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Free Tidy Start Menu vista file

Freeware by OrdinarySoft
Downloads : 93
File size : 1123Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Are you tired of searching for programs in a long "Start Menu" list? If so, this program is for you. It allows you to arrange all the shortcuts in the Start Menu. Your Start Menu looks neat, and you can easily and quickly find any program you want.
Free FirmTools ShellExtension vista file

Freeware by FirmTools
Downloads : 90
File size : 520Kb
OS : Windows All

This tool adds three new options to your picture file context menu: convert, print, and thumbnail preview. Convert your pictures to GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PSD, TIFF, PCD, and more. The thumbnail option is handy when you are in a file open dialog.
Free SuperFast Shutdown vista file

Freeware by Waresoft Software
Downloads : 135
File size : 351Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Have you ever wished there was a faster way to shutdown your Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista computer system? I mean instantly shut it down! Now you can! Just install Super Fast Shutdown and click on one of the desktop icons created to reboot or shutdown
Free Mmm FREE vista file

Freeware by HACE
Downloads : 54
File size : 847Kb
OS : WinXP

Use this free, unique utility to customize your windows menus. Remove menu-items you never use. Put rarely used functions out on a sub-menu. Keep only those items you often use in a small, tidy base menu. No Spyware/Adware or Nag-screens! Just FREE!

Freeware by Maarg Software
Downloads : 53
File size : 414Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

What`s This File Type? tells you what a file is, and what program created it. All you have to do is right-click on the file, and select `Bloody Hell! What`s this File Type?` (other text available if you`re sensitive).
Free Display Changer vista file

Freeware by 12noon
Downloads : 60
File size : 475Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Change desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently with command line switches. You can have the application run another application in a specific display resolution and return to the previous resolution.
Free HWareInfo vista file

Freeware by N37dev
Downloads : 33
File size : 15Kb
OS : Windows All

Hardware Info ("HWareInfo") is a simple freeware command line utility that gives you brief information about various areas of your system. Use to take a quick snapshot of your current system configuration.
Free HashTab vista file

Freeware by Beeblebrox.org
Downloads : 64
File size : 780Kb
OS : WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP

A windows shell extension which installs a new tab with file hash information. Includes MD5, SHA1 and many more. Also allows for easy hash comparison. Great for verifying downloads without requiring any external tools.

Freeware by GdP Software
Downloads : 26
File size : 301Kb
OS : Windows All

Try to open a file with exclusive access. This can be very useful in a bat-file if you want to process a specific file that may be opened in another program (word for example). WaitForFile will block until it is able to open the specified file.

Freeware by Ergoworx
Downloads : 72
File size : 245Kb
OS : Windows All

Force shutdown is an easy to use time save utility, saving you from several clicks when you are finishing work with computer. The program allows you to assign shutdown hotkeys, use shutdown confirmations and shutdown the computer instantly without
Free CheckOsVer vista file

Freeware by Castle Software Ltd
Downloads : 22
File size : 256Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

CheckOsVer is small, free program which will report your Operating System Version and also the version of the Windows Common Controls installed on your Windows PC.

Freeware by Castle Software Ltd
Downloads : 23
File size : 1430Kb
OS : Windows All

ShowDT 2001 is a simple utility that uncovers and restore your desktop with the single click of an icon in the system tray; it`s useful for people running Windows 95 or Windows NT4. It can also be run from a desktop shortcut or hot-key.
Free OpenExpert vista file

Freeware by BAxBEx Software
Downloads : 96
File size : 583Kb
OS : Windows All

Ever had the problem that you frequently use a file type with more than one application, while you can only associate one application with that file type? OpenExpert let`s you configure a "open with"... submenu for every filetype.
Free Auto Window Manager vista file

Freeware by Eusing Software
Downloads : 98
File size : 770Kb
OS : Windows All

Auto Window Manager resize your programs automatically, such as maximize, minimize, normal, minimize to tray. It also set application windows transparency, minimize them to tray, keep them stay on top, automatic refresh for Internet Explorer.
Free Twilight Utilities Window Hider vista file

Freeware by Twilight Utilities
Downloads : 31
File size : 405Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Simplify your desktop and hide unneeded windows while letting them function. Save precious desktop space with this handy utility.
Free PlacesBar Constructor vista file

Freeware by Auxtools Software
Downloads : 38
File size : 445Kb
OS : Windows All

With this tool, you can customize the shortcuts displayed in the placebar on the left hand side of Window`s open/save dialog window
Free Camtech Context Tools vista file

Freeware by Camtech 2000
Downloads : 41
File size : 155Kb
OS : Windows All

Camtech Context Tools is a collection of useful tools added to Windows Explorer context menu used by Camtech on a daily basis. This adds 2 new items to the 2 existing ones. Choosing "Custom" during the install let`s you specify which ones you want
Free pgEvent vista file

Freeware by sunset software Ltd Liab. Co
Downloads : 24
File size : 48Kb
OS : Windows All

pgEvent is a small Tool to write EventLog entries directly from windows command shell
Free EscapeClose vista file

Freeware by SaNaPe Software
Downloads : 42
File size : 316Kb
OS : Windows All

EscapeClose is an absolutely free tiny utility, allowing you to close or minimize the active window by pressing the Esc button. It is especially useful when you are working with dozens of files and folders at once.
Free MouseImp Pro Live! vista file

Freeware by Pingram Software
Downloads : 33
File size : 295Kb
OS : Windows All

MouseImp is a handy tool that helps you to use your conventional mouse more efficiently. Instead of using a scroll bar, you can activate MouseImp and scroll by moving the mouse up or down anywhere in the window.
Free WatchOverEnergy vista file

Freeware by AKS-Labs
Downloads : 28
File size : 769Kb
OS : Windows All

WatchOverEnergy program can activate stand-by mode for monitor when you are not using PC and when no important programs are running. Also, it will track energy saving in both watt-hours and dollars.

Freeware by Meditation online
Downloads : 28
File size : 20Kb
OS : Windows All

Be Here Now! When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your mind at the point where you want it.
Free iFind vista file

Freeware by iProjects
Downloads : 15
File size : 454Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Easily & effortlessly index documents (pdf, doc, html), music files (mp3, wav), executable applications and other files in one click. You can access them by simply searching for them using the most straight forward and plain interface of iFind.
Free Display Resolution Manager vista file

Shareware by ByteGems.com Software
Downloads : 40
File size : 618Kb
OS : WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000

Disputing display resolution and brightness options with your colleagues or kids? Stop the squabbles with this program! This is a utility that allows multiple users sharing a computer to set their own display resolution, gamma,brigtness and contrast.
Free AutorunMagick Studio vista file

Shareware by PhotoActions
Downloads : 26
File size : 13957Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
AutorunMagick Studio is a powerful development tool to create dynamical and interactive autorun CD / DVD applications.
Free QuickFolders vista file

Shareware by ByteGems.com Software
Downloads : 18
File size : 1108Kb
OS : Windows All

Still wasting your time while browsing through the millions of folders when trying to attach in Outlook a file that was saved with Photoshop?! Save your time with this program! It will help when you work with the same documents in different programs!
Free TweakWindow vista file

Shareware by AbsoluteWay
Downloads : 30
File size : 1478Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

TweakWindow is a handy window enhancement utility with a wealth of options. You can set your own transparency options, hide, minimize, roll up, place window on top of all others, ghost it or even change a window`s icon/title. Try it FREE now!
Free MaxMonkey vista file

Shareware by MonkeyJob Systems
Downloads : 30
File size : 781Kb
OS : Windows All

MaxMonkey multiple window management tool. Automatically maximize, minimize, close or restore multiple windows. Target all windows or only specific windows. View hidden windows. Runs in the system tray.
Free Shutdown Lock vista file

Shareware by X-Ray Application Software.
Downloads : 27
File size : 384Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Get Shutdown Lock and enable hibernate and stand by feature in application, like FlashGet, Use Windows XP fast user switching feature more safety, prevent unexpected system shutdowns or restarts that could immense and sensitive data loss.
Free Hide Window Hotkey vista file

Freeware by Elongsoft Software
Downloads : 35
File size : 865Kb
OS : Windows All

Hide applications window or close them completely through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey.Resize your programs automatically,such as maximize,minimize,normal,minim ize to tray.Set specific windows transparency and arrange the windows on taskbar.