WebSpy Analyzer Standard 4.3

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WebSpy Analyzer Standard allows you to see ALL organizational Internet activity. You can import log files, that your Internet proxy server or firewall generates, into Analyzer Standard and conduct detailed investigations into all areas of your organization`s Internet usage.

Analyzer Standard enables powerful drilldowns into data and clearly identifies who did what, when, for how long, the information accessed or downloaded. Analyzer Standard helps you protect and maximise your Internet investment and enjoy the benefits of a web-enabled environment while; encouraging sensible usage of web resources, reducing costs related to unproductive behaviour and bandwidth usage, mitigating risks related to duty of care, compliance and legal liability, and enhancing workplace morale by not restricting online privileges and limiting the negative issues involved.

You can customize your imported data to display user names (instead of IP addresses or computer names), site names (instead of IP addresses), departments, and file types (instead of file extensions) using Aliases. You can also utilize Analyzer Standard’s customizable Profiles to sort your organization`s Internet browsing into categories, such as Entertainment, Information Technology, and Adult. Analyzer Standard enables task scheduling for overnight or weekend `set and forget` data importing and report generation. Using Analyzer Standard you can generate, detailed, categorised and actionable reports that can be exported to Microsoft Word (DOC), Excel (CSV), or HTML (WSR) format.

Analyzer Standard supports the import and analysis of a comprehensive list of firewall and proxy server applications, can import up to 2GB of log file data and is ideal for smaller size organizations.
Type : Shareware ($295.00) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : May, 24. 2009 / 7935 kBytes
Asked : Microsoft® Windows Vista, Server 2008, XP, 2003 Server SP1 , 2000
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