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Free WordFile4Me vista file

Freeware by ByronSoftware
Downloads : 48
File size : 3867Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

The Staged Word Processor, early years to university level at stage 9. Open a document to reconfigure to stage it was saved. Fully featured including speech, MDI, OLE, column/ table, graphing, foreign language spell check, handles word & web files.
Free QuickStart vista file

Freeware by DigiArch.org
Downloads : 33
File size : 339Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

QuickStart is useful for those people, who find it very time consuming to go through the Start Menu every time. With this application, you simply type in a keyword of the application or document you want to start.
Free WakeUp vista file

Freeware by Noël Danjou
Downloads : 27
File size : 164Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

WakeUp is an experimental tool to test the features of ACPI computers.
Free NUTS vista file

Freeware by Yizhar Hurwitz
Downloads : 36
File size : 908Kb
OS : Windows All

NUTS - Network administrators UTilities Set.
Free SC-DiskInfo Standard Edition vista file

Freeware by Soft-Central
Downloads : 51
File size : 320Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

SC-DiskInfo is a disk space usage analyzer. This program will track down those folders and files that are using most disk space so you can remove unwanted data and clean up your drive effectively. SC-DiskInfo is very fast and easy to use.
Free DiskInternals NTFS Reader vista file

Freeware by DiskInternals Research
Downloads : 18
File size : 602Kb
OS : Windows All

Provides read access to NTFS disks from Windows 95, 98 and Me. Allows you to save any files to any disk visible on the system or on the network. Supports saving compressed or encrypted files.
Free WinPDF vista file

Freeware by PDFDesk Informatique
Downloads : 81
File size : 1028Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
WinPDF is professional PDF creation software. It installs a virtual printer named "Easy PDF Creator", which enables users to create PDF files and convert existing documents into PDF format though the print command. Freeware, no watermarks, no pop-up.
Free TOff vista file

Freeware by www.dennisbabkin.com
Downloads : 36
File size : 224Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free, compact, handy utility to shut down, reboot, logoff, hibernate or send your PC into stand-by mode at a predefined time or after PC, CPU, network inactivity period.
Free EF Commander Free vista file

Freeware by EFSoftware
Downloads : 43
File size : 2142Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
EF Commander Free for Windows is a file manager for the Windows desktop. If you`ve ever used and liked Norton Commander, you`ll like this dual-windowed program.
Free HashTab vista file

Freeware by Beeblebrox.org
Downloads : 64
File size : 780Kb
OS : WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP

A windows shell extension which installs a new tab with file hash information. Includes MD5, SHA1 and many more. Also allows for easy hash comparison. Great for verifying downloads without requiring any external tools.

Freeware by FBCDanville
Downloads : 34
File size : 77Kb
OS : Windows All

Display System Information for Windows Operating System, similar to Windows Control Panel. This includes all Visual Basic source code so that you can add this feature to your own applications.
Free Emsa DiskCheck vista file

Downloads : 48
File size : 185Kb
OS : Windows All

Emsa Disk Check is a freeware dual-purpose utility, for disk surface checking (prescan and full disk reading) and also real conditions benchmarking; it scans the entire contents of a disk, CD, DVD or hard drive, and shows any disk errors.
Free HSLAB Sys Monitor Lite vista file

Freeware by Sys-Monitoring
Downloads : 37
File size : 2202Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Advanced real-time monitoring and statistics utility for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for logging and mesuring system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system.
Free MultiClipBoard vista file

Freeware by Luzius Schneider
Downloads : 74
File size : 554Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
MultiClipBoard is a utility, which can hold an unlimited number of clipboards helping you copy and paste in any application under Windows. MultiClipBoard can hold text, formatted text, pictures etc.
Free OrphansRemover vista file

Freeware by DigiArch.org
Downloads : 58
File size : 737Kb
OS : Windows All

OrphansRemover scans your computer and finds broken shortcuts (*.lnk files) on your Desktop, in your Start Menu, Recent Documents, Program Files folder and other (custom) locations.
Free CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard vista file

Freeware by CoffeeCup Software
Downloads : 121
File size : 2361Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard makes it easy to Zip and Unzip files. It has built-in E-mail and FTP functions, so you can Zip and send your files in one easy step. Free Zip Wizard can also run any program or setup file inside Zip files.
Free HDD Thermometer vista file

Freeware by RSD Software
Downloads : 156
File size : 272Kb
OS : Windows All

HDD Thermometer is a small and feature-rich temperature monitoring tool for your hard disks. It has all the features needed to prevent overheating and possible data loss. (It can: play sound, hibernate PC, display HDD indicators and so on..)
Free Emsa PC FlexInfo vista file

Downloads : 46
File size : 353Kb
OS : Windows All

Emsa PC FlexInfo is a system information and diagnstics utility. What it does is, gathering system information data, also benchmark (CPU Speed test), and network info (IP and host lookup, Ping tool). It also shows realtime stats. Freeware.
Free V3pad WinAll vista file

Freeware by Softoy Inc.
Downloads : 26
File size : 1397Kb
OS : Windows All

V3pad is launcher software of anti-virus program V3+Neo that carries fast scan engine and is updated weekly. But V3+Neo is a DOS program and so is inconvenient. V3pad launches it under Windows. V3pad updates engine automatically and has many features
Free TC vista file

Freeware by Soft_Experience
Downloads : 23
File size : 4Kb
OS : WinNT 4.x,Windows2000

TC: shell to displays the Type and Creator codes of Macintosh files using Windows NT Explorer
Free CD Tray Pal vista file

Downloads : 43
File size : 179Kb
OS : Windows All

CD Tray Pal is a handy utility that acts as a CD-ROM Drive control menu. It runs in the system tray and makes opening/closing CD door easier than ever, even on multiple CD-ROM drives! Freeware.
Free CyberMatrix Reminder vista file

Freeware by CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
Downloads : 50
File size : 530Kb
OS : Windows All

CyberMatrix Reminder is a freeware event scheduler and event reminder. This software program allows you to enter upcoming events that you need to be reminded of. When the event approaches a reminder notice will pop up to remind you of the event.
Free EZMem Optimizer vista file

Downloads : 181
File size : 133Kb
OS : Windows All

Emsa EZMem Optimizer is a very simple Free RAM utility. Users that like simplicity, may indeed like this program. Just one click of a button - and in a few seconds your system recovers valuable RAM. Freeware.

Freeware by Free Soft
Downloads : 64
File size : 241Kb
OS : Windows All

Too many open windows on your desktop at a time? Virtual Desktop will create new desktops for you and let you to switch between desks and windows quick and easy. Virtual Desktop is built as a service and requires only 2MB ram memory to work.
Free Emsa FlexInfo Pro vista file

Downloads : 35
File size : 624Kb
OS : Windows All

Emsa FlexInfo Pro is an advanced system information and diagnstics utility. Gets system information data, also benchmark (CPU Speed test), and network info (IP/host lookup, Ping),realtime stats, html reports etc. Freeware.
Free Shutdown Monster vista file

Freeware by ebiSoft
Downloads : 62
File size : 1158Kb
OS : Windows All

This software is a shutdown timer. This means that you can make your computer shut down at a specified time. You can set a countdown, type in an exact date and time, or even specify a file to check periodically.
Free Snap Backup vista file

Freeware by Center Key Software
Downloads : 46
File size : 260Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Open source (free) backup utility for individual computer users who need a simple and convenient way to backup their valuable files.
Free Harddisk Search and Stats vista file

Freeware by Freebyte
Downloads : 39
File size : 600Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
Freeware file and disk search engine. Searches folders recursively (optional), can use multiple search-phrases, filter search using file extensions, use internal or external file viewer, import file types, filter and sort on file date/size, etc.
Free Using System Restore vista file

Freeware by Camtech 2000
Downloads : 60
File size : 763Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
When a Windows XP user asks how to fix a problem they`ve recently started having with their PC my first response is to use System Restore to roll it back to a point just before the problem started.
Free MouseSoft Directory Size vista file

Freeware by MouseSoft
Downloads : 33
File size : 2297Kb
OS : Windows All

MDS reports where space is used on your local and network drives. Quickly identify where space is used. Export results to HTML, Text and Excel. Sort results by Size or Name