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Freeware by Moog Software
134 x 18000Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...server allows a quick download of a multi-platform client from any standard internet connection. Multi-user sessions with...a dream. User accounts with rich permissions, server side hostname and IP filtering, remote screen scaling and...unlimited port-ranges. Use the full featured web client from any standard internet browser when in restrictive...
http proxyremote accessremote control softwareremote computer controlremote administrationtelecommutingremote administrator

Freeware by Klever Group
143 x 100Kb downloads

...is a free, open source Win32 implementation of client side of the telnet protocol, described in detail in...in fullscreen character mode. Unlike some other telnet clients it implements many telnet options, like "are you...
ansitelnet clientterminalterminal emulation
...Secure Socket Library can be used both on client and server side, with centralized management of all...

Shareware by BudTools Software
19 x 24641Kb downloads

...the BudBar which is at the right hand side of the desktop. It keeps your programs and...Sidebar, Email tools to enhance your current email client like resend email, zip & email, strip &...
DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder

Freeware by DevMansion
108 x 644Kb downloads

...easy-to-use and easy-to-learn FREEWARE tool focused exclusively on client side JavaScript menus creation. Inside, you will find everything...
...regular HTML web pages requiring no server or client processing. DSI inserts HTML fragments into base HTML...
...Free Net-It Now is a simple, client-side utility that converts any Windows-based file to the compressed CSF (Content Sealed Format) format and let users add Visual Rights...
client-side publishingsecure documentsdistributable documentsdesktop publishingfree publisher

Freeware by Helmsman
47 x 5200Kb downloads

...of users would never need. With own FTP client and a zip file manager, Frigate 3 is...
directoryfile manageftparchiveexplorerfolder

Demo by ActiveWidgets SARL
25 x 702Kb downloads

...Very fast AJAX datagrid and many high-quality javascript UI components make ActiveWidgets library one of the most popular commercial web development tools. ActiveWidgets javascript grid can work with very...
aspnetphpjsondhtmlgridajax tableajax griddatagridxmlcsvlibraryjavascriptgrid componentcontrolgrid controldhtml gridjspjavascript gridgridviewcomponentstoolkit
MOVEit Freely

Freeware by Ipswitch, Inc.
41 x 2912Kb downloads

...and FTPS client. All 3 SSL modes, X.509 client certificates, passive transfers, CCC, client-side NAT and alternate...ports supported. Uses same syntax as built-in "ftp.exe" client for easy drop-in replacement. http://www.standardnetworks.co m/moveitfreely...
...The no-frills FTP Commander offers an interface consisting of two side-by-side panels representing the local computer and the FTP server. The latter contains a list of about...
ftp programcommandwebsiteservertransfernavigatoruploadftp clientftp softwareresume
Treeview - JavaScript Tree Menu

Freeware by Marcelino Martins
50 x 40Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...A compact, fast, reusable script that lets you enhance your site with an outliner that looks and feels exactly like Windows Explorer. Download the JavaScript/DHTML applet for free and...
java menusdynamic menujavascript navigationjavascript menutree menujava treetree viewcollapsible menutreeviewdhtml tree menujavascript tree menufolder tree

Freeware by Birnam Labs
24 x 1857Kb downloads

...configurations, and the server scripts can support multiple client connections, so you can share your website`s activity...
VFTPX - Ultra High Speed FTP Client - Goooggle.com LLC

Freeware by Goooggle.com LLC
33 x 347Kb downloads

...one of the world`s fastest, most capable FTP client applications. Designed to support high-volume upload/download processes, VFTPX...
file transferftp applicationhighspeed ftpftp clientweb publishing
Pocket Dictate Dictation Recorder

Shareware by NCH Software
38 x 1834Kb downloads

...by holding down the record button on the side of your Pocket PC. Release the button to...prior to transmission to comply with patient or client confidentiality requirements. ~Sends recording in compressed wave (wav)...
dictationtouchworksrecordingpdadictaphonesoftwaregodictateprogrampocket voice recorder
Urfin - File Search Engine for LAN

Freeware by Scand
16 x 532Kb downloads

...additional software installed on the server. On the client side any browser can be used to access all...
filesearchlancopylocatefastunzipsearch enginefind duplicate filesfile finderlookuplocalurfinscandsearch zipfile searchnetworkarea
...by the vendor of the system and the client software, which is installed on end-user computers. Client...system to this interface is delivered to the client software, which encrypts and authenticates it and then...version also recognizes and tunnels IPX traffic. Each client establishes and maintains a control connection to the...server cluster. When the connection is established, the client goes through a login sequence, followed by the...
vpnmulticastudpvirtual private network
Free Vista Files award
...software combined with StarPort iSCSI initiator running on client allows you to export any local CD and...CD and DVD recording applications running on a client side are supported), export local tape drives for backup...and restore on client machine (all of the backup software tools running...on a client machine are supported), "redirect" virtual hard disk drives...
HTML Map Designer Pro

Shareware by ForthTech Software
20 x 1118Kb downloads

...Create HTML Image Maps of any shape in just a few clicks! Map Designer automates the creation of HTML Image Maps, making it easy for designers and Web developers to...
9Rays.Net TreeView for ASP.NET

Shareware by 9Rays.Net
23 x 723Kb downloads

...events (select, deselect, expand, collapse, check, uncheck), server side handling of all client events, comprehensive client object...
vbnetaspnettree viewwebcontrolscomponentstreeview