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Calculate My Loan

Freeware by Calculate Loanware
24 x 550Kb downloads

...Calculate loan payment and rates easily with Calculate My Loan. This free powerful financial calculator shows...
calculate loanfree loan calculatorcalculate loan payments

Freeware by LanTricks.com
40 x 762Kb downloads

...LanCalculator - to calculate subnet addresses and masks LanCalculator makes possible not...only to easily calculate the subnet addresses range and subnet masks but...network equipment. One key press is enough to calculate all parameters after net address and mask were...in binary, decimal and hexadecimal scale. LanCalculator to calculate masks and addresses is as easy as pie...

Shareware by SVeTools
24 x 2543Kb downloads

...but powerful expression calculator. It allows you to calculate the whole expression, not just one operation at...you to personalize your Numculator. Main features * Calculate expressions which contains math operations and functions (example:...10+2*6-3*Sqrt(4)+Sin(PI)) * Calculate percents (example: (100+5%) + 10%200) * Calculate and...Get results of statistic functions (example: Min(3;4;5)+Max(6;7;8;9)) * Calculate dates and times...
expressionuser-friendlynum lockskinsnumlockcalculatepowerfulcalculatorcooleasy
ABC Calc

Shareware by hkeytools
23 x 391Kb downloads

...as examples of expressions for calculation. Now we calculate examples easily, and extremely fast. In any text...the result . Do you agree that to calculate values is very easy and convenient!!!...
count forsimple calculate abcaccountcalculate expressionabc calc
Wopla - Woman`s Planner

Shareware by BitAttack
37 x 2324Kb downloads

...family life planner application, which help you to: Calculate the day of next menstruation(s) Calculate the safe...days when you may have unprotected intercourse Calculate the fertile days (if you intend to get...pregnant) Calculate the most probable days to conceive a girl...
menstrual cyclesexualitysexual planningwomanfertilepregnantpregnancyfamily planningmenstruationfertility calendarcontraceptionwomenmenstrual calendarovulation

60 x 1101Kb downloads

...Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number. Great little...
PPCalc - PayPal Fee Calculator

Shareware by PPCalc.com
23 x 723Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...sellers which allows them to quickly and easily calculate their PayPal fees before accepting money online. It...want to open up their web browser to calculate their PayPal fees. It includes support for all...that PayPal supports. You can even choose to calculate in the 2.5% currency conversion fee that is...transactions. You can also use it to "reverse" calculate your PayPal fees to determine the exact amount...
feessellingbillpointebayauctioncostscalculatesellerpaypalpay palcalculator
Body Mass Index(BMI) Calculator

Freeware by beautiful-women-store
33 x 1269Kb downloads

...Use this tool to calculate body mass index. Use this tool to calculate...body mass index. Use this tool to calculate body mass index. Use this tool to calculate...body mass index. Use this tool to calculate body mass index. Use this tool to calculate...body mass index. Use this tool to calculate body mass index. Use this tool to calculate...body mass index. Use this tool to calculate body mass index.
body mass indexbmiweight loss
PowerPVC Small Business

Shareware by Bistriy
26 x 4425Kb downloads

...design for manufacture and process orders. PowerPVC will calculate the most efficient material usage and manufacturing process....Create the window and door construction plans - Calculate the cost of materials and labor - Calculate...the manufacturing cost - Calculate the total cost - Prepare the quotation for...
...Calculator is a Windows software program designed to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, the amount of calories...know your BMR as it allows you to calculate your recommended calorie intake. BMR Calculator is very...if your Mac has a Windows emulator. To calculate your BMR, you enter only three numbers (your...level from a drop-down menu and click the Calculate button. Straight away the program displays your BMR....You have to calculate your BMR regularly.
PowerPVC 2010

Shareware by Bistriy
22 x 3350Kb downloads

...design for manufacture and process orders. PowerPVC will calculate the most efficient material usage and manufacturing process....Create the window and door construction plans; - Calculate the cost of materials and labor ; -...Calculate the manufacturing cost; - Calculate the total cost; - Prepare the quotation for...
Breaktru Percent

Freeware by Breaktru Software
103 x 5142Kb downloads

...Percent lets you quickly calculate percentages such as tips, added taxes and price...find a percentage from an amount entered. • Calculate the percentage of any number out of any...number. • Calculate any amount plus any percentage (such as a...- it will work in any country! • Calculate prices after discount • Easily find a percentage...
percentage calculatormathtip calculatorteachfind percentlearneducationteacherfree softwarediscount calculatorcalculateeducate
24 points card Game(Stand-alone)

Freeware by 365freesoft.com
22 x 610Kb downloads

...x / and the 4 digital numbers to calculate the result 24. How to play: (1).Click "Start...of poker shows, Just use + - x/to calculate the result 24.you can use ()).JQKA counted as...then click the "Calculate" button. (3).Then system will calculate the results, telling the user is right or...
points card gamestand-alonefree gamesstand-alone gamemini games download24-point gameclassic gamesfree mini gamesdesktop games
Sales Commission Calculator

Freeware by AllRound Invoice
20 x 1127Kb downloads

...this tiny app you will be able to calculate you sales commission quick and easily. By entering...commission rate, and sales amount you can calculate your commission either based on sales amount, or...
small business toolsales commission calculationcalculate commissioncommission softwaresmall business software
...-- VFWH Monitor has the ability to calculate and graph all the network traffic between local...other machines. -- Main features of VFWH Monitor: Calculate statistics for bound Interfaces. Calculate statistics for chosen...Connections. Calculate using time for Interfaces and Connections. Graph real-time...
Grant Loan Calculator

Freeware by Free Grants
16 x 42Kb downloads

...Grant Loan Calculator allows you to calculate monthly payments of interest loans. It`s a great...a loan. You can use the program to calculate any type of interest loan....
Age Calculator .Net

Freeware by Ricardo Villalba
10 x 4334Kb downloads

...weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It can calculate the time between two dates. Multiple profiles are...supported so you can also calculate the age of your children, relatives, friends... Everything...
age calculator

Freeware by Island Limited
55 x 800Kb downloads

...Cantennator calculates dimentions for a can WiFi antenna. You enter...the can diameter, and it will calculate where to drill the hole for the connector...
Free MD5 SHA1 Verifier

Freeware by Keylack Software
16 x 1638Kb downloads

...SHA1 Verifier is a freeware tool designed to calculate and verify checksums (hash) of downloaded files. Supports...The program has a convenient user interface. Instantly calculate checksum (hash) for any file. Verify file checksum....
...comprehensive personal financial statement software application used to calculate net worth with ease by utilizing a financial...other liabilities), annual expenditures, and annual income to calculate your net worth. Version 4.6 includes the functionality...statements. This software package will allow you to calculate your net worth easily and provide you with...
financial statementnet worth calculatorpersonal financial statementcalculate net worth