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Many people, who like to sing, want to share their singing with others. For this purpose they search for web sites, where they can upload their songs and any visitor of the web site can listen to them. To record a song special software has to be used. But the lack of knowledge about the necessary recording software and the absence of accompaniment can hinder the music lovers from reaching their goal.
We designed a special applet, which can be easily integrated into a web site and allows to record singing with musical accompaniment directly onto the web site! Also, you can solve the problem of finding accompaniment by removing the vocals from your favorite song from your CD with the help of our applet. After the record being done, you can easily upload it onto the server, and few seconds later it will be available for the listening pleasure of other site visitors.
The applet allows recording the singing with musical accompaniment in mp3, MIDI and WAV formats. Music files can be opened by the applet from the local computer or from the web server. After opening the music file, the applet creates a music track. Then, while recording, applet playbacks the music track and records the voice track. These two tracks can be played back, amplified and mixed. If the user likes the recorded song, he/she can save it on the web server or the client computer in the mp3 format.
The applet can also read tracks from audio CDs and remove the vocals from the songs, so web site visitors can use the instrumental versions as accompaniment.
Type : Shareware ($799.00) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Mar, 19. 2008 / 1235 kBytes
Asked : Java plug-in 1.4 -1.6.
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