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Free Parental Control Software screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Key logger software allows you to count all keyword typed by PC users. Freeware keylogger application provides facility to invisibly track and monitor all accessed files, folders, subfolders and docments. Spy software free application provides GUI interface that enables user to easily understand program without any need of technical consultant or assistant. Keylogger remote service starts automatically when windows boots up and runs silently in background without affecting external user. Download spy software generate reports of all recorded user activities and can be send to a specified email address when you are far away from your computer. Parental Control Software allows better understanding of software functionalities and user can download trial of keylogger from http://www.parentalcontrolsoft and can try for 30 days. Internet control software counts the number of mouse clicks and keywords typed to monitor activities of each and every user. Key logger program provide facility to keep track of chat conversations performed by user on various chat messengers. Download spy software provides facility to track all online web searches done by user.
* Keyboard keylogger software is useful for system administrators to keep track and control all user activities on various PC Machines.
* Keylogger program is completely password protected to prevent from external users to access or modify software settings.
* Parental control software provides facility of interactive GUI that helps users to understand software settings easily without any technical assistant.
* Remote keylogger application provides facility to run software in hidden mode and keep an eye on all actions performed on your system by your friends and family members.
Type : Shareware ($45.00) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Oct, 18. 2012 / 3512 kBytes
Asked : 512 MB RAM, 5MB free hard disk space
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Update history of Parental Control Software
v5.4.1.1 (September, 11. 2012)
Added support to track logged operation in hidden mode
v5.0.1.5 (July, 21. 2010)
Added support to email log delivery
Distribution permissions for Parental Control Software
Keylogger (PC Data Manager - Basic). Contact on the emails given on the website for legal Distribution information. All distribution rights

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