TracePlus Win32 5.60.000

Free TracePlus Win32 screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista5 stars award!
TracePlus/Win32 shows you the interaction between your Win32
application and multiple Win32 APIs. Supported
APIs that are displayed in realtime include ODBC, OLE, COM, TAPI,
WININET, registry, DB-Library, and more. Integrated SQL capture window
displays SQL statements generated by the supported database APIs.
Status window displays DLL version information, OutputDebugString()
calls, and more.
Type : Shareware ($199.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 3. 2006 / 4893 kBytes
Asked : 192 MB RAM
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Update history of TracePlus Win32
v5.60.000 (November, 23. 2008)
Updated for better support of multicore processors.
v5.58.000 (July, 27. 2008)
Updated for better support of multicore processors.
v5.52.000 (October, 5. 2007)
Maintenance Release
v5.37.000 (May, 22. 2007)
Fixed synchronization issues in target applications
Distribution permissions for TracePlus Win32
Systems, Software, Technology incorporated hereby gives permission to shareware evendors to
distribute demo versions of TracePlus products via FTP, Internet, and CD-ROM as long as said vendor
does not sell the TracePlus demo versions individually.
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