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Instant Billing is an add-in product for Instant Quote Professional. Instant Billing is a billing tool for quickly generating recurring invoices (bills). Instant Billing attaches to your existing customer data from Instant Quote Professional. You can then create billing records for your customers and then simply run a batch billing process that will automatically generate the invoices that are due. You can add finance charges for past due balances and late fees for late payments. You can choose to e-mail or print your invoice for each customer. Billing Templates allow you to setup recurring billing for items such as internet service, weekly property maintenance, monthly service contracts, or any items that are billed on a recurring basis.
Type : Shareware ($85.00) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Jan, 3. 2007 / 1577 kBytes
Asked : Requires Instant Quote Professional
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******** Instant Billing .90 *********
Copyright 1999-2002 PC Experts

Apr-13, 2002

Instant Billing is shareware, you may distribute this file.
Upon paying a shareware registration fee of $129 US, you may then have full use of the program.
Shareware use is limited to 30 days and limited to viewing batch invoices, but not creating.

This program is best viewed in 800x600 video resolution or above.

To Install:
1) Double-click the file, IBill.exe.
2) A setup program will begin.
3) Program will create an Instant Billing folder in your start menu. If you do not
see this, reboot your computer to refresh the start menu.

To Remove:
1) Click start, Programs, Instant Billing, uninstall Instant Billing

To Register the program:
1) Visit our webpage:

- or -

3) If you are in the USA only (We cannot accept checks from outside the USA,
use the site above) you can mail a check for $129.00 payable to:

PC Experts
c/o Andy Colonna
1330 Gahan Dr.
Florissant, MO

Emailing with a question:
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