PS Tray Factory 3.2

Free PS Tray Factory screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
PS Tray Factory is a powerful and handy tool meant to flexibly control ALL the other icons in the system tray of the taskbar. PS Tray Factory will help you to manage all the applications that place their icons in the taskbar tray. When you have installed PS Tray Factory, you will forget about the problem of lack of space in the system tray, and will also get an easy, fast and handy tool to handle those applications. In short, ALL Windows users will get this handy and powerful tool at their disposal, whereas only Windows XP users have an idea of it. For the latter, we have made a nice surprise, as the features of PS Tray Factory exceed the standard built-in ones of this OS.

PS Tray Factory is a system tray icons manager that will allows you to: hide low-activity icons from a system tray into menu, get fast access to hidden icons, change the order of icons in the menu, change the order of icons in the system tray (sort system tray icons), hide from the menu seldom used icons, protect tray menu with password, minimize any application to tray, restore icons in system tray area at crash or restarting Explorer.exe, change original tray icons with your own icons.
Type : Shareware ($24.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 3. 2006 / 1441 kBytes
Asked : Windows 95-98, Me, 2K, NT4, XP, Vista, 7(Seven)
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Update history of PS Tray Factory
v3.2 (April, 28. 2010)
- new look for classic system tray menu (notification area popup window like in Windows 7),
- several improvements for better compatibility with Windows 7.
v3.0 (March, 22. 2009)
- implemented support of ALL Windows versions 32-bit and 64-bit (XP, Vista, Windows 7),
- the core engine rewritten in more safe manner,
- the tray icon tips can be customized now
Distribution permissions for PS Tray Factory
You may freely distribute the unregistered version of PS Tray Factory, provided that all the files are included and are unmodified and that no files have been added to the package. Please distribute it by copying the original zip file. You may not ask any money for the distribution. If you want to put this component on a freeware/shareware CD-ROM or other compilation, please contact the author at before doing so, to be sure that you are not including old or incomplete stuff in the compilation. I would also appreciate it if I`d get a free copy of the CD-ROM, but there is no obligation for you to send it.
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