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Windows Clipboard Helper

Freeware by Tahionic
29 x 296Kb downloads

...www.soft.tahionic.com Clipboard enhancer Clipboard Helper is a Windows utility that enhances the...Windows clipboard in a special way: it will put together...all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will save them in a single file...."copy to clipboard" operation, the previous text in clipboard is lost. Clipboard Helper will prevent this behavior...
Clipboard Viewer

Shareware by Reality Studio
38 x 1562Kb downloads

...Clipboard. This tool lets you to use multiple clipboards simultaneously. It keeps the history of your clipboard...
clipboard softwareclipboard viewer
Clear Clipboard

Freeware by Softvoile
19 x 121Kb downloads

...Clear Clipboard is a freeware clipboard tool designed to perform only one function -...make the windows clipboard empty. Every time you run Clear Clipboard it...deletes the current clipboard contents so the clipboard becomes empty. Just download and install Clear Clipboard...perform any complex actions to make the windows clipboard empty. Working with Clear Clipboard is extremely simple:...
clipboard toolclear clipboardempty clipboardwindows clipboard
Visual Clipboard

Freeware by Alzex
36 x 901Kb downloads

...Handy clipboard history manager. Visual clipboard allows you to store clipboard content and paste...press Ctrl+Mouse button or hotkey to view your clipboard history and choose item to paste - it...is so simple and fast! Visual Clipboard works with unicode text and ready for Windows...Vista. Visual Clipboard is the simplest clipboard history manager of all similar programs and can...installed to USB or U3 smart drive.
clipboard managermulticlipboardclipboard viewclipboard historyclipboard edit
Remote Clipboard

Freeware by Softtech
42 x 646Kb downloads

...The text from clipboard can be copied to all computers from the...be interrupted in your work, and your local clipboard will not be altered just because a remote...
remote clipboardnetwork clipboardshare clipboard
GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner

Freeware by GaCaS Software GbR
17 x 1523Kb downloads

...GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner (supporting English and German language) securely cleans...you automatically if new data is on the Clipboard and by clicking on that hint, or by...Tray-Icon, you can erase that data promptly. GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner`s window also shows you _when_ Clipboard data...to the Windows-Clipboard. You further can configure GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner to start with Microsoft Windows, to show...only hide it into the system tray.
erase clipboardclean clipboardwindows clipboardwindows-clipboardclipboard erasergacasclipboard cleanergacas softwareclear clipboard

Shareware by F-Group Software
16 x 1219Kb downloads

...MClipboard manager is an enhanced version of Windows clipboard for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. MClipboard manager provides you with...10 Windows clipboards so that you could simultaneously copy, cut and...paste 10 different data segments (images, words, etc.). MClipboard is an ideal aid to those who work...databases, because it was developed as a quick clipboard assistant for computer pros. Additionally MClipboard saves the...
clipboard viewerclipboard enhancementclipboard managerclipboardswindows clipboard
Clipboard Genie

Shareware by Vsisoftware.com
23 x 1732Kb downloads

...useful utility. Everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard is saved into Clipboard Genie. Text and Graphics....list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard where you can paste it into other windows...method that enables you to scroll through the Clipboard buffer using hot keys F6 and F7. There...be used to run applications. Data from your Clipboard can also be sent over the network to...another PC running Clipboard Genie 4.
Clipboard Box

Shareware by Bigfish Software
10 x 2599Kb downloads

...improves the functionality of your Windows by adding clipboard functions. You can perform routine copying and pasting...its interface is very clear. Unlike the Windows clipboard which is difficult to comprehend, this tool shows...
clipboard toolsclipboard softwareclipboard management
xNeat Clipboard Manager

Freeware by x Neat Software
21 x 544Kb downloads

...Windows clipboard has the disadvantage that you can only copy...once before pasting ! xNeat clipboard manager is an effective utility in the must...it solves the limitation in the standard windows` clipboard that you can only copy once before pasting....xNeat clipboard manager is handy and very simple to use....paste from it using a hot key. xNeat Clipboard Manager can also search clipboard text on Google...
multiclipboardpastepikyutilitycopyclipmateclipboard managerbasket
Your Clipboard

Demo by Evbolution Software
12 x 2608Kb downloads

...Your Clipboard is a full featured, easy to use software...your choice. Anytime the contents of the Windows Clipboard changes, the data is sent to "Your Clipboard"...or not. This gives you quick access to clipboard history that would otherwise be unavailable. Create separate...the Collector of your choice, or edit the clipboard contents before pasting. Each Collector you create may...
clipboard managercopyclipboard toolclipboard historycollectorcut and pasteclipboard extensioncopy and paste
ClipBox_For_Win Pro

Shareware by Golden Soft
18 x 1180Kb downloads

...The native clipboard in Windows is great for cutting and pasting...ClipBox! Rather than working with one piece of clipboard data at a time, ClipBox enhances the native...text and graphic) that are copied to the clipboard and storing them in collections; for later pasting....users will never accidentally lose a piece of clipboard data again. ClipBox`s database can hold dozens, hundreds,...
clipboxtoolprogrammerutilitycopyclipboard viewerclipboard utilityclipboard replacement
...protecting it from accidental erasure. Your computer`s standard clipboard can only store one piece of data at...existing data is lost. ClipSafe begins monitoring your clipboard automatically when you log in to your computer....Conveniently restore clipboard data using an icon on the system tray....when backed up data was added to the clipboard is also retained. Customers receive free software updates...
...Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement utility. This clipboard extender can dramatically enhance...web forms. Any text copied to the Windows clipboard is automatically archived in Clipboard Magic. This text...may be copied back to the clipboard with a click of the mouse. Text may...also be edited and added manually. Clipboard lists may be saved to a file to...
windowscopy and pasteextenderenhancerreplacementtextclipboard
Clipboard Assistant

Shareware by Ixis Ltd
34 x 739Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...using them in other applications. You can use Clipboard Assistant and other applications together, or as an...time you copy a text to the Clipboard, Clipboard Assistant stores it in the History List and...file. You can replace a text in the Clipboard with items of the History List,items of a...can be performed by hot keys. Try our Clipboard management tools....

Freeware by Ciansoft
20 x 211Kb downloads

...Free tool provides list of formats currently available on the Windows clipboard. Gives the integer value to identify each format. Useful...
Clipboard Clear

Shareware by Posum LLC
32 x 802Kb downloads

...can also prohibit other general uses of the clipboard for greater security, if desired, so that no...
A to Z Clipboard Extender

Freeware by A to Z Clipboard.com
73 x 7006Kb downloads

...A to Z Clipboard is a free utility which allows you to...to 25 times before pasting. (Unlike the Windows clipboard which only allows you to copy once.) The...small clipboard window floats above your work and you can...
screenshotclipboardmulti-clipboardmulti clipboardscreen capturemulticlipboardscreeen shot
AtoZ Clipboard Extension

Freeware by A to Z Clipboard.com
73 x 7103Kb downloads

...Free Clipboard Extension - AtoZ Clipboard is a free utility which allows you to...to 25 times before pasting. (Unlike the Windows clipboard which only allows you to copy once.) The...small clipboard window floats above your work and you can...
multi clipboardclipboard extensionmulti-clipboardscreen capture
...Comfort Clipboard is a safe clipboard manager. Now you don`t have to worry that...thing will erase something else! It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any...selected fragment again. The clipboard contents will be saved, even in the case...crash or power failure. Best of all, Comfort Clipboard supports all known data formats, including text, graphics,...Format, HTML, Excel, etc.