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Free FSL Launcher vista file

Freeware by F.S.L. - FreeSoftLand
Downloads : 42
File size : 3229Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Tired for dozen of icons on your desktop? Try this simple but powerful and intuitive launcher to organize your shortcuts (applications, documents, url links and more..). Multi-tab categories organization, shortcuts Drag & Drop support, multilanguage.
Free Program Plus vista file

Freeware by Kovalev Serguei
Downloads : 15
File size : 527Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Extends programs launching with options from system menu. It`s already used for compilation (as options-manager and launcher) in the "Compile Plus" and "Source Editor".
Free Auto Shutdown Genius vista file

Shareware by Lonking Software, LLC
Downloads : 29
File size : 1336Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Automate your PC Shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, the computer is idle or excessive CPU usage.

Shareware by www.schleinzer.com
Downloads : 15
File size : 3072Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Free TaskFiles vista file

Freeware by AdjustSystem Software
Downloads : 30
File size : 626Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Wonder what is that unknown application working in your system? You don`t know what files it uses? TaskFiles will give you a full answer. It will show you a complete list of files and folders the program has opened for reading or modifying.
Free PS Hot Launch VVL vista file

Freeware by PS Soft Lab
Downloads : 31
File size : 710Kb
OS : Windows All

PS Hot Launch is meant to quickly run different applications, open documents, go to the right folders and web pages, send mail to a specified address, etc. PS Hot Launch is a perfect alternative to the Start menu and the Quick Launch panel.
Free free Quick Launcher vista file

Freeware by EIPC
Downloads : 23
File size : 2318Kb
OS : Windows All

The Quick Launcher helps you make shortcut keys to applications, folders and internet links.
Free ClickAndStart vista file

Shareware by ClickAndStart
Downloads : 23
File size : 972Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Simple and intuitive interface. Easy way to customize shortcuts to applications. Create submenus with the hierarchy you need. Simple and reliable. Useful both for people who prefer to use the mouse and people who use the keyboard.
Free IBE Task Manager vista file

Shareware by IBE Group, Inc.
Downloads : 24
File size : 312Kb
OS : Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 2005

Best task manager for your Smartphone! View all tasks, processes and stop any or all of them. Release unused memory and increase the stability of your programs!
Free Keybreeze Basic vista file

Freeware by Boletrice
Downloads : 17
File size : 3397Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Keybreeze is a hotkey-activated, command-line toolbar. You can type keywords to open programs and websites, or you can type entries to search Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, and perform other various computer tasks.

Freeware by gonchuki
Downloads : 14
File size : 101Kb
OS : Windows All

A simple application designed to temporarily hide the windows that you are not using. winMizer will help you take away those windows that you don`t need (but must keep open), and you can restore them once you need them again.
Free Mi-Tabs vista file

Shareware by PWS
Downloads : 20
File size : 929Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP

Mi-Tabs is a personal program launcher. It contains customised tabbed pages of icons to launch your favorite programs. Files can be dragged and dropped on the active tab page to quickly create the launch buttons.
Free Porta`Menu vista file

Freeware by Jose Falcao
Downloads : 18
File size : 195Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Portable menu launcher for fixed or portable devices. Keeps a list of programs to be launched easily from the menu, ordering it anyway you like. Can create program groups for easier use. Has hash control for program safety
Free Chameleon Startup Manager vista file

Shareware by NeoSoft Tools
Downloads : 25
File size : 2357Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Windows startup, schedule and task manager that accelerates Windows startup, ensures that the operating system is more stable and allows you to run various tasks with the possibility to specify the launch condition. Full support for the Windows x64.
Free A VIP Task Manager Standard Edition vista file

Shareware by VIP Quality Software
Downloads : 27
File size : 40446Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Professional client/server groupware for task management and team collaboration. It allows planning, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments, projects, and any company or employees` activities through Local Network (LAN) and Low Speed Net
Free CD Menu Builder vista file

Shareware by WISCO Computing
Downloads : 18
File size : 5106Kb
OS : Win98,Windows2000,WinXP

Create professional royalty-free autorun (auto-play) CD-ROM menu projects. Project files may also be combined into one file for added security and convenience. Create a standardized look for all company CDs with an easy-to-use interface.
Free Mediaware Task Manager vista file

Adware by Mediaware
Downloads : 14
File size : 425Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2003

Mediaware Task Manager is a powerful process monitoring tool and provides all the necessary means to control which programs are executed at Windows startup. The integrated Launcher component enables fast hotkey access to your favorite applications.
Free Super Launch-o-matic vista file

Shareware by Steve Kellock
Downloads : 18
File size : 359Kb
OS : Windows All

Super Launch-o-matic saves you time & effort by simplifying common tasks such as starting programs & documents, opening folders, copying text to the clipboard, visiting web sites, and sending email. Perfect for keyboard-oriented people!
Free KbStart vista file

Shareware by Software Designs Development Corp
Downloads : 20
File size : 1769Kb
OS : Windows All

KbStart is a keyboard program launcher, forget your Start menu. Find and launch programs, emails, and web pages with a few keystrokes. Powerful abbreviation engine assists by instantly finding existing items.
Free Iconomizer vista file

Shareware by Kassis Technologies
Downloads : 15
File size : 1843Kb
OS : Windows All

This easy to use application enables quick access to your favorite programs from the system tray. In addition to program files, you can add documents, folders, videos, images, websites and all other file types into your list.
Free Jenkert Startup Manager vista file

Shareware by Jenkert software
Downloads : 15
File size : 930Kb
OS : Windows All

Jenkert Startup Manager is a utility the purpose of which is to help you to optimize the starting of Windows.
Free PathfinderIII vista file

Shareware by JCMatt software
Downloads : 15
File size : 2848Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. PathfinderIII keeps all of your important programs, frequently accessed folders, favorite web addresses and e-mail addresses within easy reach. It helps get rid of clutter on your desktop.

Shareware by Isuru
Downloads : 20
File size : 1143Kb
OS : Windows All

An easy to use task manager to launch computer applications at various times of the day for unattended processing. Logs in all work performed and the success/failure can be EMailed to third parties
Free Iconic Tray vista file

Shareware by dnSoft Research Group
Downloads : 28
File size : 47Kb
OS : Windows All

This tiny utility lets you minimize any window either to the system tray, or to a special new tray (see image). This helps you keep your taskbar clean for often used apps. Minimizing can be carried out with mouse clicks and/or system-wide hotkeys.
Free JIT Scheduler vista file

Freeware by Gibin Software House
Downloads : 19
File size : 739Kb
OS : Windows All

JIT Scheduler is the task scheduler for MS Windows, it provides the easy way to create and launch tasks in specified day and time. JIT Scheduler supports 4 types of tasks: Application, Document, System Shutdown or Message (Remind)

Shareware by Goran Boban
Downloads : 22
File size : 572Kb
OS : Windows All

Custom StartUp helps you to manage which programs will be stared when Windows starts. Moreover, Custom StartUp allows you to backup and restore configurations later. Also, you can quickly apply start-up configuration and restart or shutdown your PC.

Shareware by Flexiblesoft
Downloads : 21
File size : 960Kb
OS : Windows All

Shortcut`s Twister will quickly help to create many shortcuts of your favourite programs, folders and documents in computer. It is possible to create shortcuts in three ways: using Wizard, using context menu in Internet Explorer or from a command lin
Free Flexiblesoft Launcher vista file

Shareware by FlexibleSoft Co.
Downloads : 9
File size : 1968Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Flexiblesoft Launcher installs easily, uses minimal resources, and can be customized in minutes to make your shortcuts accessible, while keeping your screen clear of icon-litter.

Shareware by Private Computer Group
Downloads : 34
File size : 376Kb
OS : Win95,Win98,WinME

Fast Shutdown - it is the simple utility, which allows you log off, restart or shutdown your computer by easy mouse click on tray icon. All actions are tunable.
Free Select Folder Express vista file

Shareware by Eusing Software
Downloads : 14
File size : 801Kb
OS : Windows All

Select Folder Express helps you instantly jump to your frequently used folders in the Windows Explorer, in standard Open/Save as/Browse dialogs,the desktop and the Start Button.It can runs automatically as part of your context menu in them.