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English Medical Expert Net Browser. Full English language support during search. ctBrowser is the accompanying browser for ctSearch (hosted on Google`s AppEngine http://c-t-search.appspot.com) . Search medical cancer expert network.

ctBrowser offers different view modes to present search results. English text (can be a sentence, paragraph, or complete page of text) is translated prior to search into a tag cloud. Search results are then grouped along the derived tags. The browser provides automatic highlighting of search tags based on relatedness of search concepts. This allows the application to analyze Web documents based on actual content and not just variations of keywords. Preview windows for HTML source, text, and search tag highlighting are available. ctBrowser represents a completely new way for viewing and browsing search results.

Supported OS/Platforms: Windows (NT, 2K, XP, Vista, Win7), Apple OSX, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, Solaris.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 20. 2012 / 8875 kBytes
Asked : Java JRE.
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v1.00 (January, 22. 2012)
New release.
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You may distribute complete unregistered evaluation copies of the ctMedBrowser to third-parties, for the sole purpose of evaluation by them, provided such parties shall agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. You may not charge more than a minimal fee, not to exceed $1.00, to cover the costs of media, distribution and handling or download of evaluation copies of the product, nor may you distribute same without clearly informing such third-parties that the software, documentation and related materials have not been registered with MobileTimes and are provided for the limited purpose of evaluation in accordance with the terms of this Agreement to which said third-parties will be bound. Under no circumstances will you use or distribute only a portion of the SOFTWARE; you must provide a full and complete copy of the original software and documentation package.
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