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A popular 32-card game played in France since the turn of the 20th century; the Belote has many followers all over the world and ranks among the most played card game. The Classic is a 32 set of cards played out to 4 players parted in 2 teams. The goal is straightforward: your team is committed to gaining more points than the opponent. In addition to Belote classic, 3D Belote unlimited includes 3 more options: Belote to 2, Belote to 3 and every man for himself play. 3D unlimited Belote also gives you the opportunity to play with friends connected on a network and against various opponents on the Internet provided you know their IP addresses. You can then either create a new party or join an already started on the network. The game provides 2 models of cards French or international following your language. You can set the speed of dealing. Particular attention was given to the visual comfort and many options help create a comfortable playful ambiance. For example, the playing table can be seen from several camera angles and is installed in a realistic 3D atmosphere. You will gain also quickly a fair control of the rules through an intuitive approach of the game. For the registered users, the warning messages will disappear and you will not need to wait at start. TLK games grants a life long guarantee for updates for the registered version of this game.
Type : Shareware ($6.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : May, 19. 2008 / 9345 kBytes
Asked : Pentium 550, 128 MB, 3D Graphic Card, Sound Card, DirectX
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You may not distribute copies of the REGISTERED COMPLETE PRODUCT to others. TLK Games reserves the exclusive copyright and all other rights, title and interest to distribute the software and to use the trademarked name of the Software, the name TLK Games and the Logo of the company.
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