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Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker

Shareware by AMAC Ltd.
17 x 523Kb downloads

...Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool...and save your time. it`s an inexpensive automatic mouse clicking utility. it`s used to automate screen mouse...
advanced mouse auto clicker

Freeware by Chris Mallett
123 x 1589Kb downloads

...utility for Windows. With it, you can: * Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks....You can write a mouse or keyboard macro by hand or use the...Alleviate RSI with substitutes for Alt-Tab (using keys, mouse wheel, or buttons). * Customize the tray icon...tasks only when the user is away. * Automate game actions by detecting images and pixel colors....

Shareware by MJMSoft Design Ltd.
79 x 2739Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...windows, visit Internet sites and more - or automate mouse clicks which hit the right spot even if a...
HiBase Task Scheduler

Shareware by HiBase Group
23 x 706Kb downloads

...The original purpose of the computer was to automate routine tasks. If you need to do nightly...Windows provides only a very limited ability to automate tasks. HiBase Task Scheduler comes to the rescue....support too. HiBase Task Scheduler is able to automate simple tasks as well as complex multi-step operations....most of the tasks with only a few mouse clicks, sometimes you may need to define complex...
process automationsoftware automationtask planningtask automationutilityhibase task schedulerprogramadvanced task scheduler
...software projects within your development process to several mouse clicks. 2) Save your time on rebuilding already...Tune multiple project`s settings in single dialog to automate common steps of large projects building. 7) Pre-...
ClickyMouse, Standard Edition

Shareware by Pitrinec Software
23 x 4564Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...to allow you to assign macros to different mouse actions and perform repetitive tasks quickly. Thanks to...powerful build-in macro language (contains 150+ commands) the ClickyMouse allows a user to perform variety tasks including:...upload & download, windows operation, sending keystrokes and mouse clicks and more. Key Features - Easy to...
keyboard macrokeyboard macrosmacro recordermouse macroschedule tasksmacro softwarewindows schedulerschedule macroswindows macrosautomate windowsmacro schedulerwindows automation
AI Robot

Shareware by NewDigitalsoft, Inc.
37 x 2547Kb downloads

...AI Robot is amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly and simply. We all control...our computer using mouse and keyboard. All our input comes from mouse...movement, mouse clicks and keyboard key presses. AI Robot helps you...automate mouse movement, mouse click and keyboard key presses. So you just...and repetitively.
automateautomationauto mouse clickrobot
...program is designed to minimize the number of mouse clicks and key strokes needed to complete a...means that users can add their own commands, automate repetitive tasks, prompt for application-specific data, even add...
ecaddiagramnetlistfpgaschematicpcbelectronicsdesignworks professional

Commercial by VSoft Technologies
26 x 17027Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...projects to save you time. Built-in actions can automate mouse clicks, keystrokes, FTP, burning DVDs/CD, file operations,...
Auto Mouse Click

Shareware by MurGee Dot Com
27 x 624Kb downloads

...Automate Single or Double Left or Right Mouse Clicks easily and quickly with Auto Mouse Click Software...Utility. Save Mouse Clicks in a data file and load the clicks...whenever you wish to run them. Edit easily mouse clicks saved in a easy to follow user...innterface. Download Auto Mouse Click Software application and automate mouse clicks. Automate repetitive mouse clicks and let...
auto mouse clickautomate mouse clicksauto clickerautomatic mouse click
...macro recording software. It can records keystrokes and mouse clicks, so you can replay these actions later....productivity. Main benefits of Perfect Macro Recorder: - Automate the use of an application that you are...Saving your time. - Perform complex operations. - Automate repetitive tasks. - Automate testing of your apps...of Perfect Macro Recorder: - Records keyboard and mouse actions for later playback.
executable macroperfect macro recorderexe macrosauto mouse clickerkeyboard macrotasks automationfree macro recorders
Auto Clicker

Shareware by MurGee Dot Com
54 x 623Kb downloads

...Mouse Clicker to Click Mouse Automatically at Mouse Location. Start and Stop Mouse Clicking with a...configurable Keyboard Shortcut. Download Mouse Clicker to keep your mouse clicking untill you...stop it or for configurable mouse clicks.Automating Left Mouse Clicks with simple Shortcut was never so easy...to start the Auto Clicker. Download and try Mouse Clicker Software free of cost. All upgrades comes...
automate mouseauto clickerclick mouseauto mouse clicker

Shareware by Asoftech
18 x 2756Kb downloads

...programing needed. AutoMe helps you save thousands of mouse clicks and keystrokes, reduce your repetitive tasks to...a single mouse click or a keystroke! We always need to...
macro recorderwindows macromouse macroauto mouse clickmacro softwarekeyboard macroautomateautomation
...an incredibly powerful macro recorder and playback utility. Automate all of your common tasks by simply turning...few hours of increased productivity. Use it to automate boring, repetitive computer tasks. Perform tasks quicker, more...more. The program contains hundreds of commands to automate practically any function on the computer. These include...keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks, launch programs, send email, move...
macrokeyboard macrokeyboard utilitywindows schedulingwindows automationmacrosutilitiesbatchwindows macrowindows schedulewindows macrosmacro makerkeyboard macrosautomatemacro utlility
Aldo`s Macro Recorder

Shareware by Aldo Vargas
53 x 466Kb downloads

...powerful tool that lets you record keystrokes and mouse clicks easily. It will increase your productivity and...
Clarion viewer

Shareware by Scalabium Software
32 x 590Kb downloads

...file format without any programming in a few mouse clicks. Additionally you may generate SQL-script with data...are available via command-line arguments so you could automate any your tasks. Multilingual support allows to translate...
dat explorerdatabase managerreading clarion fileexport datexport clarionimport clarionclarion viewerclaviewclarion data viewerview datclarion data fileclarion editordat viewdat viewer
Free Vista Files award
...with one keystroke instead of up to 5 mouse clicks? Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown may be the...actions instantly via the keyboard. You can even automate cleaning up your PC during shutdown! Further more,...
automatic shutdown computerpower off computerrebootlog offauto shutdown timersuspendhibernatelock workstation
...a person were typing keystrokes and clicking the mouse to the active window. Any task you can...with Hotkeys, no programming required. Record all your mouse clicks and keystrokes with the Event Recorder and...edited in the Macro Editor. Program Hotkeys to automate repetitive tasks and take full control of the...
recorderautomationclipboardinterpreterhotkeysvoicescodeeditortext speechkeyboardmouseclicksreaderttsprogramreadclipmacroskeystrokes
Mofiki`s AutoClicker Premium

Freeware by Mofiki Software
200 x 195Kb downloads

...Mofiki`s Free Autoclicker can automate mouse clicks anywhere on your viewable screen. There are many...to single click, double click, click where your mouse is, or even detect a location on the...be clicked allowing you to still use your mouse while another location is clicked. Along with the...location finder and type of clicks there is the ability to tell how long...
mofikisfree mouse clickerauto clickerfree autoclickerautomatic clicker

Shareware by Leidenware
13 x 1214Kb downloads

...AutoNetShare automates the process mounting and setting the security of...you find out that it took only 3 mouse clicks to mount or dismount network shares manually...
removable drive autosharemount dismount automationnetwork share automateautomation network share