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PictureImp is the world`s first "Zero-Click" web image downloader. As you browse web pages, PictureImp sits in the system tray and waits until you start it. When you do so, it pops up a small semi-transparent basket. The basket floats over the page and you can drag and drop any web image into this basket. That`s all you need to do. No unnecessary clicks and no navigating through window dialogs. Just drop it!

Usually, when you browse the Internet and stumble upon an interesting image you want to save, you have to first right-click the image, select "Save Image As.." option from the popup menu, browse to the folder where you want to save the image, type in its name and finally click the "Save" button. But most people don`t want to mess with so many annoying "click-click-click" operations. They just want the images to be saved in one click or even without having to click at all! PictureImp lets you drop an image into a tray basket without any clicks at all!

PictureImp saves an image to the preset folder using the original name of the file or re-naming the file automatically based on the naming template you specify. This process is done automatically and behind the scene. You just drag-and-drop and the rest is done by the program in the background. Another big feature of PictureImp is the ability to set up more than one basket. Each basket will have its own folder for saving images, its own naming template and its own custom look. This option is useful when, for example, you want to save photos into one folder and web design elements, such as logos or bullets
into another folder.

You`ll love browsing the Internet with PictureImp because you don`t have to do anything special to save images. It just works. PictureImp is aimed at everyday, casual surfers, web masters and web designers who just want to get images from the net with the least amount of hassle.
Type : Shareware ($24.99) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 4. 2007 / 1780 kBytes
Asked : Windows Vista/XP/Server/2003/2000
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