SoftComplete Development

RNDGen 1.2

True random generator for Delphi and C++ Builder

Programming > Another Development Tools
LayoutFix 1.4

Typing the text you have forgotten to switch keyboard layout? What to do? To type anew? No! We mark the text and is pushed Ctrl-BackSpace. We enjoy outcome:)

PC Utils > Text Editors
Cleaner 1.1

It is known, that after deleting files in Windows, they can be restored. Cleaner securely deletes file data, located in free disk space. After that the restoring of the information becomes impossible.

PC Utils > Another Sys Utils
HashTrie 1.0

High efficient dynamic hash table with tree organization

Programming > Another Development Tools
Signit 1.0

Create small (~40Kb) self-checking signature (exe-file) for folder contents. Based on SHA-1. Allows receive list of modified and removed files.

Information Security > Encryption & Decryption Tools
FuzzySearch 2.3.1

FuzzySearch library is an approximate string matching concerns to find patterns in texts in presence of "mismatches" or "errors".

Programming > Components, DLLs & Libraries
FastTextSearch/IB 1.7

FastTextSearch/IB is unique solution for the searching textual information in the Interbase database. Indexing an unlimited amount string and textual memo fields.

Programming > Components, DLLs & Libraries
PowerArc 1.3.2

High efficient Data Compression Library for Delphi

Programming > Components, DLLs & Libraries
EXECryptor 2.3.7

Powerful software tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering, analysis and modifications, based on a brand new metamorphing code transformation technology, that provides with strong software security.

Programming > Software Distribution
HardKey License Manager 3.2

HardKey System is easy and powerfull license manager and work with short (15-25 chars) keys. Program based on strong asymetric (public keys) cryptography.

Programming > Software Distribution
PatternStringEngine 1.2

Pattern String Engine is intended for lexical analysis of strings. Is based on technology "pattern matching". Allows to find all possible variants of comparison string with a pattern. Work with assignment inside pattern and much more.

Programming > Another Development Tools
ECBackup 2.0

ECBackup is a archiver with strong-security, based on open key technology. It`s very like to PGP, but uses more reliable and efficient methods of compression and encoding, and works from the command line.

Information Security > Encryption & Decryption Tools
Hot Crypt 1.2

HotCrypt is one touch text encryption software. Support compression and Base64 encoding. Working with embedded in text pictures and objects.

Information Security > Encryption & Decryption Tools
MSNTalk 1.3

MSNTalk is easy to use replacement for standard WinPopup

Comms Utilities > IM and Chat
Pass Diff Pro 1.81

PasDiff Pro is the syntax oriented diff tools for Delphi. With the help it you can easily and fast to clarify what changes were are introduced in the source texts of the program.

Programming > Delphi & Pascal Coding