Performance Monitor 4.1.2

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Performance Monitor is a program that shows you the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization under Windows NT platforms (2000, XP+). It`s composed by four fully configurable small graphs and it can work in the tray area also. The windows are fully anchorable and by moving the "CPU" window you`ll move the other attached windows. PerfMon can become transparent and permits you to forward left-mouse clicks so you can place it anywhere. You can also change the program priority saving CPU work and double its size for big monitor resolutions ;-)
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Mar, 8. 2008 / 1120 kBytes
Asked : Windows 2000 / XP+
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Update history of Performance Monitor
v4.1.2 (November, 11. 2013)
Ability to set the update interval, ability to save and restore panels position, ability to set the maximum bandwidth available for network
v4.1 (May, 17. 2012)
Ability to set the update interval, ability to save and restore panels position, ability to set the maximum bandwidth available for network
v4.0 (May, 26. 2010)
Many bugs fixed, Ability to set different sizes, Invisible Mode, Tray Icon with graph, Ability to see every CPU/Core graph, Disk Read/Write with multiple graphs, Net usage with multiple graphs, Now works also with 64Bit Windows systems
v3.9 (September, 30. 2008)
Removed the flickering effect from the ToolTip,Added the "Invisible mode" option, Fixed a bug that in some computers prevents PerfMon to work correctly, Changed the tray icons management
v3.8.5 (March, 8. 2008)
Checks performance counters, line or pile graph, ability to choose a network interface, lighter than before
Distribution permissions for Performance Monitor
This product can be freely distributed through the Internet. You can also put it onto a CD without contact me.
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