PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008 6.0.402.xxxxx

Free PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008 screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
WhiteBoard PS - this cool little utility is your own personal White Board. Write on it, mark it up. Scrawl down your notes and important things to do so when you`re sitting at your monitor so you don`t forget those things you got to do! Put it in your Startup folder and let it run in your system tray. This program makes jotting down reminders fun! There is no setup program. Just download it, unzip it to the directory of your choice and let it go to work for you.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 1. 2006 / 65 kBytes
Asked : Dot Net Framework 3.5
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Update history of PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008
v6.0.402.xxxxx (April, 9. 2009)
New Release
v5.0 (July, 24. 2008)
New Release
v4.0 (December, 13. 2007)
New Release
Distribution permissions for PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008
a. Anyone distributing WHITEBOARD PS for any kind of remuneration must first contact PINDERSOFT at the address below for authorization. This authorization will be automatically granted to distributors recognized by the (ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for shareware distributors, and such distributors may begin offering WHITEBOARD PS immediately (However PINDERSOFT must still be advised so that the distributor can be kept up-to-date with the latest version of WHITEBOARD PS.).
b. Redistributors may place WHITEBOARD PS on their website, a CD, or any other media they wish to distribute it on as long as they do not alter or change any part of the program or documentation.
c. You are encouraged to pass a copy of WHITEBOARD PS along to your friends for evaluation. All registered users will receive a copy of the latest version of the WHITEBOARD PS software and be eligible for bug fixes, service packs and free updates.
d. What you may not redistribute, give away or sell is the registration code. Thank you.
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