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Free VH Screen Capture Driver vista file

Freeware by Hmelyoff Labs
Downloads : 287
File size : 5400Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
"VH Screen Capture Driver" is a DirectShow filter, which emulate Video Capture card and captures screen activity.
Free Gadwin PrintScreen vista file

Freeware by Gadwin Systems, Inc.
Downloads : 208
File size : 16077Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Gadwin PrintScreen is an easy to use freeware utility that allows you to capture any portion of the screen, save it to a file, copy it to Windows clipboard, print it or e-mail it to a recipient of your choice.
Free Screenshot Pilot vista file

Freeware by Two Pilots
Downloads : 102
File size : 3301Kb
OS : Windows All

Capture screen with Screenshot Pilot. Save your screenshot as a graphic file or send it by email.
Free TimerResolution vista file

Freeware by Lucas Hale
Downloads : 59
File size : 6Kb
OS : Windows All

TimerResolution is an application to change the resolution of the default windows timer. The standard timer on Windows XP can vary between 10 and 25 milliseconds.
Free AviScreen Classic vista file

Freeware by Bobyte Software
Downloads : 112
File size : 577Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images.
Free Capture-A-ScreenShot vista file

Freeware by PopDrops.com
Downloads : 154
File size : 616Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Capture-A-ScreenShot is a simple to use free screen capture software tool that captures screenshots. Capture a screenshot of the entire computer screen, last active screen, or selected area with a click of a button. Free screenshot capture software
Free Screen Master vista file

Freeware by Zhenxiao
Downloads : 70
File size : 383Kb
OS : Win98,WinXP

Screenmaster is a tool for capturing both snapshots and video information from your screen.
Free Turbosnap vista file

Freeware by Vectormedia Software
Downloads : 47
File size : 1000Kb
OS : Windows All

Quickly and easily snap screenshots.
Free Screen Grab Pro vista file

Freeware by Traction Software
Downloads : 146
File size : 1181Kb
OS : Windows All

Screen Grab Pro Is a freeware screen capture tool. It features One click grab of any screen for ease of use, Timer operation, Current window selection list and more. Screen Grab Pro copies a bitmap to clipboard ready for pasting.
Free Ace WINScreen vista file

Freeware by Caltrox Software Systems
Downloads : 46
File size : 6907Kb
OS : Windows All

Ace WINScreen 4.0 is the FREE highly popular, leading quality Application of choice to Capture the Screen, Print & Save for the Personal Computer.
Free Color Cop vista file

Freeware by Jay Prall
Downloads : 46
File size : 314Kb
OS : Windows All

Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, snap to websafe, color history, and more. Multiple hex outputs.
Free CoolCap vista file

Freeware by (Hermann Hehn) HushPage
Downloads : 47
File size : 1148Kb
OS : Windows All

CoolCap is an image tool providing several main tasks: MDI Picture Viewer, Basic Picture Editor, Screen Shooter, Convert Image to Icon. A perfect tool to provide a quick start for a desktop theme.
Free Zoom Tool 1.3 vista file

Freeware by Brian Gillingham
Downloads : 80
File size : 885Kb
OS : Windows All

Zoom Tool will magnify portion of desktop or images. Color information copied in various formats. Added PNG & GIF file support. "Paste From..." menu option quickly takes screenshot of other windows.

Freeware by memodepot
Downloads : 32
File size : 2Kb
OS : Win2000/XP,Win2003

Publish an image is never easier. click the select tool, select the area of the images you want to publish, it will be pasted to Paste2Web instantly. Check "public viewable" and click "Send", your image will be available to...

Freeware by Slibe.com
Downloads : 61
File size : 603Kb
OS : Windows All

Sliber is a super light, unique freeware tool which works as a screen capturing software which will help you to upload and share your screen captures in matter of few seconds. What`s unique about Sliber is easiness of usage. One click upload!
Free King Kong Capture vista file

Freeware by KingKongCapture
Downloads : 64
File size : 2734Kb
OS : Windows All

King Kong Capture is a free program that everybody can download on their computer and use along with other applications. For your image capturing needs, King Kong delivers powerful features for your satisfaction and still remain easy to use.
Free VMN Toolbox vista file

Freeware by Visicom Media
Downloads : 42
File size : 1992Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
VMN Toolbox is a lightweight application that provides you with handy utilities designed to make your life easier on the Web. Free Screen Capture, Sticky Notes, Color Picker, Magnifier, Virtual Rulers
Free AT Screen Thief vista file

Shareware by Alex and Alex Soft
Downloads : 34
File size : 864Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Screen capture. Screen Editor. Screenshot depository. Zoom. Hunter. Support of printing and saving in BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG.
Free HyperSnap vista file

Shareware by Hyperionics Technology LLC
Downloads : 46
File size : 12280Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
HyperSnap is a powerful screen capture, text capture and image editing tool for Windows. It snags desktop programs, multiple screen regions, freehand drawn shapes, game screens. Automates tasks like saving, FTP upload, image stamping, more.
Free Just Screenshots vista file

Shareware by Lincoln Beach Software
Downloads : 28
File size : 2083Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
Turn ordinary screenshots into 3D masterpieces and let your product screenshot stand out above the rest! Allows you to visually bring out the best in your screenshots by adjusting the perspective, masking, rotation, size and much more.
Free Capture Professional vista file

Demo by Creative Softworx, Inc.
Downloads : 36
File size : 3257Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Captures images and video from anywhere on your screen. Its assistant guides you through the capture process. Its built-in editor uses 60+ effects and operations, drawing tools (w/ colors, textures, gradients, effects) and macros.
Free ABF Magnifying Tools vista file

Shareware by ABF software, Inc.
Downloads : 45
File size : 2073Kb
OS : Windows All

ABF Magnifying Tools is a set of useful graphics tools for viewing the screen area in different zooms. Each tool has its unique behavior and usability. All tools supplement each other and helps designers and people with poor eyesight.
Free Web2Pic Pro vista file

Shareware by Anloer Software
Downloads : 43
File size : 985Kb
OS : Windows All

This is a utility which allows you to save complete web pages as images. You only need to enter a URL into the Address box, click the Start button, and Web2Pic Pro will capture full size web pages for you.
Free HandySnap vista file

Shareware by WisePixel Multimedia
Downloads : 38
File size : 1916Kb
OS : Windows All

HandySnap is a screen capture utility to help you illustrate your manuals, multimedia presentations and tech writing articles with professional-looking screenshots. Explain complex ideas in a way anyone can grasp in seconds
Free BB TestAssistant Pro vista file

Commercial by Blueberry Software Ltd
Downloads : 22
File size : 1302Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
A new type of test tool that records what you see on your PC screen. Records video, sound, keystrokes and mouse activity on the target PC, making it into a movie that`s easy to view and distribute. Improve communications and catch elusive problems.
Free GhostlyEye vista file

Shareware by Harry Doldersum
Downloads : 40
File size : 959Kb
OS : Windows All

GhostlyEye is a "surveillance screen grabber": it takes screenshots in a hidden, timer automated mode. You can configure GhostlyEye to take a picture at a preferred timer interval, during a time limited session or until a quantity is reached.
Free TGrab vista file

Shareware by Harry Doldersum
Downloads : 35
File size : 1091Kb
OS : Windows All

TGrab is a new type of "image grabber": it takes screenshots in both a manual mode and in a timer automated mode. You can configure TGrab to take a picture at a preferred timer interval, during a time limited session or until a quantity is reached.
Free AtPresent Recorder vista file

Shareware by AtPresent Software
Downloads : 31
File size : 692Kb
OS : Windows All

Record user activities from computer`s desktop and save screenshots HTML sequence or automatically make a project for AtPresent Editor application to build interactive Flash based simulation or presentation. Output images formats: PNG-24 or PNG-8.
Free Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder vista file

Shareware by Huelix Solutions
Downloads : 35
File size : 11625Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Huelix ScreenPlay Screen recorder records entire screen, a region of the screen or a specific window directly as compressed Windows Media Video. You can also record streaming video and record audio from a microphone or other source.
Free Frontcam screen recorder vista file

Shareware by Screen Recorder Tools
Downloads : 32
File size : 398Kb
OS : Windows All

FrontCam is a screen recorder software. It can capture the action from your screen into standard AVI movie files. Sound from your system microphone is also captured. You can use it to capture screen into static pictures too.