datasheet manager v1.1

Preface: I am an electronic engineer and a computer programmer.I usually download a lot of useful ebooks ,electronic datasheets and source codes from internet. But now I found out that if I need some information which I downloaded from internet into my computer, I couldn\`t find it. Ironically, If I don\`t need it, I can find it from my computer, and sometimes even several copies of them. Therefore, I need a powerful software to manage my data. I have spended a lot of time to search this kind software, but I find no such things on Dismayingl. So I decide to do it by myself and I name it Pioneer Files Management Assistant(PFMA).
PFMA is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. This program will help you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find some function to manage your ebooks, data sheets, images, MP3, Videos,daily documents and ext. Manufaction of this software: Before you use this soft, there are something you should know first.
1: Select a hard disk partition with enough free space. Firstly, you shoulde create a specific folder for this software. This software will copy the files and folders into the folder that you created.
2: Initialize this software when you use it at the begaining. You may input your email,user name,and password. The most important, you have to select a folder created for this soft as Archive folder.
3: login in the system.
4: create some appropriate categories. You can delete/modify these pre-created categories.
5: Drag a file or folder into one of the categories.
6: If you haven\`t started to run this software. You can use the "Send To" function to manage the file or folder, just as sending a file/folder to removable memory. If you do need to use this function, you may right click a file/folder, choose the "Send TO" from the menu, and click "PFMA-Pioneer Files Management Assistant V1.1", then its done. This function is very useful.
Once you keep use this software, your desktop will be clear
Type : Freeware
OS Support : Win2000/XP
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 29. 2006 / 780 kBytes
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