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PlayBASIC is a game programming language based upon the Easy-To-Use B.A.S.I.C language. It was developed by game programmers for game enthusiasts, and incorporates more than 25 years experience in the field. Our aim was to produce a language that offers same `sit down and play` experience that older BASIC`s had, but with a more modern feature set. So everybody can experience the fun of game programming again !

Since PlayBASIC focuses on game creation, it includes a wealth of graphical features. Ranging from Mapping (Creating game worlds), Sprites & Image effects, Cameras, Polygon Shapes, Texture Mapping through to a full set of traditional 2D vector art,including Dots / lines / boxes / Circles / Ellipses & polygons. Which can all have alpha effects applied to them.

Sprite capabilities are one the most critical parts of any game creation tool. PlayBASIC`s sprite engine not only supports Rotation / Scaling / Flipping, but various real time image manipulation effects such as Alpha channels, Filtering, Alpha Blending (Variable, Additive, Subtractive, 50%), logical masking, Colour Replacement just to name a few.

But, what would good is a game making tool without a good collision system ? Virtually useless ! So we`ve included various collision detection methods. Including Pixel Perfect Collision, Rect, Rotated Rect, Circular, Polygonal, Sliding and Sticky Collision modes. Moreover, you can mix vector collision modes with pixel perfect collision and vice versa. Making PlayBASIC`s collision system arguably the most advanced available !

PlayBASIC comes with a comprehensive code editor, built in Debug Tools and over 400 hundred examples to get you started. Moreover, we are always open to your feedback! We want PlayBasic to be as powerful, flexible and of course as much FUN as possible.

So if you`re like me and remember when programming was fun, or you’d just like to start learning, then give then give PlayBASIC a try !
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 6. 2006 / 9917 kBytes
Asked : Pentium II 500 or above
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Update history of PlayBasic Learning Edition
v1.64l (May, 6. 2010)
Huge Update, New graphics Engine, loads of new Compiler Updates, Updated Help & Examples and much much more
v1.63 (April, 26. 2008)
This update includes a unlimited Trial period, better Vista support, bug fixes, complete overhaul of the Help Files (revision 9) and an updated Example Pack.
v1.623 (October, 4. 2007)
This update includes 120 day Free Trial period, various bug fixes, more machine code optimizations, new cross references Help Files and the updated Example Pack.
v1.62 (May, 23. 2007)
Recent additions include 120 day trial, updated IDE, Linked Lists, Compiler Status Window, More Type extensions, Syntax highlighted Help, bugs fixes and of course more commands/examples.
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