Vuze Acceleration Tool 2.5.0

Free Vuze Acceleration Tool screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Vuze Acceleration Tool, the result of inspired work by dedicated developers, is a small-size p2p software created to enable fast downloads of large size files via file sharing networks with the help of Vuze p2p client.

Regardless of your experience working with such applications you will have no problems in making the most out of Vuze Acceleration Tool as it was built with the concept of self-managing software in mind. Once installed, it will take over the management of your bandwidth and Internet connection to get the best results in terms of availability and speed. The program automatically finds a greater number of download sources than the original client and, thanks to automatic integration with your p2p client, increases the speed of the download process.

Vuze Acceleration Tool includes an intelligent, clean, well-designed interface to ease-up your tasks.

It also presents a number of smart features like:

Boosts the download speed of your Vuze client;
Adds power to the searching function connecting to more peers;
Automatically resumes paused downloads;
Saves configuration from last run and auto loads on system start-up;
Wipes out complete and incorrect files from queue;
Makes available useful data in relation to the download process;
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Sep, 10. 2010 / 2010 kBytes
Asked : Vuze installed
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Update history of Vuze Acceleration Tool
v2.5.0 (November, 25. 2014)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v2.4.0 (August, 28. 2014)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v2.3.0 (March, 28. 2014)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v2.2.0 (October, 18. 2013)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v2.1.0 (September, 19. 2013)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v2.0.0 (June, 15. 2013)
User interface improvements, small bugs fixed.
v1.9.0 (April, 15. 2013)
Accelerated download. Faster search results.
v1.8.0 (February, 4. 2013)
New features added. Updated database.
v1.7.0 (November, 2. 2012)
Performance improvements. New and improved interface.
v1.6.0 (July, 6. 2012)
Connection speed improved. Performance enhancements.
Distribution permissions for Vuze Acceleration Tool
You may include Vuze Acceleration Tool on any CD compilation.
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