Volker Steitz 3.0.1968

Superfast System- and Networkanalizer

PC Utils > System Cleaning & Optimizing
SRNC 6.1.1812

SRNC (Save & Restore Network Configuration) - a system a network diagnosis Tool. It puts you into the position to save your networksettings as textfile. So you can use different settings at different places and restore with a mouseclick.

PC Utils > System Cleaning & Optimizing
IKF 3.0.1936

IKFpro displays the product-installation keys from: Win 2000/2003/XP, Office 2002/2003, SQL-Server 2000. Further Servicepacks, QFE´s and all installed Software can be displayed. All Information can be gatherd from a local or Remote-System.

PC Utils > System Cleaning & Optimizing

SMGRpro is a program that focuses on keeping your computer secure, helping you find/disable spyware rapidly. Its a startup, schedule, service and task manager that accelerates startup, ensures nsures that the OS is more stable and secure.

PC Utils > System Cleaning & Optimizing