downloads

...include: Adjust HSL, Adjust RGB, Blend, Brightness, Buttonize, Color Depth, Contrast, Crop, Draw Text, Motion Blur, Mosaic,...
photoconvertercommand linebatchmultiple fileseffectspictureconversionimage

Freeware by Photofiltre
144 x 1600Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is...

Freeware by Dmitry G. Kozhinov
46 x 511Kb downloads

...tileable images based on user-given or randomly generated color factor values. It can save resulting images as...around it are controlling red, green and blue color factors. As you change their positions, resulting image...too. At the right there are brightness and contrast sliders. They also affect resulting image. Lock buttons...
...Batch creating image copyright watermarks; Batch adjusting image color levels; Print images and image contact sheet; Batch...such as Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Color Balance, Brightness & Contrast adjust, Mosaic, Add Noise,...
watermarkconvert imageimage browserresize imageimage viewerfreewareprint imageeffects

Freeware by Rick Brewster
43 x 1600Kb downloads

...text editor, a tool for zooming, and a Recolor tool. Unlimited History Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody...
paintphoto editing softwareimage editing softwarephotoshoppaintnetpaint softwaregimp
Free Vista Files award
...introduces concepts important to digital image processing and color management in general. CalibrationAider is ideal for digital...
graphicstest cardhome theatercolor temperaturemonitor calibrationlcddigital photographycolor barswhite balancecontrastrgbcrttest patternutilityplasma screentelevisioncmyimagesbrightnessgrayscalegammavideotool
Free Vista Files award
...introduces concepts important to digital image processing and color management in general. CalibrationAider is ideal for digital...
home theatertelevisionimagestest patterncolor temperaturedigital photographyrgbplasma screengraphicsutilitybrightnesscontrastcmycrttoolgammatest cardcolor barsvideowhite balancemonitor calibrationgrayscalelcd
Scrapbook Flair

Freeware by Aurora Digital Imaging
52 x 59636Kb downloads

...ideas. The software allows you to change the color of virtually any image to get the perfect...
free scrapbook softwarewedding scrapbookscrapbook sharingscrapbooking softwarebaby scrapbookscrapbooksdigital scrapbooking
Scrapbook Flair Software

Freeware by Aurora Digital Imaging
46 x 59636Kb downloads

...available regularly. Software lets you to change the color of images and design elements to get the...
computer scrapbookingscrapbooksbaby scrapbookfree scrapbook softwaredigital scrapbookingcomputer scrappingwedding scrdigital scrapbook softwarescrapbooking software

Shareware by Mystik Media
45 x 18350Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Noise, Anti-Alias, Average, Bending, Border Remove, Brightness, Buttonize, Color Resolution, Colored Gray, Contour, Contrast, Cylindrical, Despeckle, Dilate,...
GFX Alchemy

Shareware by GFXAlchemy.Com
45 x 8469Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Advanced features include 60+ special effects, filters, and color adjustments; batch format conversion; comprehensive annotations; image optimizing,...WBMP, WFX, WMF, WPG, etc. Filters, effects, and color adjustments supported Add Noise, Anti-Alias, Average, Balance Colors,...Bending, Brightness, Color Resolution, Colored Gray, Contour, Contrast, Cylindrical, Despeckle, Dilation, Edge Detect,...
rotategraphicsacquiremirrorphotosspecial effectseditorslideshowpaintconverterthumbnailerresizeprintanimationfliptwainzoombatchscreen captureclipartvieweroptimizecropannotate
...set their own display resolution, gamma, brigtness and contrast preferences. Display Resolution Manager will give you an...to work with your favorite display resolution and color settings. Do you want a huge resolution with...monitor to your favorite resolution and adjust your color settings when you log on to Windows and...to adjust only their working display resolution and color settings. Only administrator will control the usage of...
switch resolutionsystem admidisplay resolution switchingdisplay utilityresolution managerautomatic switchingdisplay controlwindows display resolutionresolution controlwindows desktop

Shareware by EggVision
25 x 3225Kb downloads

...can name it as an image enhancer or color enhancer. The main value of this product is...contrast, saturation, hue on demand - Balance the color of overall scene by a `Click`! - Red...- Open shadow/highlight detail - Ten kinds of color effects such as Grayscale, Sepia. - Simulate 17...
photo enhancecolor balancecolor adjustmentpicturebetterwhite balancemagic effects
Color Correction Wizard

Freeware by VicMan Software
43 x 2911Kb downloads

...Now completely free! Color Correction Wizard is an indispensable tool in photography,...a host of common digital imaging problems performing color correction of large collections of images within a...couple of minutes. The program effectively solves poor contrast and color balance problems providing a more natural...look to your images or helping achieve richer colors on batches of images in automatic or manual...mode.
batch correctioncontrastbatch resizeadjust colorcolor balanceimprove imagelevelsresize photosedit imagecorrect imagefree image editorautomatic color correctionphoto editoredit photobrightness
Mobile Photo Enhancer

Freeware by VicMan Software
42 x 3590Kb downloads

...images: reduce artifacts and digital noise, correct poor contrast and color and fix the dark corners problem....
edit imagecamera phone photosfree photo editorjpeg artifactsmobile photoedit photoimage editorfree image editorimprove imageremove artifactscameraphonemobile phonecorrect imagebatch correction