PC James Bond 2012 10.28

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PC James Bond 007 is a secret keylogger, Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) and Yahoo Messenger spying software. It also records web visits, emails read, online searches, shopping records, applications excuted, clipboard content, documents opened, etc. It starts with system startup and runs secretly. Computer users won`t know its existence. All users on the monitored computer will be logged. You can view logs on the monitored computer or receive reports remotely via emails or ftp, like every 60 minutes. It has extremely easy-to-use interface even for computer beginners. PC James Bond 007 is a great tool to protect your kids online, monitor employees, catch a cheating spouse and track your computer.
Type : Shareware ($49.99)
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 19. 2007 / 2992 kBytes
Asked : Intel Pentium III, 512MB RAM
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Update history of PC James Bond 2012
v10.28 (June, 9. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.26 (May, 3. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.25 (April, 10. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.24 (March, 14. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.22 (February, 14. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.21 (January, 15. 2012)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.20 (December, 23. 2011)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.19 (December, 6. 2011)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.18 (October, 15. 2011)
Fixed some bugs.
v10.17 (September, 17. 2011)
Fixed some bugs.
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