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27 x 23967Kb downloads

..."I CHING DREAM TELLER" is a piece of software which...dreams, using I CHING. The idea behind I CHING is very old. It describes a philosophy which...and acceptance of the inevitability of change. I CHING is also used as a technique for predicting...
dreamtellertraumdeutungi-chingdream meaningjingdream interpretationching dreamdream oracle
Guiding Star I Ching

Demo by Guiding Star Developers
39 x 2584Kb downloads

...simulates the Coin Oracle method. Outclasses other I Ching software with its inclusion of stunning Chinese art....
book changesdivinationhexagramchingoraclefortune telling
Inside IChing

Shareware by InsideIching.com
29 x 1510Kb downloads

...Inside IChing is truly a one of a kind software...questions for which you require precise answers, Inside IChing utilizes the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Oracle....which is also known as I Ching. I Ching is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that...and every situation has a definite interpretation. Inside IChing utilizes this principle of the I Ching to...a happy and a completely balanced life.
free ichingiching oraclei-ching softwareinside ichingching onlinei-ching reading
MB IChing Astrology

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
33 x 702Kb downloads

...MB I Ching Astrology calculates your Energy Cycle Charts based on...I Ching Astrology. This system believes that all happening are...the importance of the different circumstances. The I Ching system of divination has been known for its...truth and philosophy. I Ching is advocates the idea of change. It also...be balanced for a relationship to be harmonious. IChing Astrology is based on I Ching. This system...general influence is the same on people.
iching astrology readingiching astrology softwareching astrology reportfree ching astrology readingfree iching astrologyi-ching astrology
Tao Desktop Theme

Freeware by About the Tao
133 x 1465Kb downloads

...Inspirational theme includes a screen saver with quotes from the "Tao Te Ching" (the world`s most translated book, after the Bible) & related images. The Tao is an ancient Chinese...
MB IChing Numerology

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
25 x 1181Kb downloads

...MB IChing Numerology calculates if your name is lucky based...name numerologically, so that it is beneficial. I Ching philosophy is found to have tremendous effect on...all spheres of human life. I Ching is advocates the idea of change. It also...the broken line ( ---- ----). Each I Ching hexagram consists of: The Judgment: This provides us...gives a deeper awareness about life. Each I Ching hexagram is numbered from 1 to 64. In...
free ching numerologynumerology chingiching baby namesching lucky numberi-chingfree iching numerologyiching numerology software
Change7 I Ching

Shareware by Change7
28 x 2136Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...comments plus the ancient Chinese text. The I Ching or Book of Changes is a classic of...feature is very handy or the serious I Ching aficionado, since only in that way one can...
trigrambook changesfortune tellingoraclechingdivinationyijinghexagram
I Ging 2005

Shareware by Mario Krsnic
29 x 2000Kb downloads

...I Ching 2005 is a modern spiritual and esoteric software...using the classic chinese I Ching Book of Changes and 3 coins oracle. The...I Ching is the oldest of the Chinese classic texts....The I Ching symbolism is embodied in a set of 64...considered. The easiest method of working with I Ching is three coins method. Concentrate and ask your...
fortune tellingadvicedecision makingmysticalesotericfuture predictionpersonalrelationshipshexagramsoftwarechingoraclesspiritualproblem solvingchinese wisdomintuitiondivinationmagicastrology
Tao Screen Saver

Shareware by Single Step Media
39 x 5189Kb downloads

...Inspirational screen saver with quotes & images from the "Tao Te Ching" (the world`s most translated book, after the Bible). Interactive quote sharing and desktop customizing. The Tao is an...
quotescreen saverspiritualscreensavertaochinawallpaper
Tao Te Ching

Shareware by eastsoft team
25 x 9358Kb downloads

...The Tao Te Ching is fundamental to the Taoist school of Chinese...and even gardeners have used the Tao Te Ching as a source of inspiration. Its influence has...Western languages. Dating from around 300BC, Tao Te Ching is the first great classic of the Chinese...of the work. The Wade-Giles romanization Tao Te Ching dates back to early English transliterations in the...
YiJingDao Lite

Adware by Bersoft
52 x 8025Kb downloads

...The I Ching or Book of Changes is a classic of...
fortune tellingjinghexagrambook changesdivinationchingyijingoracletrigram

Shareware by GWave Solutions
26 x 3193Kb downloads

...Intellectual, Intuitional), Secondary (Passion, Mastery, Wisdom) and I Ching (Aesthetic, Self-Awareness, Spiritual) cycles. In addition it features...between people (based on Primary, Secondary and I Ching Cycles), the good/bad day search and sophisticated best...
biorythmbiorhythm calculatorzodiachoroscopebiorhythmsrelationshipsbiorhythm chart
...Count Down to Tax Day. How much time until April 15? Now you can count down to Tax Day! You can play our "cha-ching"! Your anticipation will build as...
countdown tax dayaccountingcountdown clockscreen saver
How Many Chinese Characters Do You Know

Freeware by BestChineseBooks
37 x 0Kb downloads

...interest on free Chinese books such as I Ching Confucianism Taoism Buddhism Hundred Schools History Poetry Literature...
online shoppingchinese characters
Guiding Hand

Shareware by Silhouette
15 x 3021Kb downloads

...In search of a little guidance? Sometimes we need a little insight into what this life is about. Over the centuries people have used forms of Oracles when they need...
tarotsoftwareguiding handichingoracleyesno
Dynamic Biorhythms

Shareware by Greenline-Soft Labs
28 x 2263Kb downloads

...is also supported now. You may skip the searching for the information from different sources about your...
biorhythmshoroscopemoonpresentsignsphasecyclescompatibilitypredictzodiachexagramicqi-chingastrologynavigationgraphicsfuturechinese zodiaclunar
Free Vista Files award
...T-Minus New Home Completed Countdown Clock. Now you can count down to New Home Completed! You can play our "cha-ching"! Your anticipation will build as you count down...
familyscreen savercountdown new home completedcountdown clock
YijingDao Oracle Database

Freeware by YijingDao
19 x 836Kb downloads

...YijingDao Oracle Database can save, and analyze the answers from the Book of Changes, showing which hexagrams and trigrams are more frequent. The Yijing answer can be filtered to show...
yijingdao oracle databaseching
Natural Biorhythms

Shareware by White Stranger Group
45 x 1637Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Natural Biorhythms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts. This program is based on the western scientific theory of biorhythms, and contains additional features based...
biorhythm chartsprintable monthly calendarbiorhythm softwarei-chinglife cyclebiorhythms calculator
Biorhythms Calculator 2015 Amateur

Freeware by BinaryMark
68 x 10358Kb downloads

...Get complete picture of your biorhythms by seeing a total of 15 built-in rhythms: Primary, I-Ching, Secondary, and Intuitive Patterns, as well as user-defined rhythms, by visualizing...
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