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@TheOffice.Wherever! is a focused and innovative approach to secure remote access. It enables companies with limited IT skills to enjoy the business benefits offered by remote access to their office resources via any type of Internet connection in the easiest and most secure manner possible. Where traditional remote access solutions are merely add-ons to complicated and expensive technologies, such as firewalls and routers, @TheOffice.Wherever! was designed to achieve one goal only – secure remote access.

Core technology innovations:
Virtual IP address: Allows remote users secure access to the company resources such as file servers, printers and database applications transparently, without requiring reconfiguration of these applications when roaming. Once a user is connected via @TheOffice the network treats the connection as part of the corporate LAN.

IPSec over P2P. To solve the problem of firewall and NAT traversal, Trispen developed a proprietary protocol that tunnels all IP traffic over IPSec and then over a peer to peer connection. This eliminates firewalling configuration in almost all circumstances. Both gateway and client software will only make outgoing connections to Trispen`s Lookup Server.

Certificate based authentication. The Gateway issues a Digital Certificate to users during the enrolment process. To facilitate mobility, these certificates are stored securely both on the remote PC and the Gateway. This enables users, with the correct credentials, to connect from different PCs.

Windows Domain Integration: Users are authenticated against current Domain Users. A separate user group can be configured to which only required users are given access to.

Compression on the fly. Data is compressed on average 30% and up to 70% before being transmitted over the VPN. This reduces the amount of traffic which travels over the VPN, effectively increasing througput rates. Find out more: http://attheoffice.trispen.com
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
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Update history of @TheOffice.Wherever
v3.31 (September, 29. 2008)
Vista now Supported
v3.17 (November, 1. 2007)
P2P Protocol for Transparent NAT
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