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Eltima Powered Keylogger is a professional security auditing tool for large and small companies, network administrators, concerned parents and PC owners.With numerous features at a very competitive price present it is an excellent software to monitor any PC activity, Internet usage, keystrokes, passwords (including Windows Logon Password and saved passwords which were never typed), incoming and outgoing e-mails and much more. Eltima Powered Keylogger is based on an advanced Windows 2000/XP/Vista low-core driver. It runs invisibly at the lowest kernel level of operating system providing unique stealth functions. Nobody but you can locate Powered Keylogger in your PC. Its folders do not appear in file search and will not be found by file managing shells, among installed programs, in Start menu (unless you prefer a visible installation); it does not show up in registry or Add/Remove Programs utility and is not detectable by a list of firewalls, anti-keylogger and antivirus software, it is invisible in Tasks or Processes List. Eltima presents a unique and safe approach to unhide a keylogger – a secret-word, which is chosen by you, so that only you know how to unhide and can view the logs. With logs viewer you can go through a slide show of recorded snapshots and search through the records stored. Full-screen view gives you the feeling as if you were present in front of your PC all the time. You can easily view the logs from a remote computer - simply specify an e-mail address to automatically send the logs to and install a log viewer on a second PC, or flushing logs to USB Flash Drive. Eltima Powered Keylogger supports Unicode and captures not only common keystrokes, but also system keys and combinations, Java applications and chat-rooms etc. Most anti-spyware utilities, firewalls, anti-keyloggers and anti-virus tools cannot detect Powered Keylogger being present in the system. From now on Powered Keylogger is fully compatible with Windows Vista.
Type : Shareware ($69.95) » EULA
OS Support : WinXP,Windows2000
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 17. 2007 / 3768 kBytes
Asked : Windows 2000/XP OS/Vista
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Update history of Eltima Powered Keylogger
v2.2 (June, 27. 2008)
- Integral diagnostics engine was added
- Improved logs filtration algorithm
- Improved exceptions processing engine
- Improved compatibility with Windows Vista
v2.0 (May, 24. 2007)
- Full support of Windows Vista
- Several changes in hiding mechanism
- Keylogging driver stabilizations
- Better support of non-admin modes
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License/Copyright Software license agreement This user license agreement (the "AGREEMENT") is an agreement between you (individual or single entity) and ELTIMA Software. The SOFTWARE is the property of ELTIMA Software and is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. Demo version If you accept the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT, you have certain rights and obligations as follows: You may: 1. Install and use the unlimited number of copies of the Demo VERSION. 2. Use one or more copies of the Demo VERSION for evaluation purposes only. 3. Copy and distribute freely the Demo VERSION (see `DISTRIBUTION`). You may not: 1. Sublicense, rent or lease the Demo VERSION or any portion of it (unless you are an authorized reseller/partner). 2. Decompile, disassemble, deflash, reverse engineer or modify the Demo VERSION or any portion of it. Distribution: You are hereby licensed to make as many copies of the Demo VERSION as you wish and distribute them to anyone provided that all files are intact. You must distribute the install form of the Demo VERSION (not the files resulting of an installation). You are not allowed to sell the Demo VERSION (except for shipment and handling charges). Computer`s Magazines are authorized to distribute it on any Cover Disk or CD-ROM without any permission. Please inform us by e-mail each time you distribute the Demo VERSION. Warranty disclaimer: The SOFTWARE is supplied "AS IS". ELTIMA Software disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The user must assume the entire risk of using the SOFTWARE. Disclaimer of damages ELTIMA Software assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of the SOFTWARE, even if ELTIMA Software has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Any liability of the seller will be limited to refund the purchase price.
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