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Alchemy Network Inventory is the most efficient and cost-effective way to have an easily accessible network inventory containing all the details of the hardware and software running on your network. If your business has a medium to large size corporate network, this is the essential tool to be able to monitor all those important assets. This includes information about the operating systems that the machines on your network are running, processing power, memory, adapters and a great deal more besides. With all these details at your disposal from a single location, you will be able to find out which computers are letting down the network and which ones require upgrades with regards to software or hardware installations. You can also use it to check free disk space and program details for each machine on the network. No additional software needs to be manually installed on any of the computers on the network that you need to scan. After downloading and installing the software on the host computer, it will thoroughly scan your network, offering you a full catalogue of all the software and devices on the LAN. To find out more, visit ork_inventory/.
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 23. 2006 / 6051 kBytes
Asked : A standard PC
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Update history of Alchemy Network Inventory
v9.4.6 (April, 8. 2012)
Added: The new Network Shares Report was added
v9.4 (November, 24. 2011)
Added: The new Network Shares Report was added
v9.3 (August, 2. 2011)
Added: The new "Not installed hotfixes by computers" report was added. Fixed: The Hotfixes reports did not take in account operating system information
v9.2.1 (June, 14. 2011)
Added: The user can now see the inventory log for each individual item in the Remote Inventory Wizard window
v9.2 (April, 4. 2011)
Added: The user can now see the inventory log for each individual item in the Remote Inventory Wizard window
v9.1 (February, 21. 2011)
Added: The Remove Inventory Wizard window was improved to show the statuses of the hosts being inventoried
v9.0 (January, 11. 2011)
Added: The user can now delete outdated inventory files from the command line. Added: The Custom Objects List report
v8.9 (December, 2. 2010)
Added: Adobe products serial numbers
v8.8 (October, 13. 2010)
Added: Microsoft Office details
v8.7 (June, 14. 2010)
Added: Office 2007 licensing information detection. The Software Licenses View now displays the difference between the number of purchased licenses and installed instances
Distribution permissions for Alchemy Network Inventory
May be freely uploaded, downloaded and distributed on the Internet without restriction.
May be placed on CD ROMs with prior written consent from author.
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