Clip Reader 2.9.8

Free Clip Reader screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
4 programs in 1 speaks texts aloud, converts wav to mp3, is an appointmentment reminder that reminds you by voice and automatic emailing, and is an E-book reader that lets you pick which pages to read aloud and can book mark the last page read.Amazing program reads text aloud instantly from the clipboard just by copying it. Great for reading email, online news, reviewing, documents, cram for exams and tests with repeat option. Choose from different voice styles, male or female voice. Just highlight text from any web page or document and the the program starts reading the text instantly. Very easy to use with no set up required makes this program a pleasure to use. Reads entire pages of text just by highlighting and copying the text. New features just added to save text to file as text or wav sound file recorded from your microphone for playback later. Includes wav to mp3 converter to make files portable to play on other devices for registered users. Voice reminder lets you know you have an appointment scheduled at the exact day and minute you choose. Be notified of an appointment with the automatic emailer that sends you an email at work or away. Easy on and off switch for automatic email notifications. Never miss an appointment again with this extra added in feature! Three programs in one! High speed in line recorder just added to record voice text as a wav file at blazing speed! Web page text extractor and in line high speed voice text recorder just added. If you like E-books you will love the E-book reader that lets you select pages to read in any page range. Even bookmarks where you finished to resume reading again. Super program you will want to use every day. Great price.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : WinVista,Win8 x32,Win7 x32
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 25. 2014 / 608 kBytes
Asked : Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player
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Update history of Clip Reader
v2.9.8 (December, 23. 2014)
Save text to file to be read later or save as sound file, wav to mp3 converter, appointment reminder, high speed voice recorder, web page text importer added.
v1.0 (November, 25. 2014)
New Release
Distribution permissions for Clip Reader
Clip Reader is free to be redistributed free of charge as shareware/trial software via internet or through cds. It should be expressed to the consumer that that this os only trial use software and has limited functionality and a set number of uses. Any other redistribution constitutes fraud if a fee is paid for this software to give the impression of ownership to the consumer and is unacceptable and a violation of intellectual property rights and consent is not given to transfer ownership of this software. Violation of this agreement violates copyrights of thsi software and international treaties and in this case you are not authorized to resell this software without the express permission of Tekware.
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