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Shareware by NetBull
2 x 1244Kb downloads

...NetBull is the best and most undetectable keylogger you can find on the Internet. By using the latest in computer monitoring techniques, NetBull keylogger tracks all activities that occur on...
parental controlspy softwarenetbull keyloggerkeystroke loggercomputer surveillancecomputer monitoring software
Nevron Diagram for .NET

Shareware by Nevron Software LLC
3 x 232053Kb downloads

...The Nevron Diagram for .NET is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create interactive and feature rich diagram and map solutions in WinForms and...
esri importorganization chartorg chartblock diagrammap diagramsflow diagramflowchartnet drawingnet diagramdiagram controlsystem diagramdiagram mapsnet diagramsmap import
Nevron Vision for .NET

Shareware by Nevron Software LLC
6 x 225192Kb downloads

...Nevron .NET Vision is the ultimate suite for creating state-of-art powerful data presentation and map applications with spectacular visualization capabilities. Flexible and extensible, it delivers Charting and Diagramming...
map diagramsflowchartnet chartorg chartnet drawingdiagram controlnet diagrammap importflow diagramesri importchartingorganization chartsystem diagramblock diagramnet diagramsdiagram mapsbar graph
Quick Brick Game

Freeware by 3dfishgame
10 x 4248Kb downloads

...Block Buster Game also called table tennis Games. Because the play is like with a bat to catch the ball, the ball bounces back, to hit the box. The playing...
gamequick brick

Shareware by SpamBully
16 x 132Kb downloads

...spam free. Easy to use toolbar. Allow or block email addresses, IP`s, words/phrases you choose. Block spam...
outlook 2010outlook 2013spambayesianemailantispamoutlook express spam filterbayesian spam filterlive mailoutlook spam filterspam filteringanti spamoutlook spam blocker
Let Me Out

Freeware by 3dfishgame
3 x 4218Kb downloads

...The goal is to move the Dark Violet block out in as less step as possible. You...need to move other blocks and make room for the big guy. If...
gamelet out
USB Log & Lock

Shareware by AGG Software
16 x 8232Kb downloads

...USB Log & Lock allows you to control operations with USB devices on computers connected to the local area network of an organization or enterprise. With USB Log & Lock, you can...
usb auditusb monitorusb blockusb loggerusb loggingusb control
Excel Add or Remove Leading or Trailing Zeros Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
14 x 8388Kb downloads

...The changes can be applied to a specific block of cells, the active sheet or the entire...
removing zeros from excelappending zeros excel cellsadding excel cellsadding zeros numbers exceladding zeros excel cells
Split XML Into Multiple Files Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
13 x 2833Kb downloads

...by and the software will automatically put each block of data in a separate file. With this...
separatetinysplitting xml filessplit taglargedivide tagbased patternfragmentpieceshugebiginto smallxsltindividualcut xml filesxml splitterinto multiple filespartssmaller
Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remove Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
18 x 10778Kb downloads

...get this software to work, you select a block of cells and eliminate redundant data. The results...
delete duplicate cells exceldelete duplicates from excelduplicate excel cell remover
MS Word Add or Remove Data, Text & Characters Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
28 x 10620Kb downloads

...This software offers a solution to users who want to change content of one or more MS Word files. Options allow you: to remove spaces and blank lines; to add...
wordsexcludemultipledocsdocumentsstanzaphrasecuteliminatedelwordingblockbatchextractsentencecontentedittrimtextdropomitpassdestroymain bodyparagraphslinesclean
Excel Sort & Filter List Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
21 x 5885Kb downloads

...to alphanumerically arrange rows. Choose to sort one block of cells, one active sheet, or the entire...
Excel Significant Digits (Figures) Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
10 x 6027Kb downloads

...entire workbook, just the active sheet, or a block of cells you manually select. This software can...
decimal pointdecimal placesformatterchangingsig figapplytextdigitsroundersigfigs excelxlsxexcel addinrounding
Excel Export To Multiple XML Files Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
14 x 7368Kb downloads

...an XML file from the content of a block of MS Excel cells. There are features in...
Excel Compare Data In Two Tables Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
21 x 4347Kb downloads

...solution to users who want to compare two blocks of MS Excel cells and find matches/differences. This...can be used to find matches between two blocks of cells. There is also a bonus feature...that allows the user to subtract one block of matching cells from another and create a...
different valuesbetween twocompare for differencescompare two rows excelcompare excel cellscompare data excelcompare two columnscompare excel tables
Excel Change Case To Proper, Upper, Lower & Sentence Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
25 x 3425Kb downloads

...who want to change the case of a block of selected cells in MS Excel. This software...
all capsquickly change case excelall lowercaseexcel uppercase converterexcel case change addinchange cells sentence casebatch change case
Excel Advanced Sort By Characters, Position, Length, Color, Dates Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
15 x 19643Kb downloads

...solution to users who want to sort a block of selected cells in MS Excel using different...
left rightexcel advanced sortersort data excelexcel row sorterexcel column sorterfilteringand downsorting excel cellssort alphabetical order excel
Excel Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide or Round All Cells Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
20 x 5181Kb downloads

...who want to apply math operations to a block of selected cells in MS Excel. For example,...
divmultiple excel rangemultiply multiple cells onceall togetherxls summingsubtrdivide many cells batchall oncemath operations batchadd excel cells
Excel Absolute Relative Reference Change Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
20 x 2161Kb downloads

...get this software to work, simple select a block of cells, entire sheets or entire files and...
referencingformulacopyingcellchangingaddressesmove copyaddressingpaste
Excel Unit Conversion Software

Shareware by Sobolsoft
11 x 6271Kb downloads

...and temperature and options to process a selected block of cells, an entire workbook or the active...