WireNote 3.5.2

Note / Todo / Reminder / LAN Messenger / Address book utility
This program was created to help in organization of daily work with such features as ToDo/Reminders and sticky notes service along with address book and LAN messenger. The kernel of the program is easy-to-use tree-structured data holder. You can store any kind of data in different ways and you will be able to access this structure at any time either from main window or from tray icon menu. You`ll never forget anything! :) All WireNote windows naturally "dock" to each other when they get near, like Winamp windows. WireNote has a lot of options for every aspect and has a powerful messaging subsystem. This program can be used instead of standard Windows messaging service and can be extended in functionality when used with our other products
1) Note is the small sticker window, which stays on your desktop. You can stick note to any application window in the system and note will be visible on your screen only when you work with this application, never annoying you with information you don`t need right now. Every note can have their own color, note can be even semitransparent
2) ToDos were designed to coordinate your activity on your workplace by holding any text data in one place
3) Reminder can start any program you want, play a sound, shutdown a computer, send a net message to other users, show alert. Reminders can be shared among net users
4) WireNote can be used as LAN messenger (instead of messaging service or WinPopup). You will be able to attach files to your messages and send/receive them to/from other users, filter messages
5) Address book holds information about LAN users - their nickname, computer name and additional info. Address book is widely used for messaging. WireNote automatically keeps track on all persons - who is online and who is not
6) Links can be used for fast reaching documents and locations
7) Anti-SPAM module can free your mailbox of junk emails
And absolutely free!!
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 24. 2006 / 929 kBytes
Asked : If your Windows works fine - this is enough
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Update history of WireNote
v3.5.2 (May, 22. 2007)
Smiles in messages,Click-through notes, new icons, bug-fixes
Distribution permissions for WireNote
WireNote is distributed as Freeware.
To put it on CD/DVD please contact pad@wiredplane.com
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