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Free Vista Files award
...Atomic Clock Sync can help you optimize how often Windows...references an atomic clock server, such as the atomic clock servers operated...computer up-to-date with the exact time now. Atomic Clock Sync can even help repair the Windows Time...asked! So why do we do give Atomic Clock Sync away as freeware? Simply to encourage you...the world. This tool helps keep your local clock accurate and we have the accurate clocks for...
clockclock synchronizeratomic timeatomic clockwatch
Cuckoo Clock 3D Photo Screensaver

Shareware by Photo Screensavers
56 x 19369Kb downloads

...Cuckoo Clock 3D is a wonderfully crafted deep forest fantasy,...a scene from a fairytale right on your Windows desktop. When you give your PC some rest,...the desktop picture changes into a magic fairy world. A deep forest...original design from the first sight, graphically Cuckoo Clock 3D is incredible. Cuckoo Clock 3D pleases the...of a fairytale, and no doubt that Cuckoo Clock 3D will be the favorite entertainment for the...
deep forestcuckoo clock screensaverforest fantasycuckoo screensavercuckoo photo screensaverold treecuckoo clock photo
Taskbar Hide

Freeware by Eusing Software
39 x 872Kb downloads

...you can fully control the taskbar.As a hide windows tool,it could hide windows program (hide applications,hide program)...of an icon on your taskbar.You also can change the icon and title of any window or...close windows program anytime .For example,you hide some selected programs...you will be able to return all hidden windows back to the desktop and continue your work.And...you also can close those hidden windows through another hotkey.
maximize windowshide windowshide windows taskbarhide applicationshide programmax second windowhide iconshide windows toolminimize trayboss keygame hidehide taskstay top window
Free Vista Files award
...Tray Skins is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. See the time, seconds, day, date,...skins are included in the distribution. Support Longhorn clock style. It`s also an atomic-time synchronizer and Calendar....
system tray clockdate system trayclock traychange windows clockreplacement windows clocktray clock replacementseconds windows clock

Shareware by Skin-clock.com
30 x 2110Kb downloads

...Having bored of ordinary desktop and standard Windows look? Want to add some uniqueness and glance...to your computer? Windows improvements always help to make your PC individual...adding new advanced features to ordinary programs, like Windows tray clock. Alcyonesoft introduces SkinClock – advanced replacement...for standard Windows clock having eye catching skinned interface and providing you...with additional features.
atomic clockatomic serverdesktoptrayclocksynchromize timetaskbar clocksynctimeatomic time programatomic time softwaresntp
...Ancient Egyptians used the shadow clock (gnomon) to determine correct time. The Greeks used...the water clock, or clepsydra. The first mechanical clock appeared in the fourteenth century. Then, in 1929...atomic clock. And thanks to the Internet and AlfaClock from www.alfasoftweb.com, you can have the atomic clock...right on your desktop. At first glance, AlfaClock is a regular taskbar clock (sometimes called "tray...

Shareware by Stardock Systems
120 x 25330Kb downloads

...is a revolutionary program that lets you completely change the Windows desktop into anything you want it...movies and TV. Enhance your desktop by giving Windows the ability to have real objects on the...
desktopsdevelopment toolsobjectswidgetswindowblindsgadgetsstardock

Demo by AS Computer Software
16 x 82Kb downloads

...desktop including hiding desktop icons, START button, system clock and task bar if you need that. Shutting,...or have debugger started, or debugging version of windows is installed, now you can detect it. If...
transparent windowdesktop controlget ide hdd modelserial communicationrevisionresolution changesafe modeserial numberdll

Shareware by ACAPsoft
93 x 51Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Keep the clock of your PC, or even your whole LAN,...day period and/or can be run as a Windows Service so it runs automatically and transparently in...obscure time zone or if you like your clock to be fast or slow. iTimeSync is written...
logtime zonenistserversinnerassemblyinternetclocksynchronization
PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista

Demo by Bytefusion Ltd.
28 x 4187Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...PresenTense Time Client is a time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista. It synchronizes your PC system clock to...Run as required by NINA. Keeps your computer clock accurate within microseconds. PresenTense Time Client will impress...can be centrally configured via DHCP. Set or change the configuration options in your DHCP server and...your server. Automatic detection of services which need Windows Time to be running and if any exist,...for money.
time synchronizationwindows time clientaccurate network timesynchronize timedhcp
IdleScreen Organizer

Shareware by Uptimesoft
59 x 597Kb downloads

...you collect and categorize multiple wallpaper and screensavers, change them with one click or use automatic modes,...show images at full screen as slide show, change Windows logon background, capture screenshots, use desktop calendar,...
slide showscreensaverpictureorganizerdesktop managerlogon wallpaper
...Tray`. The system tray is located near the clock in the right hand corner of your screen....show your favorite Right Click URL address. To change your Right Click Favorite, simply edit the URL...for long names. JustUrls can also launch any Windows program. Just enter the exe name in the...
favoritesurljusturlsbrowser addtray launcherbrowser helper

Shareware by NeoN Labs
23 x 1037Kb downloads

...* The program can be launched automatically upon Windows startup and minimized to the system tray (are...near the system clock). * Configurable user interface. Change the font name, the text and hint colors....
Paragon Partition Manager Personal (32-bit)

Demo by Paragon Software Group
21 x 33152Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...hide or unhide partition, set partition active/inactive, set, change or remove drive letter, change hard disk partition...run complete surface test! Enjoy full-fledged support for Windows 7, the 64bit versions of Windows XP, Vista...7, the new GPT-formatted hard disks (used in Windows 7, Vista, Mac® OS X and Linux) and...its equivalent, with 300 MHz or higher processor clock speed; RAM: 256 MB required; Disk space: 350...
Comparator Fast

Shareware by D.S.M./Interdesigner
32 x 6417Kb downloads

...media, any drive/disk or device managed as valid windows pathnames). You just have to specify both paths,...guides you step by step, with complete help. Change Files attributes and date/times (Modified, Created, Last Accessed)...with the Touch Files tool. Keep your Computer`s clock on time (exact time!) with Internet Time tool...Touch Files tool Internet Time tool - Easy change of files attributes and Date/Times - Detect Missing...
duplicate filefoldermatchfile comparebackup toolscompare filessynchronize filessynchronize folderscompare folderssynchronize computers

Shareware by Highspheres.com
25 x 5679Kb downloads

...WakeMeUp! is an advanced alarm clock software for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/2003srv OS installed....For now, all PC alarm clocks rely either on Windows Task Scheduler or their...without being started, because WakeMeUp! has a special Windows system service that is responsible for alarms management,...user logged on. Such situation is possible after windows restart caused by power failure. It is a...loudspeakers are turned off.
alarm clockm3ususpendresumewmabioswakeuprtcfade-outoggcolumemp3timer
Shutdown Manager and Tools

Shareware by D.S.M./Interdesigner
23 x 2700Kb downloads

...- Fast File Finder tool - Wait for windows to close/title change: allows you to setup Shutdown...IE Cookies, Office XP Most Recent Used Files, Windows Tmp Files, Scandisk files, Typed URL`s history, IE...Remote Screen shots, Screen shots taken just before Windows close, Tasks Log. - Shows estimated completion Date...options. - Copy IP`s to clipboard. - Disable Windows Start Menu. - Disable Windows Task Bar. -...
shutdownutilitiestoolsclosing windowsautomateshutdown managerbefore shutdownforceremoteremote shutdownadd-onsclose windowsnetwork
Click Clock

Shareware by Michael Robinson
37 x 6635Kb downloads

...Click Clock is a clock, calendar, weather, and astronomy program....angle up from the horizon. There is a clock and calendar for one month, and a calendar...year. By double-clicking on the program you can change its size and appearance, hence the name ClickClock....The clock can automatically synchronize the computer clock with any atomic clock time server on the...on the US Naval Observatory web site.
Clock Startson

Shareware by Startson
36 x 952Kb downloads

...take any desktop space). It may be analog clock or digital one. So to say - Skins...formats, open applications, and hibernate your PC. The clock is suitable for style XP, but it may...operate in classic style. There are six clocks in distribution kit content. Change your Windows Clock....
Trouts Talking Internet Clock

Shareware by Chemware Ltd
20 x 947Kb downloads

...up & personalize your desktop with an Analog Clock face using any picture you like * Add...an analog clock to your system tray * Remember Birthdays, Anniversaries,...the right time - Synchronize with Internet Atomic Clocks and Time Servers or set it offline. Automatically...- up to extra individual 10 Time Zone Clocks * Clocks can be any Shape, Size, Color,...
internetntpappointmentorganizeatomic clockscheduletime managementtime zonesdaylight savingtime serverremindersynchronizealarmutilityanalogchimeworld clockdesktopclockshourly