eMail Clipper Clipboard Utility 2.1.2

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eMail Clipper XP saves commonly used messages, emails, letters, names, addresses and images and lets you easily send them to the clipboard. Don`t you get tired of typing the same email address or letter over and over again? Quickly access text or images and paste the information into the document or email you are currently working on. Lets you save commonly typed information in different kinds of message slots.
 Quickly retrieve text from the message slots and send the information to the clipboard.
 Easily save image slots and then send commonly used pictures to the clipboard.
 Conveniently switch to the notepad mode to access existing messages or letters.
 Use the address book for fast access to your personal contact information.
 Access your information from a docking toolbar or from the tray.
 Customize the program by adding your own names to the category tabs.
 This is a very versatile program with many different uses.
 Separate clipboard logger and clipboard viewer programs are also included.
Type : Shareware ($9.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Jun, 9. 2010 / 3518 kBytes
Asked : Pentium III or better processor
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Update history of eMail Clipper Clipboard Utility
v2.1.2 (May, 21. 2010)
New user pop up helper tips.
Distribution permissions for eMail Clipper Clipboard Utility
You many distribute this program freely as long as the readme1st.txt and the setup_clipperxp.exe file are included.
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