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Free Smart PC Professional Demo screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
By a few easy steps you can make your PC run faster, cleaner and error-free with the help of a new award-winning tool - Smart PC Professional. The software fixes stubborn errors, cleans-up space-wasting junk and debris making your PC more efficient and reliable. Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft.
And your benefits are:
Fix up your PC!
You can fix your computer by yourself. Use the software to detect, diagnose and repair all types of PC problems. Regular use of the software will keep your computer running smooth and error-free without system failures.
Clean up your PC!
Normal operation of your PC generates lots of junk files some of which contain private information. The software easily detects useless junk and safely removes it reclaiming valuable disk space, ensuring personal privacy and security.
Optimize your PC!
Do you want to make your computer more powerful? The software can drastically quicken Windows startup time and the performance of all applications. Boost Windows option will accelerate the operation of your PC.
Protect against Identity Theft
Operations you perform with your computer are recorded and may be exposed to unauthorized disclosure without your knowledge. The Ensure Personal Privacy tool helps you to maintain your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft.
Smart PC Professional has 3 operation modes: Quick, Normal and Full varying from basic functionalities to a professional one. Smart PC Professional allows you to make undo of any repairs so that you can easily recover any changes.
Are you ready to set up your computer on a proper mode in a blink of an eye?
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 29. 2006 / 1533 kBytes
Asked : Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
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Update history of Smart PC Professional Demo
v5.5 (January, 30. 2013)
Performance improved
v4.7 (June, 23. 2008)
Performance improved
v4.5 (October, 16. 2007)
Windows Vista Support
v4.21 (May, 22. 2007)
Multilingual interface
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