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...windows opened. This is one program packed with advanced Privacy Protection Technologies (Prevent your home page from...Pop up Blocker Pro is a state-of-the-art Internet privacy software that allows for private Web browsing. With...
popup defenderevidence eliminatorpop-up stoperpop blockerinternet eraserpopup blockerstop popuppop-up blockerprivacy softwareerase historypop killerpopup stopper
Mutilate File Wiper

Shareware by Craig Christensen
56 x 1775Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Your sensitive files may also be vulnerable to advanced recovery techniques, EVEN WHEN OVERWRITTEN, by analyzing latent...File Wiper is a file shredder or file eraser that securely deletes sensitive files. Use Mutilate to...
privacyswapfilewasherwipeevidenceshreddersecure deletiondisk eraserremovalpagefilefile wiperforensicdeletedata recoveryundeletetrackscleansecuritypurgeswap file
Advanced Tracks Eraser

Shareware by Benutec Software
39 x 820Kb downloads

...the tracks can not be erased with them. Advanced Tracks Eraser is a complete solution for cleaning...Internet activities and traces of your PC! Advanced Tracks Eraser cleans up your browser`s cache, cookies,...recent document list and much more automatically! With Advanced Tracks Eraser FREE Plug-Ins you can clean the...recent documents, Acrobat Reader, WinZip and much more! Advanced Tracks Eraser will erase you:Internet Explorer Cache;...
antispytracks eraserhistory erasercleanerinternetonline privacyinternet eraserinternet privacyevidence
Powerful Cookies

Shareware by PCookiesSoft
31 x 359Kb downloads

...browser and in hidden files. To protect your privacy and improve your system`s performance, Powerful Cookies can...data, empty files and temp folders. Using its advanced eraser you can make sure that all traces...on your PC. Web browsers only provide partial privacy protection by allowing some temporary Internet files and...
firefoxoperawindowsinternetpowerful cookiesexplorermonitorccleaneroptimizationtrackshistorytechnologyvistaprivacynetscapedisk cleanermsie
Evidence Sniper

Shareware by EvidenceSniper.com
24 x 2840Kb downloads

...Evidence Sniper is an advanced privacy management tool that removes traces of usage data...
internet erasertrackscleanerprivacyhistoryevidence removal
Invisible Browsing

Shareware by Amplusnet
65 x 4643Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Invisible Browsing suits both less experienced users and advanced users, through his manual or automatic mode. The...through overseas servers. All proxies are tested in advanced providing a high speed anonymous Internet connection. Premium...polls. Invisible Browsing is an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Solution erasing automatically and in real time, all...them changed automatically at specified time period.
pop blockinganonymousamplusnetinvisible browsing securehidespoof addressonline privacyinternet track erasershare internet connectionsoftware hide addresspopup killermaskproxypopup blockerpop stopper
...Smart Internet Eraser is one of the most advanced internet history eraser and cookie washer in its...It is an innovative solution for your online privacy issues. It supports various browsers.This program is equipped...recently used data among other things. Smart Internet Eraser helps you clean traces of applications and internet...
cookiecacheevidenceinternet eraserprivacywindowhistory cleanerwasherfreebrowsereliminator
O&O SafeErase 6

Commercial by O&O Software GmbH
27 x 733Kb downloads

...overwritten with zeros to avoid wear effects. The advanced report system and managing of lists for oft-used...
securitysecureprivacyvistabsisafeeraseeraserwindowsinternet securityfile deletionbitgutmann methoddodsecurely delete files
Fast Cleaner

Shareware by Eshinesoft, Corp
22 x 3577Kb downloads

...running of your system. 5. Value-added functions for advanced users to perform manual disk cleanup. 6. Secure...

Shareware by FBM Software
20 x 6464Kb downloads

...‘Clean all’ buttons are available for beginners, while advanced users have plenty of security options to choose...
online protectionhistory eraserdisk cleaneronline privacyfbm softwarezeronethistorysecuritycache cleaner
Prime Privacy Protector

Shareware by Prime Software
22 x 5117Kb downloads

...With one simple click, Prime Privacy Protector can: » Clear your browser history -...Acrobat Reader, AIM toolbar, AOL Instant Messenger » Advanced Search Bar, BS Player, CuteFTP, DivX Player, »...
protect your privacyinternet history erasererase registery trackshard drive cleansystem cleanuperase computer tracksevidence removalerasing internet trackseliminate evidenceprivacy protection software

Demo by WCCL
41 x 2177Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...user history data from ACDSee, Acrobat Reader, the Advanced Search toolbar, the AIM toolbar, AOL Instant Messenger,...
erase porn from computerevidence-blasterinternet washersecurity softwareevidence eliminatordelete historyinternet eraserevidenceeliminatorevidence blasterclear historywindows washerclean computerevidence-eliminatorprivacy softwareclean hard
Super Ad Blocker

Shareware by SuperAdBlocker.com
21 x 6174Kb downloads

...and removes thousands of major spyware/adware applications. Includes advanced privacy cleaning and automatic updates so the product...
popup blockerinternet cleanerfilterpop-up stoppercleaningspyware scannerpopup stopperpop-up blockertrack eraserprivacyantispywarepop-up killerbannerstop popupsremover
Window Cleanser

Shareware by Cyberspace HQ
21 x 1169Kb downloads

...An advanced Internet and PC cleaning tool that enhances PC...
privacytracks eraserdeletesecuritywindows washerwindow cleanerwindow washer
...your activity. Includes manual and scheduled operation, uses advanced data erasing techniques and supports vast majority of...
tracks cleanupanonymityerase cookiessweep historyevidence eliminatorsurfing historybrowser historyantitrackscleanerindexdatprivacyerase history
...includes ActiveX Protection, homepage (and favorites) HiJack Protection. Advanced monitors detect and eliminates hidden programs. Additional monitors...running (/w hidden) processes, host manager files, & privacy tools. Extras include a hex viewer/editor, history eraser,...

Shareware by Fast Eraser
49 x 2441Kb downloads

...Fase-Eraser is an ultimate and advanced privacy management tool. There are many ways to track...
frees spacecleans indexindex cleanererase cachedisable autocomplete urlscleans cookieslocks homepageerase temporary foldercleans recycle binspeedfast eraser
Advanced Privacy Eraser

Shareware by MyPCSecurity
42 x 3124Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Advanced Privacy Eraser is an Internet Eraser that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up...the tracks of your Internet and applications activities. Advanced Privacy Eraser supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer,...AOL, Netscape, Opera, and MSN Explorer. In addition, Advanced Privacy Eraser supports free plug-ins to extend cleaning features, you...Player, Media Player software and many others.
advanced privacy eraser

Shareware by Alan Computers Ltd.
38 x 2440Kb downloads

...of folders or single files with the built-in Eraser module. It permanently overwrites those files (in 1-35...making them completely unrecoverable even for the most advanced recovery software. The erasing methods are based on...
Without A Trace Surf Guard

Shareware by TekEffect
37 x 4027Kb downloads

...Surf Guard is a powerful 3 in 1 privacy tool. First become anonymous with our powerful yet...a built in File and Folder Encrypter uses advanced Cryptographic Technology to completely hide the contents of...
cookiessecuritycleanhistoryspywarestop popcachepop-up