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Freeware by Stardock Systems
161 x 2424Kb downloads

...makes it a snap to create your own icons for Windows. Most icon editors come with their...own graphics editor. IconDeveloper doesn`t. Instead, it assumes that most people who...want to create icons are either going to create them using an...icons. So instead of putting effort into a bitmap editor, IconDeveloper focuses itself on making it really,...
customizationiconswindowblindsiconpackagerstardockicon toolsdesktop

Freeware by Devious Codeworks
112 x 1499Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the following image formats (24-bit): Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (BMP), Independent JPEG Group (JPG), Portable Network Graphics...(PNG) and Windows Icon (ICO). Options are available to transform images and...alpha transparency of icons. The interface window of Imagicon can be personalized with custom designs. The user...can select to save icons with the following dimensions in pixels: 16 x...48, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128.

Freeware by PopDrops.com
75 x 393Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...image converter that was designed to make creating icons easier by converting 32x32 bitmap images into .ICO...
bmp icoicon conversionbitmap iconicon converterconvert iconvmp ico converter freepop-a-bmp-to-icovmp ico software
Aidsoid Viewer

Freeware by Aidsoid
74 x 1287Kb downloads

...many supported file types: · BMP - Windows Bitmap · JPG/JPEG/JPE - JPG files · GIF Compuserve...- Enhanced Windows Metafile · ICO - Windows Icon · PSD - Photoshop Document · PNG -...PGM - Portable Greymap · PBM - Portable Bitmap and many more......

Freeware by Pawsoft
35 x 1253Kb downloads

...Advanced image viewing, browsing and management. Features include a fully resizable interface for both main dialog and file browser, new thumbnail browing mode, favorites folders system complete with favorites manager,...
Icon Collector

Freeware by Michael Brick
57 x 464Kb downloads

...Collector searches files and directories for icons. Found icons are listed and can be copied, extracted and...saved as icon or bitmap files. In addition, the Collector makes it easy...to create icon libraries via drag & drop and to work...
collect iconsextract iconsfilesicon managericon library

Demo by KudrSoft
29 x 1120Kb downloads

...imgcnvrt.dll - Image Converter DLL (COM/OLE) - an Automation DLL Library INPUT FORMATS: Bitmaps: BMP,DIB,RLE CompuServe GIF: GIF JPEGs: JPG,JPEG,JPE,JFIF,JIF JPEG2000: JP2,J2C,J2K,...
...A innovative and unique feature is the Tray Icon mode where the main window is hidden and...Version of the Software saves in Full Color Bitmap Images (BMP) to your disk. If you Register,...
ZVolume Home 2006

Freeware by Roman Medvedev
58 x 763Kb downloads

...click on the ZVolume Home 2006 system tray icon and just as easily configure many aspects of...tee. Other nice features include support for Winamp bitmap skins (several skins are included), a choice of...
PE Explorer

Shareware by Heaventools Software
35 x 3724Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...PE Explorer is the most feature-packed tool for inspecting the inner workings of PE files (EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and several other Windows executable formats). It offers a thorough...
Icon to Any

Shareware by Aha-Soft
32 x 5027Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...to replace a transparent color of an icon. Icon to Any will do the rest in a...the intuitively transparent interface, you can start using Icon to Any right out of the box without...
Image Operation

Shareware by Dardog
32 x 1126Kb downloads

...*.jpg, *.jpeg), Kodak Photo CD Files (*.pcd), Microsoft Bitmap Files (*.bmp), Microsoft DirectDraw Surface (*.dds), Microsoft Icon...image writing: Jpeg Files (*.jpe, *.jpg, *.jpeg), Microsoft Bitmap Files (*.bmp), Microsoft DirectDraw Surface (*.dds), PhotoShop Files...
Icon Processor

Shareware by Icon Empire
39 x 6175Kb downloads

...valuable addition to their design software kit. Such icons can be used to add a more personal...professional look to your own software product. With Icon Processor, you can convert images that come in...all this is the additional ability to extract icon files from folders and libraries. The program has...the output settings for your icon. These include icon size, color depth, destination folder and transparency effect....
Any to Icon

Shareware by Aha-Soft
28 x 5874Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...to create your own icons, then Any to Icon Pro may be the way to go. This...a handy conversion wizard to produce multi-resolution Windows icons from images and Mac OS icons. Images may...XPM, XBM, ANI, and CUR. In addition to icon creation, Any to Icon Pro gives you an...extra ability to extract icons from folders and libraries to save them as...individual icons in folders of your choice.
Frontbase Image To Icon

Shareware by Oy Frontbase Ltd
89 x 1596Kb downloads

...favorite painting program, and then convert them into icon files with this program. You can also convert...a color depth of 32 BPP (Windows XP icon format), you can set an alpha value for...
tgagificon editorpngjpegiconspcxconvertbmpbitmapicon creatoricon maker

Shareware by BPSoftware.com
37 x 5184Kb downloads

...there are probably thousands of icons, cursors and bitmap resource images located on your computer? AIconExtract is...to extract the images for your own use. AIconExtract is a 32-bit utility that was designed to...allow you to easily extract icon, cursor and bitmap resource images from the files on your computer....developers often include dozens of icon, cursor and bitmap resource images within computer programs.

Shareware by Shell Labs
52 x 1142Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Does your desktop look plain and boring? Get Icon Changer! Icon Changer is a software application that...makes changing icons fun and easy. It`s a hassle-free way to...open up any computer manuals. Simply click the icon you want to change, point at the one...you like and that`s all. Change icons to make navigation easier, to group similar applications...created with these (and other) applications "inherit" the icon from the program from which they...
change iconassign iconicon tooliconscustomize iconcustom iconicon searchicon explorercursorsicon browser
Paint Express

Shareware by SlavaSoft Inc.
39 x 1760Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...transform digital images from one type to another: bitmaps to icons, icons to cursors, PNG files to...Use this image creator for creating an 8-bit bitmap from a 32-bit bitmap, a 32-bit icon from...
Pro Motion

Shareware by cosmigo
31 x 5786Kb downloads

...Pro Motion is a bitmap editor and animation package, ideal for creating pixel...precise animations, images or icons used in games or Flash applications especially for...
Free Vista Files award
...free. With the help of background images and bitmap buttons, the menu designer has full control over...
cdmenu editorrom laufwerktrailerdrive iconavi video playerautoplaymultimediaprogram startcdmenuproprogram icondokument startstart menulauncherautostartautoruninfmenu designersound player