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EasyBCD is the ultimate bootloader modification tool created to give end users complete control over everything from that happens before and during Windows startup. With EasyBCD, adding Windows 7/Vista entries, legacy Windows entries, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, and more to the boot menu is truly a one-click experience. It gives you the power to easily create and manage bootable USB devices, boot from ISO images or virtual hard disks, boot from network paths and usb devices, and much, much more.

With EasyBCD, users can make and restore backups of BCD settings, set up the MBR, repair boot files, change the boot drive, diagnose system boot problems, disable driver verification, create safe mode entries, limit CPU and memory usage, create multiple boot files and so much more in a snap. Just point, click, and watch as your bootloader automatically does magic.

EasyBCD is the only bootloader on the planet that gives end users full control over anything and everything that happens before their operating system boots, and supports more operating systems than any other bootloader on the planet.
Type : Shareware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : May, 16. 2007 / 1581 kBytes
Asked : .NET 2.0
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Update history of EasyBCD
v2.2 (October, 17. 2012)
* New: EasyBCD Multi-Language Localization Support
* New: Windows 8 support
* New: Automatically create backup of BCD store the first time EasyBCD is run
* New: Add VHDX support to EasyBCD
* New: Volume licensing option for commercial edition
* Fixed: EasyBCD doesn't detect any entries if EFI bootmgr is installed
* Fixed: EasyBCD does not properly interpret pae=yes or pae=no
* Fixed: EasyBCD can't exit when closing after unsafe removal of loaded USB
* Fixed: EasyBCD hangs on Windows 8 w/ .NET 4
* Fixed: Setting locale for VHD entry causes entry corruption
* Fixed: Setting advanced settings for WinPE entry after creation corrupts entry
* Separate the update info URIs for the commercial and community editions
* EasyBCD picture in setup welcome screen
* Use new EasyBCD and NeoSmart Technologies logos.
* Date format in default EasyBCD backup filenames is YYYY-MM-DD regardless of locale for sort reasons
* Append (#) to default EasyBCD backup name if already exists
* Support High-Contrast Theme
* High DPI support w/ translation UI
* Faster enumeration of installed languages
* Commercial version support for auto-updating
* Support Gentoo Grub2
* Support Fedora 17, Gentoo, and ArchLinux GRUB2 changes
* EasyBCD can limit up to 99,999MiB of memory
v2.1.2 (December, 10. 2011)
* New: Support for Fedora 16 and its GRUB2 usage
* Fixed: Reordering with many entries is broken
* Updated external BIOS Extender and NeoGrub to latest versions
v2.1.1 (October, 31. 2011)
* Digitally signed setup and binaries
* Fixed: Don't show donation dialog if a reboot has been initiated
* Fixed: Create Bootable USB is not properly disabled on Windows XP
* Fixed: Edit Legacy Entries points to wrong boot.ini when modifying external BCD
* Fixed: Advanced settings are not available for PE images
* Fixed: EasyBCD cannot properly display internationalized BCD entries
* Support PC-BSD in both MBR and GPT configurations on same or different disk
* Always copy NTLDR to boot partition to avoid no resume from hibernate problem
* Add option to auto-load certain BCD path on startup
* An error dialog is displayed if .NET must be downloaded and no internet connection exists
* BCD box should scroll to top when switching between detailed and normal modes
* Fix incompatibility of external C++ utilities with Windows XP RTM - SP2 (EncodePointer and DecodePointer)
* Better handle internal state consistency when EasyBCD is loaded without a BCD store
v2.1 (July, 6. 2011)
* Fixed: EasyBCD crashes if Segoe UI is corrupt
* Fixed: Pressing "tab" during rename of menu entry in editor causes crash due to {sa} obfuscation
* Fixed: Crash if dumb antivirus/antimalware software prevent EasyBCD from creating registry keys at startup
* Fixed: EasyBCD may crash if corrupt BCD with no name/id/path set
* Fixed: Device property for forced portable entries is not correctly reflected in the UI
* Fixed: EasyBCD sometimes cannot detect Windows XP installs due to BootGrabber bug
* Fixed: BootGrabber fails to create BOOT.INI on FAT32 boot partitions
* Fixed: EasyBCD doesn't save safeboot option
* Fixed: Limit CPU and Limit Memory checkboxes are permanently disabled
* Fixed: "Load System BCD" doesn't work if a BCD load error has occurred
* Fixed: System.OutOfMemoryException with "Too many items in the combo box"
* Fixed: EasyBCD may crash if BCD is loaded from a UNC share
* Fixed: EasyBCD crashes on Hebrew systems due to invalid characters in DateTime
* Fixed: Wrong path is displayed in dialog box when attempting to save changes to an external read-only BCD
* Fixed: When loading System BCD and an error occurs saving the old, the new BCD isn't loaded
* Fixed: When renaming default entry, "Default: ..." text on main screen isn't updated
* Fixed: Recreate Boot Files doesn't work if external BCD is selected
* Fixed: Reset BCD does not rewrite botsector/mbr for external BCD stores
* Fixed: Summary screen not updated after reset for external BCD stores
* Fixed: NeoGrub installation state isn't refreshed when switching to external BCD
* Fixed: Fix random crashes that occur due to cross-thread UI access in BCD event handlers
* Improve BcdParser reliability
* If blank locale defaults to en-US, UI should automatically reflect this change
* Improve handling of duplicate bcdedit entries
* Bypass GRLDR.MBR to load NeoGrub
* Smarter error handling with unified exception system
* Fix "Try (hd0,0)" errors by using new grldr.mbr format
* Remove grubmenu.exe dependencies
* Remove grubinst.exe dependencies
* Change bundled products to conform to new EasyBCD license
* Switch from SysInternals Contig.exe to UltraDefrag
* Simplify dialog display-or-not logic for defrag of bootable ISOs
* Remove BootPart.exe dependencies
* Add command-line Safe Mode option.
* New licenses for non-commercial and commercial use
* Add info about GPL components to About Box
* Add a "no timeout" mode to the menu
* Dynamically load boot.ini from Tools | Edit Legacy Entries
* Add support for multiple, unique auto-detect Linux entries
* Improve "BCD Registry Not Found" error to include info for people on XP-only setups
* Prevent resize of Donate dialog
* Update border styling of License, Dialog, Options, DriveSelect, CommandWindow, and Progress dialog boxes
* Delete menu files from temp directory after adding AutoNeoGrub entries
* Automatically determine whether "Force Portable Boot" is used or not
* Warn if an entry created on a portable BCD will not work on another PC
* Add PC-BSD to the BSD drop-down text
* Handle bcdedit "A device attached to the system is not functioning." errors
* Prevent Change Boot Drive from being applied to the current boot drive
* UI should automatically show first-added entry as default
* Add syslinux entry to EasyBCD
* Add "Commercial Mode" to EasyBCD
* Remove read-only protection on boot.ini before opening with "Edit Legacy Entries"
* Support Windows XP installed to WINXP in BootGrabber
* Support booting from a floppy image
* Support booting from a hard disk or partition image
* Detect absence of .NET 2.0 during setup and download + install if needed.
v2.0.2 (August, 13. 2010)
* EasyBCD will crash if an operation that it expected to take a long time finishes instantly
* EasyBCD crashes if you attempt to save entry settings with no entry selected
* Cannot add multiple WIM entries
* EasyBCD crashes if Segoe UI is corrupt
* EasyBCD options dialog crash on international computers that don't support mm\dd\yyyy format
* EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a WinPE image is specified
* EasyBCD doesn't show actual DEP, SafeMode, Pae in Advanced Settings
* EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a VHD image is specified
* Improved boot.ini partition detection
* EasyBCD crashes if corrupt WinPE entry with no ramdisk is present
* Use BootGrabber to set active partition instead of relying on diskpart
* BootGrabber /setactive switch
* Try to get partition information from bootsector, not just partition ID
* EasyBCD crashes if adding a WinPE or VHD entry fails in the AddWindowsVista stage
* Crash removing NeoGrub immediately after adding it
* Select correct disk for boot-partition related operations when editing external BCD
* Update GRLDR to 0.4.5b-2010-07-25
* Crash if bcdedit output contains null character
* Handle IO Exceptions in creation of NTLDR/EasyLDR
* EasyBCD crashes if bcd timeout is greater than 10000
* Ignore exceptions when deleting stub loaders
v2.0.1 (July, 17. 2010)
* Complete Windows 7 support
* Usability improvements and updated design
* Single-level multiple XP entries
* Automatic configuration of NTLDR
* Create bootable USBs
* Change boot drive
* Boot from ISO
* Boot from VHD
* Repair boot files
* GRUB2 and ext4fs support
* Allow multiple NeoGrub entries
* Improved OS X booting
* EasyBCD BIOS Extender
* Change entry locale
* Improved stability
* Remove all WMI dependencies
* Using improved update checker
* Improved boot device detection
* Run even if no BCD present or on XP
* Improved MBR repair
* Top-level BCD integration with NeoGrub entries
* Support Windows 7 pretty boot screen
* Smarter menu.lst searching
* Improved WIM and WinPE 2.0 handling
* Loading indicator for lengthy operations
* Better support for loading external BCD stores
* Removed TweakVI
* Use NST Link Manager to prevent broken web links
* Option to skip boot menu
* Confirm on exit if no entries in the menu
* EasyBCD is now fully portable
* Option to choose installation directory
* Link to Vista/7 recovery disks from Useful Utilities
* Improved support for high DPI modes
* NeoGrub support for UUID
* Improved NST Downloader performance
* Added Safe Mode options
v1.7.2 (April, 12. 2008)
Fixed two issues in the installer. Full changelog at http://neosmart.net/changelog.php?id=1
v1.7.1 (November, 14. 2007)
Fixed error when saving options. Compatible with latest Wubi versions. Warn if NTLDR/Bootsect.dos not found. Removed WMI WinPE code. Rewritten program updater. Full changelog at http://neosmart.net/changelog.php?id=1
v1.7 (October, 12. 2007)
GRUB-less Linux, Rewritten NeoGrub, Full WinPE 2.0 Support, Opening external BCD stores, Re-Designed Interface, & Improved load options.
v1.6 (May, 25. 2007)
Rewritten Linux/BSD Support, Diagnostics Center, OS X improvements, Memory Usage Enhancements, BCD Recreation/Reset Options
Distribution permissions for EasyBCD
You may distribute EasyBCD alone or as a part of a package freely for non-commercial purposes so long as you
1) Do not charge for EasyBCD.
2) Do not claim ownership over EasyBCD or having taken part in its production.
3) Keep the license agreement (EULA, visible during the setup) intact.
4) Do not modify EasyBCD or the setup files in any way.
5) Properly acknowledge/link to NeoSmart Technologies where applicable.
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