Hidden Administrator 4.1

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The software is designed to administrate remote computers via a local network or the Internet.

Main features
- Full access to the remote computer from anywhere in the world.
- Displaying the remote PC desktop in real time (remote desktop sharing).
- Controlling the remote desktop with the keyboard and mouse.
- Monitoring several computers simultaneously (up to 256 computers).
- File exchange, Drag & Drop support (File Manager).
- Remote access in the command prompt mode (similar to the system utility CMD).
- Automatically searching for running servers (searching for computers to connect to).
- Watching video on the remote computer (intercepting overlay video).
- Transferring sound over the network in real time.
- Installing the server of the program remotely.
- Monitoring running applications, visited sites, printed documents and USB drive activity.
- Switching computers on remotely (Wake on LAN).
- Exchanging messages with the user (Chat).
- Multilingual support.
- High performance rate and minimum traffic usage over the LAN and Internet.

Additional features
- Saving the image from the remote desktop to a video file (the AVI format).
- Saving remote desktop screenshots.
- Getting information from the fullscreen MS-DOS window.
- Switching off and restarting the remote PC.
- Full control over the registry.
- Getting and sending the contents of the clipboard.
- Closing any application on the remote computer.
- Automatically closing applications and ending processes.
- Sharing remote folders and remote desktop sharing.
- Sending single messages to the user.
- Getting information about the system.
- Printing documents remotely.

- Encrypting transferred data.
- Filtering IP addresses.
- Protecting the connection with a password.
- Restricting rights to access the remote computer.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : May, 5. 2007 / 2030 kBytes
Asked : Processor 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM
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Update history of Hidden Administrator
v4.1 (December, 26. 2011)
The program became completely free of charge
v4.0 (October, 16. 2011)
The feature of the server-side work in the terminal mode is implemented; the server side is fully compatible with Windows 7 / Vista now; a new licensing option - Free Home License is added
v3.1 (March, 17. 2010)
Now it is possible to work in the full-featured command prompt mode (similar to the system utility CMD); the feature to display a text message to the user when the display is locked on the remote computer is added; the feature to lock the keyboard and mouse on the server side is added.
v3.0 (February, 14. 2010)
The screen update rate in the remote desktop view and control mode has been considerably increased, network traffic usage during work with the remote desktop has been optimized.
v2.9 (November, 17. 2009)
Now it is possible to save the statistics of the "Monitoring" section for the entire period on the server and then import it to the local computer.
v2.8 (October, 11. 2009)
The feature of watching the video on a remote computer (overlay video interception) is added, the feature of saving screenshots in the JPEG format in the multi-screen mode is added, the feature of shutdown a group of computers from the connection list is added.
v2.7 (July, 12. 2009)
The feature for monitoring documents printing and USB-storage devices on the remote computer is added
v2.6 (April, 12. 2009)
File manager operation is optimized, the support of Drag-and-Drop feature for files and folders is added; the interface of the server part is updated, fine-tuning and preparation procedure is simplified.
v2.5 (February, 15. 2009)
Searching the address book on the client side of the program for connections, chat with several clients simultaneously in the chat window of the server, remote desktop display has been corrected in case several clients connect to the server simultaneously
v2.4 (December, 23. 2008)
Showing notifications on the server when the client connects to it, restricting rights to access remote computer
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