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Glary Registry Repair

Freeware by Glarysoft Ltd
203 x 4416Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Registry Repair is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems.Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of...
Free Vista Files award
...operates in destructive and non-destructive wiping mode. Data cleanup software can wipe hard disk as well as...
softwaretooleraserutilitypermanentcacheinterneterasurerecordsconfidentialdocumentsremoveeliminatepersonalcleanupdata wiperfilescriticalhard disksdeletedinformationprivatecleaner
Clipboard Editor Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
23 x 5457Kb downloads

...This software offers a solution to users who want to edit clipboard text. With this software, you can remove or replace user-specified characters, spaces, enters, tabs, add character/s...
formattingreplacerchanging clipboard textautomaticremovermodifierclipboard text scrubberdelete contentscleanerchangercopy pastethe cliphelpereditercleanupcase
DigiMode Sigma

Freeware by emm&MAYA
22 x 4933Kb downloads

...speed a bit. It also has auto tracks cleanup and autro surfing capability. It also has dynamic...
unbanunblock sitesprivacy protection
Free Vista Files award
...FileBack is a high-speed file backup and synchronization utility for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Features include automatic configuration (so you don`t have the learn how to...

Shareware by SebbyLive
65 x 9212Kb downloads

...NTFSBuddy is yet another disk space analyser with one main difference. By using direct NTFS disk access, an average disk can be scanned in less than a minute. Quickly get...
toolssystem utilitiesdisk spacedisk cleanuphard diskntfsdisk analyserfree space
Disk Space Finder

Freeware by IntelliConcepts
17 x 537Kb downloads

...Disk Space Finder helps to visualize your data that is taking up the most space on your computer. This makes it a lot easier to delete anything you no longer...
cleanupvisualizedisk spacevisualisefreetoolfind

Demo by ErrorSafe
12 x 1880Kb downloads

...ErrorSafe - is the ultimate solution to scan and fix computer problem, corrupt file and hard drive errors. ErrorSafe cleans and troubleshoots Windows Registry, ensuring stability, optimal configuration and high system...
hard drive file recoveryfix opmputer problemerrorsafefix slow computersystem cleanupwindows fixfree disk spacefix corrupt filesregistry clean

Shareware by Data Recovery
33 x 1249Kb downloads

...to delete them in one procedure. Software even cleanup desktop by wiping unused shortcuts or icon whish...typed URLS, auto complete forms, recent documents. Wiper cleanups your disk space by using fast and secure...

Shareware by Sapientech.com
9 x 3738Kb downloads

...One of the leading causes of system crashes, speed and performance issues can be attributed to excessive temporary files and unwanted trash left onto the hard drive by windows and...
utilitycheck file removalcomputer cleanuptemporary file removal
Registry Clean Pro

Shareware by QSX Software Group
17 x 1375Kb downloads

...Registry Clean Pro is a utility that safely removes invalid entries from the Windows registry, thus optimizing the performance of your computer. By default, Registry Clean Pro scans the registry...
Free Vista Files award
...information from computer’s hard drive permanently. Hard disk cleanup software enables you to improve the performance of...
File Cleaner Tool

Shareware by Glint Tech
17 x 1679Kb downloads

...to delete them in one procedure. Software even cleanup desktop by wiping unused shortcuts or icon whish...typed URLS, auto complete forms, recent documents. Wiper cleanups your disk space by using fast and secure...
Data Wiper Software Ex

Shareware by Accounting Software
17 x 1751Kb downloads

...removes data from recently opened document list. Data cleanup and file eraser utility wipes unused disk space...
datafatntfsconfidentialdestructiveapplicationwipingusbsoftwarehard diskcleanupsanitizationtoolpermanentlyfolderwiperselectederasecookiescleaningsecurefilewindowsutilitycompletelyinternet
Junk Cleaner

Demo by Pandaje Group
20 x 5294Kb downloads

...Junk Cleaner is an exceptional tool for optimizing a PC and making it deliver peak performance. It’s a user-friendly tool that anyone can use without any technical knowledge....
junk filesperformance issuescleanerfix registry errorsoptimizerslow repairspeed slowboosterwindows startup programsutilitiesjunk cleanercomputer cleanerclean softwarecleanup
Quick Startup

Freeware by Glarysoft Ltd
186 x 5007Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...When you turn on your computer certain applications, drivers, and services are automatically started at the beginning of each Windows session. The information that tells Windows to automatically start these...
Driver Genius

Shareware by Driver-Soft
58 x 10585Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Driver Genius improves PC performance with the powerful driver manager for Windows that backs up, restores, and updates your device drivers automatically! With just a few clicks of your mouse,...
driver installdriver backupdriver cleanupdriver restoredriver update
...YL Registry Cleaner is a registry cleanup utility works on Windows platforms, it has easy-to-use...
registry cleanerclean registry
ClearImage Repair

Shareware by Inlite Research
18 x 11086Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...reverse black header blocks with white text Noise Cleanup - Remove noise artifacts and reduces output file...
Hard Disk Data Sanitization Software

Shareware by Undelete Software
23 x 1740Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...your internet and computer activities permanently. * Files cleanup software completely wipes whole hard disk including separate...
toolsoftwarecleanercleanupfilesrecordscriticalinformationprivateinterneterasurecachedocumentseraserwipehard driveconfidentialdatapersonalremovesanitizationpermanentdeletediskeliminate