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Chakras Software describes the chakras as energy centers in the spine and how the chakras can be activated. The shareware version introduces the 7 chakras (Root Chakra to Crown Chakra) along with their Sanskrit names. Registration is required to view all large-size Chakras (clear and accurate images), Chakra sound key mantras (written, no audio) and additional text files. Chakras and Yantras, a companion program, are registered together. Unlimited program support plus free future upgrades.
Type : Shareware ($14.95)
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 1. 2007 / 3481 kBytes
Asked : 32MB RAM
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Update history of Chakras
v3.6 (March, 19. 2014)
Changes to program list, registration, order and installation process.
v3.5 (April, 8. 2011)
Changes to pricing and installation process.
v3.4 (June, 9. 2010)
Changes made to exercise text and file size.
v3.3 (August, 18. 2009)
Changes made to ordering info and methods.
v3.2 (January, 11. 2009)
Programming adjustments for Windows Vista.
v3.1 (December, 4. 2007)
New Version
Distribution permissions for Chakras
Distribution is free as is, which means: No changes to software, status or costs are permitted.
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